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ChatBot for

WoowBot is a Zero Configuration,
Zero Training, Stand Alone Chat Bot or Shopping
Bot. You can make this plug n’ play ChatBot to
work with
any language.

Shoppers can converse with the bot, view, select and
Add productsto cart directly from the chat
interface. WoowBot also provides FAQ
Support, eMail user query, Quick Cart,
Order Status, Recently
Viewed Products,
ShortCode for landing page, Mobile Appsand more

What is WoowBot

WoowBot is the Next Generation Conversational Commerce
for WooCommerce Platform.

Conversational commerceis the future of eCommerce.
Enter WoowBot: a new way of customer interaction that allows brands
to connect with their customers on a personal level while creating
a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world.
24/7/365WoowBot can provide live chat service for
your shoppers and provide product search services, order status and
support. Increase
customer satisfaction, reduce costs to scale and
improve the ability to engage customers. You can even use WoowBot
shortcode to create single page shopping experience!

WoowBot Features

Personalized, 24/7 Shopping Bot

A personalized welcome goes a
long way to light up one’s day. WoowBot greets
each person with a warm welcome and remembers previous chats. It
helps the shopper find the
perfect products/he has been looking for. What is
worse than not having a live chat on your eCommerce website? It is
getting a “No one is Available to
Chat†message. WoowBot is always there to find products
and to help.

Zero Training

Sure, there are other chat bot alternatives like Facebook
messenger bots. But they require complex training and integration.
WoowBot is truly plug n’ play. If your store is
in English language – you can simply
InstallWoowBot and you are
ready to go. For other languages
– you can change all the bot responses. But
that’s it! In addition, WoowBot comes with tons
of extra features for power users to fine-tune the
bot’s personality!

Advanced Product Search & Display

WoowBot provides
advanced product searchthrough special database
indexing which allows searching through product category, tags and
additional WooCommerce fields. This allows for faster and more
accurate search results. Products can be added to cart directly
from the chat interface.

Support and Contact

WoowBot provides support directly from the
Chat window. You can
add commonly asked questions(FAQ) and answers in
the backend that WoowBot will display when user goes to support
area. If the shopper does not find answers to his question in the
FAQ, he can opt to
send an emailto site admin by chatting!

Order Status

can get their order status directly from the chat window. WoowBot
logs a user in on the chat window and shows last 10 order statuses

ShortCode for

Load WoowBot
on a page itselfwith shortcode. With this feature
you can create a single landing page for shoppers to add your
products to cart and check out!

In addition to advanced product search
WoowBot can show
On Saleproducts to the shoppers. The
bird’s eye view helps you sell more products
from your website.

your ChatBot!

Choose from one of the
4 modern chat window templates. Upload
your ownbackground image to show behind the chat
window. Add
multiple variations of ChatBot responsesfor each
node. They will be
used randomlyand give an appearance of more human
like responses.

Floating Quick Cart & Recently Viewed Products

shows floating
quick Cartfrom any page on your website with the
number of products added to cart even when the chat window is not
open. Also, shows recently viewed products for easy reference for
the shopper.

WoowBot Chat
Bot Features

  • Advanced, fast search with database indexing
  • Search additional WooCommerce product fields like category
    name, tags, excerpt, SKU etc.
  • Show or hide cart item number
  • Fine tune WoowBot icon position
  • Product display order by and sorting options
  • Option to display order status with or without logging in
  • Option to choose on which pages WoowBot should load
  • Upload custom ChatBot icon
  • Upload custom Agent icon
  • Choose from 4 design templates for ChatBot interface
  • Upload your own background image for chatbot
  • Create FAQ area with multiple questions and answers (supports
  • Add multiple store notifications to show above the ChatBot
  • Show recently viewed products for easy reference to the
  • Show featured products until shopper has viewed products
  • Quick Cart view
  • Quick access to Support
  • Quick Help for commands that can be used in-chat
  • Admin customizable chat commands
  • Stop Words dictionary included and editable by admin. Bot will
    automatically exclude stop words from search criteria and chat
  • Advanced Language Center to edit and change every WoowBot
    responses, System languages, stop words and info messages!
  • Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node.
    They will be used randomly and give an appearance of more human
    like responses.
  • Display product details in-chat – complete
    with images, add to cart option and support for multiple
  • Persistent chat history over shopper session on website
  • Remember chat history in browser local storage and greet
    returning shoppers
  • Shortcode for WoowBot on Page
  • Multi Language support. mo/pot file included so you can
    translate to any language
  • Enable mobile app feature

WoowBot Mobile App

  • Coming Soon!


The plugin is under active development. We want to work
with you as we expand the plugin features so it becomes truly
useful to you. If you have any feature request, let us know in the
comments. We will try our very best to accommodate all reasonable
feature requests.

Why WoowBot Pro?

  • Developed by a company with 15+ years of experience. You can
    rely on us
  • Always up to date and under active development for new
  • Extended documentation
  • Easy and Flawless Setup
  • Fully Responsive Templates
  • Unique Features
  • Quick, Reliable, No-nonsense and Friendly One-on-One

Version History

Version 3.0 – released on Feb 20
– 2018

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: woowbot-woocommerce-chatbot.zip

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