WordPress Automatic Plugin

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WordPress Automatic Pluginposts from almost any
website to WordPress automatically.

It can import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter
utilizing their APIs or from any website of your choice using its
scraping modules

Auto post from RSS feeds to WordPress

Add any RSS feed for the plugin to copy the posts

from any website. It can import the full content, author

,tags, categories and set the featured image.

Auto post from any web page to WordPress

Single-page scraper can import the wanted part from any

URL. It will keep monitoring this part and copy to

a new post or update an existing post if it changes.

Auto post from any website to WordPress

Multi-page scraper can import multiple posts from any

website. It also supports pagination so you can import

all posts from almost any website.

Auto post Amazon products to WordPress

Import products from Amazon by keyword or browseNode

Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price

Price updates and affiliate links get set automatically.

Auto post eBay products to WordPress

Auto import from eBay by keyword or by seller

Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price

Affiliate links get automatically set

Auto post Walmart products to WordPress

Automatically import from Walmart by keyword

Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price

Affiliate links get automatically set

Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress

Automatically import from ClickBank by keyword

Product description gets imported from product source

Affiliate links get automatically set

Auto post from Envato to WordPress

Import from Envato markets like CC & ThemeForest

Import by keyword, tag, category or a specific seller

Affiliate links get automatically set

Auto post Craigslist listings to WordPress

Import listings from Craigslist. Just add any CL URL and

The plugin will automatically import all listings from

it and auto publish to your WordPress.

Auto post from CareerJet to WordPress

Import jobs from CareerJet by keyword and optionally

a specific location with the option to filter by period

and can filter by contract type as well.

Auto post from Facebook to WordPress

Automatically import from Facebook page, personal profiles

,open or closed groups. monitor and import any new post

Extensive filtering options to filter by type, date and more.

Auto post from Twitter to WordPress

Automatically import from Twitter by keyword, hashtag or

a specific profile and auto publish new posts to your

website with this auto poster WordPress plugin.

Auto post from Instagram to WordPress

Automatically import from Instagram by keyword, hashtag or

a specific profile. It can import comments and tags

It can import popular posts only or from recent items.

Auto post from Pinterest to WordPress

Import Pinterest pins by keyword, board or from a

specific profile and publish them directly to your

website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.

Auto post from Reddit to WordPress

Import Reddits from any Reddit URL so it can

import by search, specific user reddits or subreddit

it can import the comments and embed videos and GIFs.

Auto post Flickr images to WordPress

Automatically import from Flickr by keyword, Profile

or from a specific album. It can auto set WordPress tags

from image tags automatically.

Auto post Youtube videos to WordPress

Post videos from YouTube by keyword, username

or by a specific playlist and auto publish them to your

website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.

Auto post Vimeo videos to WordPress

Post videos from Vimeo by keyword, username, channel

or by a specific album and auto publish them to your

website with this auto post WordPress plugin.

Auto post DailyMotion videos to WordPress

Post videos from DailyMotion by keyword, username

or by a specific playlist and auto publish them to your

website with this auto import WordPress plugin.

Auto post SoundCloud sounds to WordPress

Post audio from SoundCloud by keyword, username

or by specific playlist and auto publish them to your

website with this auto blog WordPress plugin.

Auto post from Itunes to WordPress

Post anything from Itunes including Music, Apps, Podcasts

eBooks, audio books, Movies, Tv shows and all from Itunes

website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.

Auto post Ezine articles to WordPress

Post articles from ezinearticles.com by keyword

Just add the keywords you want articles about and

WordPress Automatic Plugin will import automatically.

Auto post Spintax to WordPress

Have a content in Spintax form, The plugin can

generate as many as desired articles from this Spintax

and auto publish them automatically to WordPress.

Auto post articles to wordpress.The plugin can
search for your specified keywords & post quality matched
articles on auto-pilot.

Auto post content from Feeds.plugin can check your
specified feeds regularly & post every new feed item as a new

Fetch full content from summary feeds.WordPress
automatic can convert truncated feeds to full content posts with a
big success ratio .

Extract specific parts of original feeds
WordPress automatic can extract two specified parts
of the original post by CSS id/class, XPath or REGEX and concat
them to post to your wordpress.

Search and replace.The plugin can search extracted
content for any text/area and replace with specified text.

Original time posts.WordPress automatic can set
the post created at wordpress to the same time the post was created
at the feed.

Extract Categories.The plugin can set the created
post categories to the same categories for the original posts.

Extract original tags.WordPress automatic can
extract tags from the original post using CSS id/class and set as
tags at the created post.

Extract original author.WordPress automatic can
extract author name from the original post and assign as at the
created post as the author if exists or will create it, if not

Skip posts with no content.The plugin can verify
the extracted content and skip posts if it has not content.

Skip non-English posts.WordPress automatic has the
option to set the post status as pending,if it suspects that it is
not written in English.

Skip posts without images .The plugin have the
option to check the extracted content and skip if it does not
contain images.

Post oldest items first.WordPress automatic has
the option to post older items first, By default it posts newest
items first.

Decode html entities.WordPress automatic has the
option to decode html entities of the extracted content/title.

Convert encoding before posting.The plugin has the
option to convert extracted content encoding from any specific
encoding to utf-8 to be compatible with wordpress.

Duplicate title skip.The plugin can verify that
there is no previous posted post with the same title.

Featured image from Facebook og:image tag.The
plugin can extract the image used for facebook as a thumbnail to
set as a featured image .

Auto post amazon products to wordpress. WordPress
automatic can search Amazon for products matching your keywords,
post them and add your affiliate links automatically so you can
make commissions from products sold via your referrals.

Browse Nodes support. You can post from amazon
browse node which is a sub-category. just visit and get the desired
node id. Once you have the node id,Add your specified node and the
plugin will limit posting to items from this node only

Price range filter.You can set a price range where
the plugin will get items with price between the minimum and
maximum prices values.

Search order support.You can set the of items
returned. For example ordering items by salesrank, price, etc.

Search Criteria support.You can set a search
criteria to filter the returned results. For example posting movies
featuring a specific Actor or post electronics from a specific
manufacturer like Apple.

Add to chart purchase link.Links back to amazon
can be either to product page or add to chart confirmation

Woo-Commerce support. Amazon items can be added as
products and function just like any product added to your wordpress
woo-commerce products.

– Supported Amazon sites are: or , , , , , , , , , and

Auto post Clickbank products to
wordpress automatic plugin can search for
products matching your specified keywords, post to your blog and
add your affiliate links automatically.

Auto post Youtube videos to wordpress.wordpress
automatic can search for videos matching your keywords and post
them to your wordpress blog

* (all languages now supported)

Specific channel support.you can post from any
youtube channel by keyword or without filtering.

Specific playlist support.wordpress automatic can
post from any specific playlist.

Full video description support.wordpress automatic
can grab the full description from youtube for the posted

Post Youtube Tags as Tags.wordpress automatic can
fetch the tags for the video and set these tags as wordpress

Post Youtube Comments as Comments.The plugin can
grab the video comments and post them as wordpress comments.

Relivance to specific language and country.Videos
relivance can be set to a specific language and also to a specific

Auto play videos.posted videos can be

Various Filters.Lot’s of
filters like order,category,license,type,duration and

Disable suggestions.wordpress automatic can
disable video suggestions at the end of the video.

Skip non-embeddable videos.wordpress automatic can
skip videos that are not allowed to be embeded.

Date control.wordpress automatic can skip videos
older than a specific date, post videos with
it’s original date or post older items

Auto post Vimeo videos to wordpress.wordpress
automatic can search for videos matching your keywords and post
them to your wordpress blog. You can also post from a specific

Auto post videos from specific youtube channel/user to
wordpress .
you can automatically add channel videos to
wordpress. you have the option to add videos from a specific
user/channel by searching for specific keywords or without

Auto post eBay auctions to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can post auctions for keywords you specify. you
can also post from a specific eBay seller by searching his items
for specified keywords or even without filtering.

– Supported ebay sites: US, IE, AT, AU, BE, CA, FR, IT, DE, ES,
CH , UK , NL

Auto post Flickr images to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can post images for keywords you specify. it also
can post from a specific flickr user by searching this user items
for specified keywords or without filtering.

Auto post from Facebook to WordPress.WordPress
Automatic Plugin can post from pages, Facebook open groups, closed
groups or personal profiles and each new post from FB will be added
as a post to WordPress automatically. where it can post full sized
images shared on the page, videos and links.

NEW: it can now post from facebook personal profiles

Auto post from Twitter to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can post tweets to wordpress automatically. Where
it can post by search, hastag or specific user and tweets can be
posted as plain text or as a twitter card.

Auto post from SoundCloud to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can post songs to wordpress automatically. Where
it can post by keyword, user or playlist.

Auto post from Pinterest to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can auto post pinterest pins to wordpress
automatically for specified keywords or from a specific user/board.

Auto post from Instagram to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can auto post Instagram to wordpress automatically
for specified tags or from a specific user.

Auto post from Craigslist to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can import Craigslist to wordpress automatically
for any category,search or seller.

Auto post from Itunes to WordPress.WordPress
automatic plugin can import Itunes items to WordPress automatically
by keyword or artist so it can post apps, songs, movies, ebooks,
podcasts and more from Itunes. It works as a WordPress iTunes
affiliates plugin as it automatically set your affiliate link on
the fly.

Auto post from Envato to wordpress.wordpress
automatic plugin can import form Envato markets like , , , , and
items to wordpress automatically by keyword , author, tag or
category so it can post themes,plugins,html files,psd, audio and
more . It works as an wordpress envato affiliates plugin as it
automatically set your affiliate link on the fly.

Auto post from to wordpress.WordPress Automatic
Plugin can import form DailyMotion by keyword, user or playlist
with various options like importing the tags, auto play videos and

Auto post from to wordpress.WordPress Automatic
Plugin can import post Reddits to WordPress with the option to
filter Reddits by type and also import comments.

Auto post from to wordpress.WordPress Automatic
Plugin can import Walmart products to WordPress with complete
support to Woo-Commerce so posted items can get posted as woo

Automatic ads insertion.you can specify two ads
slots to be inserted automatically to the posts.

Campaign based.you can setup unlimited number of
campaigns with different keywords & different post options and
these campaigns will work together to post to your site.

Post to specific category.you can set what
category to add the new posts to one category per campaign.

Post using a specific author.you can choose the
new post author one author per campaign.

Post keywords as tags.plugin can post keywords as
wordpress tags.

Custom post types support .plugin can post to your
custom post type like woo-commerce product.

Auto hyperlink keywords .plugin can automatically
hyperlink specified keywords with your affiliate link or any
specified link.

Automatically set wordpress featured image.plugin
can auto set post featured image from the first image in the post

Cache images to your server.plugin can cache
images to the server and change their links to your site link.

Choose must exist words and phrases.you can
specify words that must be in the wordpress post content.

Execlude words and phrases.you can set words and
phrases that must not be in the wordpress post content.

Translate the content before posting .you can set
the plugin to automatically translate the content before posting
using , , or . You can set it to translate it twice to get unique

Automatically add custom fields to new posts .you
can set the plugin to add custom fields to the posted posts
automatically these fields can contain any info from the post added
like title, author , content, image, price, rating .. etc. Allowed
tags are listed automatically to choose from and differ for each
campaign type.

Auto search and replace support.The plugin can
search the content before posting for your specified words and
replace them.

keyword suggestion.Writing the first letters of
the keyword lists all keywords starting with this letter to choose

Support for automatic content spin using the best
the best spinner (thebestspinner.com) takes the
article and replace synonyms using its synonyms database to create
100% unique article.

Support posts templates.the content of the post
can be formed in different formats by using tags like
[post_content] , [post_title],[product_price].. etc. supported tags
differ for each campaign and listed atutomatically to choose

set & forget cron job. to post every specific
interval you specify for each campaign in the form of

Internal cron job.wordpress automatic supports
posting automatically based on the internal wordpress cron job.

Two post status.you can set new post status to
draft or published.

Unlimited keywords.you can add unlimited keywords
per campaign. when the campaign start being processed these
keywords will be used one by one to get the content so if the first
keyword is exhaused or no more having matches the second one will
be used.

Automatic keyword hyper-linking.automatic
hyper-link matched keyword with specified link

Spintax enabled.like {awesome|nice|helpful}. you
can use this form in the post content and only one word will be
chosen in the final article randomly.

Automatic link stripping.option to strip all links
from the original content before posting.

WordPress multi-site network support.plugin can be
installed in multi-site wordpress installation and function
properly in each zombie blog.

proxy support.web proxies can be used by the
plugin on the form ip:port

TrueMag/NewsTube/VideoPro theme on the fly
If you are posting videos from
Youtube/Vimeo/Instagram and you are using one of these great video
themes named ,,, then the plugin knows if you are using this theme
and will automatically add needed configuration to layout the video
with the theme.

Free updates.for any update I release you can
download automatically by visiting your download page and
re-download new versions . Various updates released since 2012 and
will keep improving the plugin

Version 3.46.7 (13 November 2019)
- Fix: Pinterest module back to work after recent changes

Version 3.46.6 (3 November 2019)
- NEW: Amazon module now imports book description beside editorial
- NEW: Feeds/Multi-page scraper can now grab and save the price as
woo product price
- Fix: UI fixes for chrome new version
- Fix: Lazy loading auto-detect algorithm improved
- Fix: og:image short form // now works as a featured image
- Fix: eBay ships_to tag now does not contain | 
- Fix: Walmart woo external affiliate product now get added with
correct link

Version 3.46.5 (11 October 2019)
- NEW: Skip posts if content legnth below a specific number option
for all campaign types
- NEW: Feed/multi-page scraper lazy loading automatic fix added
- NEW: eBay new tags  [item_seller_username] , [item_location] ,
[item_ships_to] , [item_condition] , [item_return_policy] &
- Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper Youtube format containing
parameters fix
- Fix: Youtube comments posting when having multiple API keys back
to work
- Improved: Featured images URLs now get IRI encoded before loading

Version 3.46.4 (2 October 2019)
- Improved: Feeds/Multi-page scraper Youtube embeded videos now get
changed to WordPress format 
- Fix: Feeds/Multi-page Strip parts using Class/ID now works
- Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper srcset attribute relative images
now get converted to full
- Fix: Youtube video duration format fix hours:minutes:seconds

Version 3.46.3 (1 October 2019)
- NEW: Feed/Multi-page Scraper new tag source_url_encoded
- Improved: Amazon importing without API major improvements and
algorithm update 
- Improved: Image name from title now removes emojis
- Fix: custom extraction to tags now can extract multiple
- Fix: separator in saved pin descriptions now display correctly
- Fix: Feed/Multi-page scraper extraction/removal by class now work
for PHP 7.3

Version 3.46.2 (20 September 2019)
- Fix: Feed convert encoding now back to work 
- Fix: Amazon post without PA keys now work
- Fix: Amazon address simulation option now work correctly
- Improved: Amazon can now extract prices from eBooks and more
- Improved: Amazon search now exclude zero priced items
- Improved: UI now retain correct meta-box order 

Version 3.46.1 (10 September 2019)
- Fix: Facebook session not valid error now fixed
- Fix: Facebook posts with images now get imported correctly

Version 3.46.0 (31 August 2019)
- NEW: Amazon now can import without the need of PA API keys
- NEW: Youtube multiple API keys support to get rid of daily limits
- NEW: Feeds new tag [source_domain] 
- NEW: Instagram new tag for video embed + new option to not add
embed to the description
- NEW: option to skip fixed chosen categories if keyword to
category option has matches
- NEW: option to check at title only when skipping by keyword
- NEW: Possibility to set Woo-Commerce gallery from custom
- Fix: update tables issue sorted
- Fix: Skip posts older than a specific date now works for Youtube
Playlists videos
- Fix: Multi-page scraper original categories/tags/author now load
single posts using visual selector
- Fix: Walmart updated publisher ID from LinkShare to ImpactRadius
- Fix: Title words as tags now work when strip image from content
is enabled
- Fix: Facebook group posts links now work on mobile as well
- Fix: Facebook pagination for personal profiles back to work
- Fix: original category extraction by class now works
- Fix: Custom fields containing asterisks now correctly get saved
- Improved: lack of php-xml module existence message
- Improved: Feeds/multi-page scraper can now extract multiple parts
in the same rule

Version 3.45.0 (29 June 2019)
- NEW: Deepl translator support 
- NEW: Yandex translate support
- NEW: Feeds/Multi-page scraper extraction to custom taxonomy
- NEW: option to disable Newspaper theme integration for videos 
- NEW: Facebook option to auto-generate title for shared links
- Fix: Facebook share count and likes count back to work
- Fix: Facebook posts with a background now get imported
- Improved: Feeds/Scraper missing FB embed JS now get added for
correct embeds
- Improved: Translation now protects pre and code tags
- Fix: Automatically created authors for posts now have the
contributor role for Gutenberg
- Fix: Some empty pages using the visual selector now display
- Fix: Reddit gyfcat embeds back to work
- Fix: Instagram comments back to work after Iinstagram changes

Version 3.44.0 (4 May 2019)
- NEW: option to add woo product as a simple product
- NEW: Youtube option to add title tag to embed code
- Improved: Reddit gfycat better higher quality mp4 video embeds
- Improved: Multi-Page scraper next page extraction by REGEX now
supports meta format
- Improved: Specific part extraction to custom field can now be
used in post content
- Improved: Minimum MySQL version check added
- Fix: Vimeo no new content fix 
- Fix: FB shared posts full content now get imported
- Fix: If active, proxies are now used with multi-page scraper 
- Fix: FB comments now back to work after a change from FB side
- Fix: titleonly in search and replace now work on set rule only
- Fix: original title from og:title option now function correctly

Version 3.43.1 (20 March 2019)
- NEW: tag for feeds named [redirect_url] to return the redirection
URL of the post
- NEW: Feed extract original category now can be extracted using
- Fix: Youtube campaign now send the correct domain refer in
- Fix: Multi-page scraper now correct short links
- Fix: Visual scraper now returns the full URL of relative links
- Fix: Translating content between square brackets now works
- Fix: Show IP link in the plugin settings page for proxy settings
now is correct
- Fix: [vid_url], [vid_id] tags for FB now work
- Fix: FB likes_count now returns the correct numeric value if
contains commas
- Instagram: hastags as WP tags now work correctly when a video is

Version 3.43.0 (11 February 2019)
- NEW: Integration with Featured image from URL plugin instead of
Nelio for external featured images
- NEW: Search and replace new separator between the search &
- NEW: Protected terms from translation option
- NEW: Facebook comment image support
- NEW: Facebook events new tags for email, phone, interested count
and going count
- NEW: Facebook new option to remove "Watch" and "Watch video" from
imported videos
- NEW: Canonicalization option now supports Yoast SEO
- NEW: Single page scraper new options to strip unwanted content
- Improved: Facebook now imports mixed posts with videos/images
- Improved: Facebook module now imports album posts from the
- Improved: Facebook pagination algorithm updated to cope with new
- Improved: Feeds module now skip SSL verification problems
- Fix: Facebook disable cache then enable it back now returns to
first page
- Fix: Facebook event description now get extracted correctly
- Fix: Facebook commenter name now correct for non-latin
- Fix: Featured images with spaces in the file name now get
converted to dashes

Version 3.42.1 (5 January 2019)
- Fix: sorted a recent issue in the latest version that affected
the scraper & feeds module

Version 3.42.0 (3 January 2019)
- NEW: Keyword to category new option to check the title
- NEW: Keyword to category new option not to check the content 
- Fix: formated_date shortcode in content when another shortcode
exists now works
- Fix: Craigslist price now gets extracted even if not the last
part of the title
- Fix: keyword tag now works for custom fields
- Fix: Youtube original tags as WP tags back to work
- Improved: Download images to the server now replaces accented
chars from file names

Version 3.41.0 (2 December 2018)
- New: option to set the post status to pending if a featured image
was not set
- New: eBay new option to set item images as WooCommerce gallery
- Fix: New user addition now works for non-latin usernames
- Fix: Content extraction by class, XPath now fixed broken
- Fix: Specific extraction to tags now does not concat multiple
- Fix: Facebook changed that made the plugin unable to get the
featured image, now sorted
- Fix: Feeds extraction by XPath now extracts the correct charset
for non-latin posts
- Improved: Cached and thumbnails without extension now get saved
with an extension

Version 3.40.0 (19 October 2018)
- NEW: [Beta] multi-page scraper to import from any website without
the need to RSS feeds
- NEW: FB comments new option to hide commenter pic
- Essential FB fix: a new minor FB change stopped the plugin from
importing, now sorted

Version 3.39.3 (6 October 2018)
- NEW: Instagram new tag for video views got added
- Fix: Instagram unexpected page content error sorted
- Fix: Pinterest now paginates correctly coping with Pinterest
random failure 
- Fix: Now Pinterest returns the correct title from Rich pins
- Improved: FB videos now display unmuted and a new option to mute
them got added
- Improved: content type verification for featured images now don't
skip false positives

Version 3.39.2 (18 September 2018)
- Improved: performance optimized so it is now lighter &
- Fix: Facebook pagination back to work 
- Fix: FB for sale posts now get imported correctly
- Fix: Make permalinks link to the source now works with almost all
- Fix: from_id from closed groups now returns the correct id

Version 3.39.1 (6 September 2018)
- Fix:Facebook module essential code fixes
- New: Facebook events new tags added [end_time_timestamp] ,
- New: WordPress comments now get added as bbPress replies if
bbPress was used
- Improved: formated_date tag now works on custom fields as well 
- Improved: Items from Envato can now get posts as Woo products

Version 3.39.0 (17 August 2018)
- New: Facebook module updated and now imports from pages, groups
and personal profiles
- New: Translate option new languages added like Urdu,Chinese and
- New: Titlte truncation new option to skip "..." addition to the
generated title
- New: Title truncation new option to remove last truncated word
- Improved: Feed chang encoding now gets applied before content
- Improved: Translate option now translates images title tag
- Fix: No author comment URL now works with Youtube module
- Fix: Feed excluding links with html encoded chars was causing a
- Fix: Code updated to cope with recent WPML changes
- Fix: Youtube comments avatar quality increased
- Fix: Twitter tags as WordPress tags now functions correctly when
cache is enabled

Version 3.38.3 (22 June 2018)
- Update: Facebook module updated to work again using a new APP
- Improved: Translation module algorithm updates

Version 3.38.2 (17 June 2018)
- Improved: Translation module algorithm updates
- Fix:EzineArticles module now back to work after a recent Google
custom search update
- Fix:Exact match skip option now trims the set rules
- Fix:Amazon products with too many images now uses the correct
featured image URL

Version 3.38.1 (30 May 2018)
- Fix:EzineArticles module now back to work after a recent Google
custom search update
- Fix:Featured image from the og:image contining no domain now gets

Version 3.38.0 (19 May 2018)
- Improved: Campaign options were remapped and categoriezed
- Improved: ClickBank thumbnail source changed to a more reliable
- Improved: YT posting from a specific playlist now returns
original video author 
- Improved: EzineArticles now uses Google custom search instead of
- Improved: EzineArticles search improved to exclude useless
- Fix: Twitter external image from bit.ly links fixed
- New: Youtube tag [vid_title] 

Version 3.37.4 (14 April 2018)
- Fix: Instagram back to work after a recent change from Instagram
- Improved: Twitter shared links now has a featured image
- Fix:[rule_{ruleNumber}_plain] tag now returns the correct value

Version 3.37.3 (8 April 2018)
- Fix: Instagram back to work after a recent change from Instagram
- Improvement: Envato post template updated to contain two buttons
buy & demo
- NEW: option to set the used keyword to fetch the item as a tag
- NEW: custom field tag to add a random number to a field
- NEW: Tag to generate a random number between two values
- NEW: Spintax new option to replace similar sets with the same
- NEW: Facebook new tag for event description 
- NEW: Featured image new tag for custom fields
- Fix: Title from og:title with single quote now returns the full
- Fix: Image name from the title with emoji now works 
- Fix: Itunes affiliate ID now get added to audiobooks and other

Version 3.37.2 (26 March 2018)
- Update: Instagram module is back to work after recent changes
from Instagram side

Version 3.37.1 (21 March 2018)
- New: WPML translations now get automatically connected
- New: Youtube new tag [vid_tags]
- New: Instagram new option to reverse posting order
- Fix: Instagram videos now work
- Fix: Amazon now returns the listed offer price instead of the
- Fix: Facebook videos shared from another page now returns the
video title 
- Fix: Clickbank back to work after a recent change from ClickBank
- Improvment: Performance optimization
- Improvment: Proxies option tutorial updated
- Improvement: Twitter module now imports whole tweet images &
RTs images.

Version 3.37.0 (04 Feb 2018)
- New: CareerJet support. The plugin can now import jobs from
- New: Facebook campaigns can now post events and return timing,
place and map.
- New: Facebook new option to set language localization
- New: Facebook new option to strip the first line after setting it
as a title
- New: Featured image do not validate content type option
- Fix:Instagram extraction by author now back to work after recent
IG change
- Fix:Feed extraction by class now more accurate
- Fix:Feed lazyloading fix now fixes images that are in multiple
- Fix:Facebook new album now returns all images
- Fix:TheBestSpinner protected terms now work again
- Fix:Keyword to category now checks the final content
- Fix:Special chars in tags from FB og:title 
- Fix:Contributers now available for author selection
- Fix:Reddit hosted gifs now get embeded

Version 3.36.0 (03 December 2017)
- NEW: Single scraper new option for setting cookies
- NEW: Instagram new option to loop videos
- NEW: Facebook comments now displays the commenter avatar
- NEW: Youtube tags translation support
- NEW: Feeds option to set meta tags as WordPress tags
- NEW: Feeds option to skip by exact string match
- NEW: Exact match new option to all words
- Fix: Feeds visual selector window fix on FireFox browser
- Fix: Instagram images now back to work for new campaigns
- Fix: Instagram videos only and images only now works more
- Fix: Feeds extraction using visual selector encoding sorted
- Fix: License activation improved for blocked connections
- Fix: EzineArticles first article after Ezine scraping now works
- Fix: Visual selector improvements
- Improvement: download images to the server now validates the
image content 

Version 3.35.1 (06 November 2017)
- Fix: On campaign publish error sorted

Version 3.35.0 (04 November 2017)
- NEW: Automatic updates for future versions of the plugin
- New: Youtube new option to set the channel author as WordPress
- fix: Feeds multiple extractions for same ID/Class stopped working
now sorted
- fix: Twitter pagination now works on 32-bit servers

Version 3.34.0 (25 October 2017)
- NEW: Visual selector for feed content, tags, author
- NEW: Unlimited rules to extract by ID/Class/REGEX for
content,removing unwanted parts
- Improvement: Translation algorithm minor changes
- fix: full content method now makes Facebook videos playable
- fix: Single scraper auto detect method for content now works
- fix: Strip links option now does not strip links from twitter
embeded tweets

Version 3.33.0 (9 October 2017)
- new - new module named "Single Scraper" to extract parts from a
specific page 
- Improvement: Feed lazy loading option now accepts custom
attributes names
- Improvement: Feeds original content now follows meta="refresh"
- Improvement: Amazon products prices updates now more faster
- new - Amazon temlate updated to contain the last time and amazon
- new - Facebook vid_embed tag for videos
- new - Facebook new option to set hashtags as WordPress tags
- new - Youtube option to post videos by IDs
- fix    - note type filter added 
- fix - Feeds if no og:image exists, now set a featured image from
- fix - Feeds option to clean cURL encoding now works with all
extraction methods
- fix - Twitter posting from a specific user now lists all tweets  
- fix - Translation failed when auto detect is the same as the
destination sorted
- fix -  Youtube tags as WordPress tags now back to work
- fix - Spintax module now replaces each set separately

Version 3.32.0 (15 August 2017)
- new - Facebook new option to post posts the page is tagged in and
visitor posts
- new - Instagram option to post all images if the post contains
more than a single one
- new feature - Facebook & Instagram embedded videos auto play
- improvement - Facebook event cover pic is now returned instead of
the smaller image
- Improvement - Post types for category selection shows only public
- new feature - Instagram remove mentions from title option
- new feature - Amazon new tag for item author and another for the
- new feature - grab alt text for featured image
- new - Craigslist tag item_price
- new - Feeds specific extraction to the custom field now saves to
tags or excerpt
- fix - youtube featured image was not set when a random HTTP error
happens, now sorted.
- fix - Twitter links structure updated to work on mobile phones as
- fix - Facebook older than 100 posts option now works with the
latest FB API version

 Version 3.31.0 (26 June 2017)
- NEW: bbPress support so now posts can be posted as topics with an
option to set the forum
- NEW: Feeds option to skip stripping srcset attributes from images
- Fix:Microsoft translator now works again
- Fix:Emojis now get encoded to hex for non utf8mp4 encoded tables 
- Fix:Feed fetch full content twitter embeds missing script now get
- Fix:Amazon scraper now deactivate the keyword if no more items
exists at the last  
- Fix:Default category now get removed if original categories will
be set
- Fix:EzineArticles  ad was completely removed
- Fix:Amazon iframe width when using thebestspinner now sorted
- Fix:Facebook links small image now gets replaced by the largest
- Improved: eBay module now paginates the search results up to 100

 Version 3.30.0 (23 April 2017)
- NEW:Walmart option to set product images as woo-commerce gallery
- NEW:Post status "Private" now is available  
- NEW:Youtube new option to auto hyperlink links at the description
- NEW:Feed new option to get the og:image title
- NEW:Option for universal banned words that applies to all
- Fix:Facebook access token generation now sorted after a recent FB
- Fix:Instagram module rewritten to cope with new changes from
Instagram like videos 
- Fix:Instagram tags like username now works in title template
- Fix:Feeds publish date now consider the blog timezone
- Fix:Feeds now works with proxies
- Fix:Feeds decode entities now consider single and double quotes 
- Fix:Google translate now works if open_basedir is set
- Fix:Banned words option now works even if exact words option is
not active

 Version 3.29.0 (20 March 2017)
- NEW:Walmart support so now you can import from Walmart to
- NEW:Amazon new tag [price_with_discount_fixed]
- NEW:Vimeo new option to post from a specific album
- NEW:Option to skip numeric tags from title
- NEW:Feeds new option to fix lazy image loading
- Fix:Instagram module updated to cope with new Instagram changes
- Fix:Feeds now support proxies 
- Fix:Amazon lowest price now returns the correct price
- Fix:Amazon.es prices now fixed and also posting by ASIN
- Fix:Youtube must exist keywords and banned keywords now get

 Version 3.28.0 (28 February 2017)
- NEW:Reddit support so now you can post from Reddit by subReddit
- NEW:Amazon module now can scrape all items from amazon for a
specific search
- NEW:Amazon module now posts all product images as a gallery
- NEW:Amazon Prices are now displayed with list price and
discounted price format
- NEW:Amazon module now can automatically update prices daily
- NEW:Amazon default post template got a facelift
- NEW:Post from Amazon using an ASINs list. just paste a list of
- NEW:Facebook videos integration for TrueMag/VideoPro themes 
- NEW:Feeds strip html tags option
- NEW:Feeds new option to only post items if a string exists
- NEW:Instagram new option to post popular items from a hashtag
- NEW:Keywords field now accepts keywords at one keyword per line
- Fix:Twitter embed as cards option and featured image option now
work together 
- Fix:Facebook shared post with a shared link now gets the original
shared link title
- Fix:DailyMotion featured image option now works
- Fix:Craigslist image now works after a Craigslist change
- Fix: SoundCloud working new api key added.

 Version 3.27.0 (24 January 2017)
- NEW:DailyMotion Integration so now you can post from DailyMotion 
- NEW:PHP 7 compatibility
- NEW:Twitter option to post hashtags as wordpress tags
- NEW:Twitter option to embed videos
- NEW:Flickr tags for high resolution images 
- Fix:Instagram and Twitter now consider timezone for dates  
- Fix:Feeds ' chars now get fixed at sites using it. 
- Fix:Feeds content extracted now does not contain srcset tags
- Fix:Generate names from post title for clickbank was not working
now fixed
- Fix:Amazon items with price variations now returns the lowest
- Fix:SoundCloud search by tag option was setting a license filter,
now sorted
- Fix:[nospin] tags now does not get removed if the spin option is
not enabled 
- Fix:Youtube skip the video if specific minutes passed now works
- Fix:Instagram posting from a specific user sometimes was not able
to get the numeric ID

 Version 3.26.2 (21 December 2016)
- Fix: Caching images option and generating names fix.
- Fix: Security concern.

 Version 3.26.1 (6 December 2016)
- Improved: ClickBank module rewritten with new much better post
template for new campaigns
- NEW: Clickbank option to fetch description from original sales
- NEW: eBay option to set short description for woo-commerce
- NEW: eBay option to set the buy now button text at woo-commerce
- NEW: Youtube new option to disable youtube logo at embeds
- NEW: Facebook custom user access token are now allowed to be
- NEW: Facebook new option to post old posts
- NEW: Facebook new option to generate title from before line
- NEW: Facebook new option to disable adding "..." at end of
generated titles
- NEW: Feeds new feature to set featured image title at media
library from post title
- NEW: Feeds new option to disable getting the title from the
original page title  
- Fix: Feeds fetch full content method no more skips iframes 
- Fix: Facebook if skip posts older than a specific date is active.
- Fix: Facebook sometimes didn't return description for image now
- Fix: Translation using Microsoft translator was sometimes failing
for large  
- Fix: Translation to some languages using gTranslator was not
- Fix: Excluded links were not correctly excluded for some cases
where the url  
- Fix: ClickBank thumbnails for sites starting with https was not
working.. now fixed 
- Fix: on some servers with mod_security active refused to save
adsense code. now sorted.

 Version 3.25.0 (7 November 2016)
- NEW: Facebook now posts more than 100 posts
- NEW: New option that makes the plugin post urls that was already
- NEW: Twitter two new option to skip retweets and replies
- Fix: Important security fix
- Fix: Twitter now displays image of the tweet for long truncated
- Fix: Facebook events posts now has the event title as wordpress
post title
- Fix: Translation now translates images alt text as well
- Fix: Amazon .co.jp region now get saved correctly
- Fix: Envato more than 60 pages returned now deactivates keyword  
- Fix: SoundCloud no image sounds now uses the item user image as
the featured image
- Fix: Name cached images with post title now strips special chars
- Fix: Fetch full content now returns the original title instead of
the in-feed title
- Improved: Campaigns page now displays part of feeds if there are
a long list added 

 Version 3.24.0  (26 September 2016)
- NEW: Envato support so now we can post from Envato marketplaces
ThemeForest,CodeCanyon,AudioJungle and all markets
- NEW: new option to only post tiems if keywords exists on Title
- Fix: bug with excluded links caused the plugin to loop at some
cases. now fixed
- Fix: Youtube import from playlists now skips private videos

Version 3.23.1 (19  September 2016 )  
- NEW: Title words as tags option
- NEW: Support for videopro theme from cactus-themes so now videos
from youtube/vimeo/instagram 
- NEW: Youtube new tag [vid_date]
- NEW: Set the post as draft then publish for social posters 
- NEW: Feeds custom attributes support so now we can import data
from any item attribute
- NEW: soundCloud new tag [item_download_url]
- Fix: Google translator got updated to work again after recent
Google changes
- Fix: Plugin now works with latest version of newstube theme
- Fix: actually remove the featured image option was causing embeds
to disappear 
- Fix: Microsoft translator extra commas with some languages now
- Improved: EzineArticles now can work at servers with ip blocked
from startpage
- Improved: Feed campaign now can find feed automatically from main
sites urls
- Improved: Now plugin auto remove google ads from feeds content
- Improved: fetch full content now supports soundcloud embeds
- Improved: tags extraction from feeds can now identify spans and

Version 3.23.0 (19  July 2016 )
- NEW: Itunes support so now we can post apps,music, ebooks and
more from Itunes
- NEW: Search and replace can now be applied to only titles
- NEW: option to disable posting urls for comments author
- NEW: option to disable deactivating keywords for an hour if there
is no new items
- NEW: new facebook tags added for campaign template. [image_src]
and [external_url]
- Improved: Categories now get displayed in hierarchical layout
- Fix: Clickbank module now back to work after recent changes from
- Fix: Google news feeds and Google alerts feeds are now compatible
with feeds module
- Fix: Canonical tag now gets added only when the option to set it
is activated.
- Fix: Instagram tags as wordpress tags now works normally
- Fix: Youutbe non valid next page now get removed.

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