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WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products
– WooCommerce plugin for
displaying shop products in table format. Tables makes focus for
your buyers on the things they want to get, nothing superfluous,
just what the client wants, and full attention to what is offered!

You are as the shop owner can increase your business site
benefits by providing to your customers structured information
through responsive, beautiful products and highly featured active
tables. Shoes, cars parts, electronic goods, food, media content,
digital content, tableware,wine, external-referral products, etc.
– all this can be presented to the customers in
more structured and focused way. Behind the scene site admin has
great and power functionality with a lot of flexibilities.

WOOT has its own API which allows to extend the plugin
functionality, for example add custom columns. on your woocommerce
shop site increases conversion!

FREE version is preparing!!

Compatible with WooCommerce FROM v.3.4 and TO the latest



  1. ✔ Columns constructor
  2. ✔ Options for: columns
    customizations, thumbnail size, columns width and many more (
    screens below)
  3. ✔ Neat shortcode with heap of
    attributes for flexibility
  4. ✔  with the products tables!
  5. ✔  is possible to display
  6. ✔ 
  7. ✔ Skins for each table. On the
    same web page can be represented . Create .
  8. ✔ Powerful product filter
  9. ✔  by: price, title, content,
    excerpt, SKU, attributes, taxonomy, meta fields, in stock, on sale,
    width, height, length, weight, etc…
  10. ✔ Filters can be represented as:
    dropdown, multi drop-down, range sliders, textinput, calendars,
  11. ✔ Predefinition mechanism: show to
    your customers predefined and relevant set of products as in the
    table, so in the popup.
  12. ✔ 25 ways of the products
  13. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table below on the by its title. Place it on the shop header and
    let your customers find the products they want to buy
  14. ✔ Power feature as which gives
    ability to spread your shop products to any another sites even
    created on pure HTML without any CMS, what allows you get more
    sells and also realize your own referral program
  15. ✔ Column
    “Gallery†– smooth
    CSS gallery to showcase the best of your products. Also a product
    gallery can be represented by shortcode []
  16. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to create
    custom cart page
  17. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with reviews for the current product on its single page or
    any another one
  18. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with cross sell products for the current product on its
    single page or any another one
  19. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with upsell products for the current product on its single
    page or any another one
  20. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with variations products for the current product on its
    single page or any another one
  21. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with related products for the current product on its single
    page or any another one
  22. ✔  Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with product attachment for the current product on its single
    page or any another one
  23. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with selected products by the current user
  24. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with selected compared products by the current user or
    predefined by shop admin
  25. ✔ Shortcode [] allows to show the
    table with a product parameters for any one selected ones
  26. ✔ Extension
    ҠРlet your
    customers collect the products in one click
  27. ✔ Extension
    ҠРlet your
    customers compare the products before they buy them
  28. ✔ Extension
    your customers the products examples as media files, or any
    specific documentation files. Handy tables with the product
    attachments on its backend plus good API
  29. ✔ Ability to use
    Ҡbutton instead of pagination
  30. ✔ Ability to show multi vendors
    their products using attribute param author: []
  31. ✔ Ability to create custom
    columns, for example such as Ҡusing
    any contact form plugins
  32. ✔ Responsivity: all the products
    tables have an option for compact view on mobile devices!
  33. ✔ Big and flexible set of options
    for each product table, some of them: Hide added in cart products,
    Show cart, Show Sorting Dropdown, Sorting Dropdown Fields, Compact
    view width, Use load more button, Hide filter form, Show print
    button, Default order by, Per page drop-down position, Per page
    drop-down position, Per page values, Per page default
  34. ✔ Set of options for each product
    column, some basic: Width, Font size, Font family, Color,
    Background, Hide on small screen
  35. ✔ Ability to specially for your
    business (by PHP code)
  36. ✔ Ability to add meta fields data
    in the table columns using in-built constructor
  37. ✔ Ability to . Show tables in
    popup in your shop text content with relevant predefined tables.
    Unlimited count of tables in popup per page can be created!
  38. ✔ In-built shopping cart on top of
    the tables, which also presented as shortcode and can be pasted on
    the site pages
  39. ✔  mechanism
  40. ✔ Print button
  41. ✔ Possibility to add to cart many
    products in one click
  42. ✔ Mobile compact view option
  43. ✔ Option to hide added to cart
  44. ✔ CSS editor
  45. ✔ Pagination
  46. ✔ 
  47. ✔ 
  48. ✔ 
  49. ✔ 
  50. ✔ 
  51. ✔ WPML compatible
  52. ✔ WOOT shortcodes works in
    Elementor and Page builder page content
  53. ✔ 
  54. ✔ no jQuery –
    100% pure JavaScript
  55. ✔ Strong technical support which
    each day works with tones of code!


  • ID
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Slug
  • Product Category
  • Product Tags
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Regular price
  • Sale price
  • Sale time from
  • Sale time to
  • Manage stock
  • Stock quantity
  • Stock status
  • Sold individually
  • Product Status
  • On sale
  • Gallery
  • Status
  • Featured
  • Downloadable
  • Tax status
  • Tax class
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Sold individually
  • Featured
  • Attribute visibility
  • Shipping class
  • Tax status
  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Grouped products
  • Variations
  • Author
  • Total sales
  • Review count
  • Average rating
  • Comment count
  • Product type
  • Date Published
  • Date Modified


The plugin has .

Such possibility will be interesting for PHP developers, that
who want to implement their own idea and use it or/and distribute

WordPress plugins & PHP scripts for business

    - release

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Download: woot-woocommerce-products-tables.zip

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