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All Features:

Security & Firewall – Real-Time
Firewall Protection

– Advanced Firewall protection detects
fake, spam and attacking users and protects your website. Indeed,
it cannot be blocked by Google or other search engine detections
and does not harm your website in terms of SEO. Real-time firewall
protection works according to the two options; one is blocking
attacks when it is detected and the other one is checking it with
reCAPTHCA. You can arrange these settings with Prevention Method

> User-friendly Management Feature

– In
admin panel of plugin, you can review your
website’s status and plugin settings.

Multi-Language Feature

– Ultimate Firewall
is coded as compatible with 100% translation into other languages.
You can edit with WPML plugin.

Available languages: English, Turkish.

> Admin
Report System

– With the admin report system
in the admin panel of the plugin, you can see the IP address and
login time of the last user that logged in to your web site; and
you can get email notification when an admin log in the admin panel
in order to maximize your security.

E-mail Notification System

– With the email
notification system, you can receive emails for hacker attacks,
Brute-Force attacks, Proxy Attacks, Spam attacks and spam comment

> Security
Level System

– Instead of making security
changes one by one, you can set your security level automatically
from the admin settings section, or you can ensure your security by
using special settings.

Prevention Method System

– You can prevent
attacks to your website whether by blocking the access or by using
strong reCAPTCHA protection.

> Website Monitoring with Uptime Robot

Via Uptime Robot API you can monitor your website in details. It
requires free Uptime Robot account.

> Website

– Both protect your website and
at the same time speed it up. Ultimate Firewall plugin provides
also speed increase service besides the protection.

Optimization Options:

  • GZip Compression
  • HTML Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Lazy-Load Images Feature
  • Author Archives & Links Remover
  • Shortlink Remover
  • Disable RSS Feeds
  • Automatic ASYNC and DEFER Settings (for all JavaScripts)
  • Query String Editor
  • Move to Footer Feature for JavaScripts
  • WordPress Emoticon (Emoji) Remover
  • jQuery Migrate Remover
  • WooCommerce, BBPress and BuddyPress Speed Optimization

Security Headers

– Prevent HTTP attacks to
your website via HTTP Security Headers settings. Enables
X-Content-Type-Options, X-XSS-Protection and X-Frame-Options in
your server.

XML-RPC and REST-API Security

– Prevent
Wordpress based attacks by disabling XML-RPC and REST-API.

> File
Editor Settings

– You can disable the file
editing feature in the WordPress admin panel.

> Captcha

– With the advanced reCAPTCHA
protection, protect WordPress comment section, login form,
membership form and password reset form with reCAPTCHA.

> Comment

– Start protecting your comments
with Honeypot or reCAPTCHA, and prevent spam comment attacks

> Content

– Prevent your content from being
stolen with the content protection system. And
it’s also compatible with Google!

> WPScan and Generator Tag Protection

To be protected from WPScan, you can activate the version hiding
system and prevent the deficit on your website from being detected.

> Tor

– You can prevent people who log
in your website through tor browser or servers.

> Proxy

– You can prevent people to
logging in your website by using proxy or a free VPN software.

> Access

– If an attack is made to your
website, by enabling this setting you can check first time users
through reCAPTCHA control.

> Hacker

– By SQL Injection Protection,
you can provide protection against bad (virus) bots and fake search
engine bots.

> Access

– With access security settings you
can block IP address, country and User Agent information.

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