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WooCommerce Email Customizer –
is the best, most powerful and also most
customizable tool to customize an email . With this tool, in visual
mode you can build your desired email with drag & drop.10+
predefined amazing
woocommerce email templateswhich match your store
design, are ready which you can easily import and start your work
with them.

As an online merchant, you need your website to sell more and
always look its best. Shouldn’t your
email designsdo the same?

WooMail – WooCommerce Email
is a design tool that helps you to effortlessly
customize the emails that WooCommerce is sending for your store;
for example, the order confirmation email sent to all customers
when they make a purchase.

The plugin does not send any emails itself, but instead upgrades
your store’s boring default email notifications
with much more professional and effective designs.

Your store continues to work in exactly the same way as before
… no duplicate emails will be sent
… and there are no subscription fees to pay each
month. So it’s a win-win situation!

Customize the design of all the WooCommerce Emails your
customer receives from you

There is a missed opportunity in sending stock standard
messages in your transactional emails.
WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer
with Drag Drop Builder
allows you build your custom design
using drag and drop of your email templates. There is not required
any coding knowledge.

With the help of our plugin you can customize follow email

  • New order
  • Cancelled order
  • Failed order
  • Order On-hold
  • Processing order
  • Completed order
  • Refunded order
  • Customer invoice
  • New Account
  • Reset Password
  • Customer Note
  • Partially Refunded Order

While customizing you can add dynamic information about product
and order. Dynamic information can be added using shortcodes. It
also supports

Why do you need

Easily design professional email templates for your store
in 2 steps

  1. Select your starting design from 11 available email
  2. Customize your emails, preview them, and send test emails.

Sell more with product recommendations

All email designs allow you to include automated product
recommendations, encouraging customers to come back and shop with
you again automatically.

Templates built specifically for WooCommerce

All email templates are specifically built for WooCommerce
stores, so they support what you need. You can customize the design
and wording of each email, as well as what order and product info
to include.

The most of the customers do not like boring emails. They always
wait for the best of you in all situations. That is why the
beautiful email design is the important key in any e-commerce.

Do you want to test it?

Before buying you can test any feature of our plugin. Demo URL :





You have not an idea how to create your email?

Do you think that you are not a designer, so how can I create a
modern email for my website?

Do not worry,
WooMail – WooCommerce Email
provides you with 10+ predefined templates, 5+
predefined blocks. Moreover, after creating a template you can save
it and reuse at any time


Forget about customizing template-based emails manually-change
header, change footer, etc. We offer you getting the fresh emails
in a few minutes


During customizing template-based emails each email will steal
30 minutes from your life and you cannot control everything . DO


The most complete shortcodes collection with more than 50
elements. You can build and customize your emails with several
available options. Different styles are considered in all
shortcodes makes it easy edit and customize them in visual mode

Unlimited Custom Shortcode
Without Coding Knowledge

You can create unlimited custom shortcode with
WooMail – WooCommerce Email
. In the left menu you will see
‘EC WOO Custom
page.In that page you need
just do 3 steps:

  1. Shortcode name. Name should with under line ( _ ) without
    probel.Ex: my_short_code
  2. Content of shortcode
  3. Publish

After adding custom code you should use with prefix(ec_woo_ ).

For example, you add

, in this case you should use



  • No coding knowledge required
  • Without restriction. There is not any restriction for
  • Customize everything in your
    WooCommerce transactional emails
  • Short codes will help you for using dynamical information about
    your product, order or website
  • Visual Mode for any changes
  • Send a test after creating your own design
  • 10+ predefined templates
  • 5+ predefined blocks
  • 6 different designfor products of order
  • Multi-Language
  • Unlimited Custom Shortcode
  • Settings for show sku, show images , image sizes
  • RTL Support
  • Email Preview– test email your
    email without sending email, see the final version of the email
    template directly
  • Replace Email– turn on/off
    email rendering. If you have live website, just create your email
    template test it then activate the new emails.


Do you have
any suggestion?

Do not hesitate let us know. We will add it in our
Roadmap, then start implement that feature to the


You will need the following sofwares to use this plugin.

  1. PHP version 5.6 or greater
  2. WordPress 4.1 or higher
  3. WooCommerce 2.5 or higher

Asked Questions

for a Standalone version ?

If you want to get a notification when we publish a standalone
version please subscribe our list.


Version 2.4 | 06.10.2019

- Integrated : WPML
- Integrated : Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for
- Fixed : Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce(By WP Desk)
- Fixed : date shortcodes will use wp settings date format
- Fixed : Responsive problems in ec_woo_items_6
- Fixed : Minor issues


  Version 2.3 | 17.07.2019

  - Added : Custom Code from backend feature. You can create your
own shortcode from the backend
  - Integrated : Woo Customer Manager plugin, shortcode:
  - Fixed : Outlook issues.
  - Fixed : Responsive problems.
  - Fixed : Save button problem in builder UI
  - Fixed : Minor issues

  NOTE: For fixing outlook problems and responsive problems need to
resave previously saved emails


Version 2.2.11 | 26.05.2019
- Added : New shortcodes for Woo Subscription.
ec_woo_wcs_id,ec_woo_wcs_price,etc. please check shortcode list for
seeing all list.
- Added : Settings for hide 'custom shortcode' page from wordpress
- Added : Export/import all templates at once
- Added : Settings for showing information which are added from
other plugins.
- Fixed : Image size problem in emails
- Fixed : Templates extra spaces problem
- Fixed : Shortcode 'ec_woo_order_link' problem
- Fixed : Templates table headers regarding mobile preview
- Fixed : Email notification in outlook was showed javascript:void
- Fixed : All predefined templates problems
- Fixed : When showing downloadable products, bullets was showed in
emails. now fixed.
- Fixed : Minor issues


Version 2.2.10 | 25.04.2019
- Fixed : email responsive problem
- Fixed : builder UI problems


Version 2.2.9 | 09.04.2019
- Added : new shortcode ec_woo_related_items. show your recommend
items in your email and increase your sales.
- Added : integration 'WooCommerce Subscription'
- Fixed : RTL UI problems
- Fixed : Minor issues


Version 2.2.8 | 25.03.2019
- Added : new shortcode ec_woo_order_shipping_total, show shipping
information with fees
- Added : integration 'Motors' theme
- Added : 4 new shortcodes related 'Motors' theme:
- Added : 2 new shortcodes ec_woo_user_account_url_2
,ec_woo_user_password_reset_url_2 with custom text
- Fixed : json parse problems in the UI side
- Fixed : bugs in loading bank information
- Fixed : builder UI RTL support


Version 2.2.7 | 11.03.2019
- Fixed : issues with WooCommerce 3.5.x version


Version 2.2.5 | 08.03.2019
- Added : One of the valuable customer (@fenrirlin) prepaid
'Traditional Chinese' and 'Simplified Chinese' translations
- Added : new shortcodes for customer notes last message and last
month -  [ec_woo_customer_notes_last_message]
- Added : enable/disable for any email type.
- Fixed : improvement builder UI
- Fixed : shipping tracking info plugin integration
- Fixed : minor issues

Version 2.1.8 | 29.01.2019
- Added : New shortcodes: [ec_woo_current_date] and
- Added : Dynamic date format for all date shortcodes . You need to
add type='date' to shortcode, then define your format. Ex:
[ec_woo_order_datetime type='date' format='Y-m-d'] more info:
- Fixed : Email builder UI bugs, reset password and new account
email type problems

Version 2.1 | 16.01.2019
- Integrated : Woocommerce shipping tracking
- Added : showing product version, if it is not activating now
possible activate it again.
- Added : internal log system
- Added : short codes for bank information
- Added : short codes will generate automatically,
so if you are using plugin which we integrated it you will see all
available short codes
- Added : partial refund order email type supported
- Added : short code for showing order refund, order totals, etc.


Version 2.0 | 22.12.2018
- Integrated : Order delivery date plugin lite version
- Added : Line height option added to TinyMCE editor
- Fixed : Flexible checkout fields problems
- Fixed : Unicode problem when using different languages
- Fixed : After collapse/expand left menu, canvas background color
changed default
- Fixed : Send Test Email feature. ( You should configure wp_mail
correctly )
- Fixed : Convert URL problem in TinyMCE editor
- Fixed : Outlook issues
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.9 | 20.11.2018
- Added : Linkable product names
- Added : Compatible with Woodmart WordPress Theme
- Added : Auto Update feature
- Added : URL to shortcode - ec_woo_view_order_url , previously
showed just text
- Fixed : Unicode problem when sending emails
- Fixed : Image size problem
- Fixed : Email preview, Responsive image problems, Bugs in
outlook, minor bugs


Version 1.8 | 04.11.2018
- Fixed : responsive image problem in small devices
- Fixed : small issues when using RTL
- Fixed : when using the long product name, it went to the second
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.7 | 01.11.2018
- Added : now compatible with 'Woo Order Note template'
- Added : RTL Support
- Fixed : https problem in preview URL
- Updated : Social icons loaded from user's website , not from the
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.6 | 22.10.2018
- Added : Replace Email turn on/off feature
- Added : Email Preview functionality
- Added : Added time for the created date column in the 'My
templates' tab.
- Added : now compatible with 'Instamojo'
- Fixed : Minor bugs
- Fixed : Left panel switcher button
- Fixed : Mozilla browser bugs
- Fixed : bugs in woo 2.6 version


Version 1.5 | 03.10.2018
- Added : 'Flexible Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor' compatible
- Added : 'WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro compatible
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.4 | 26.09.2018
- Added : Support 'Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce' plugin
- Fixed : Send Test email bugs fixed
- Fixed : Removed other plugins admin notices from builder
- Fixed : CSS improvement in the builder interface
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.3 | 11.09.2018
- Added : 'Customer Note' email type
- Added : New selectors for adding custom CSS
- Fixed : Custom CSS bugs
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.2 | 11.09.2018
- Added : Custom CSS option.


Version 1.1 | 10.09.2018
- Added : Support custom fields ( 'WooCommerce Checkout Field
Editor' )
- Added : 'Reset Password' & 'New Account' email types
- Added : New Short codes ( ec_woo_user_id,
ec_woo_user_activation_link , ec_woo_user_password_reset_url ,
ec_woo_user_account_url , ec_woo_user_password )
- Added : SKU settings
- Added : Unlimited custom code. The users can create unlimited
custom code
- Fixed : Minor bugs


Version 1.0.3 | 25.08.2018
- Fixed : Minor bugs

Version 1.0.2 | 23.08.2018
- Fixed : showing the 'Please wait' message and nothing happen. Now

Version 1.0.1 | 14.08.2018
- Fixed methods which have conflicts with other plugins
- Added .po file for translate


Version 1.0 | 27.07.2018
- Initial Release

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: woomail-woocommerce-email-customizer.zip

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