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Create unlimited PDF vouchers that customers can redeem
online or in person.
WooCommerce PDF Vouchers WordPress
plugin is a perfect solution for
gift vouchers, rewards, promotions and event
giving you and your customers complete
flexibility. For online stores, offline businesses, or those that
want to bring the two together, this PDF Vouchers plugin will give
your business a boost.

There’s nothing revolutionary about gift
certificates, vouchers or discount codes, but what if
you’re selling something that
can’t be downloaded or shipped? The PDF Vouchers
WordPress plugin opens the door for you to sell any product,
service or experience online, using vouchers that can be printed
and redeemed in person – the
sky’s the limit! You get all the exposure,
convenience and security of online ordering and payments, while
still being able to deliver your product or service at a later
date, in a physical location.

PDF Vouchers connects your online store with your on-the-ground
business, making life easier for your customers, and helping you to
guarantee a smooth operation and great customer service.
It’s automated, secure and easy to manage,
including powerful admin and reporting features that help you to
keep track of your voucher codes.

Fully Customizable

The user-friendly admin interface uses intuitive drag and drop
tools so that you can create your own vouchers in minutes. Your PDF
vouchers can be customized for your brand or business, and you can
even tailor them to individual products, events or promotions.
Create unlimited PDF templates and customize every element. PDF
Vouchers also supports variations of the same product, so you
don’t have to start from scratch every time.

With the PDF Vouchers plugin, it’s easy to
ensure that every voucher is unique and cannot be replicated or

Automated and Secure

PDF Vouchers takes care of everything from generating codes to
recording and verifying redeemed vouchers. Automatically generate
unlimited unique codes, import codes via CSV, or enter them
manually. If necessary, you can set certain codes as restricted so
that vouchers can only be used once. Voucher codes can even be
converted to coupon codes and redeemed in your online store.

For added convenience and security, you can add a QR code or
barcode to your PDF file, which can be scanned when the printed
voucher is redeemed. This makes it quicker and easier than ever to
verify each voucher at the collection point or event venue so that
you don’t keep customers waiting.

Effortless Voucher Management

The voucher admin page allows you to view and manage your
vouchers, and run detailed reports for purchased, used and unused
voucher codes. You can instantly check whether a voucher code is
valid, and mark it as redeemed, helping you to deliver a seamless
service to every customer.

The PDF Vouchers plugin also lets you export lists of voucher
codes, including all customer details, to PDF or CSV.

Great for Gifts

With PDF Vouchers, it’s never been easier for
your customers to send gift vouchers for your products, services,
events or experiences to their family and friends. They can
personalize their vouchers in your online store, adding the
recipient’s details and their own message, to
create a one-of-a-kind gift card that can be sent via e-mail.

Support for Pay Your Price Extension

This powerful WordPress plugin supports the extension, so that
customers can choose the value of their gift voucher and enter this
into the price field when purchasing. This is perfect for gift
certificates, and also for supporters of non-profits who want to
specify their gift donation.

The WooCommerce PDF Vouchers WordPress plugin is a simple
yet powerful extension that will transform the way you do business
with your customers!

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Answers to
Common Questions

Does this work with WooCommerce Coupons?

Yes, its work with WooCommerce Coupons. You can redeem vouchers
an online shop. To activate this feature, you need to check

Why is a single voucher generated with multiple voucher
codes when a product is ordered with a quantity > 1?

There is a global setting for that under Settings -> Pdf
Vouchers -> Voucher Settings -> If you check this option it
will generate separate PDF for each voucher.

Why does background image look blurry on pdf

This is most likely issue with background image size. Please
make sure you have selected background image with proper size.
Please check to get idea about background image size based on pdf
size you have selected.

Also make sure you have selected ‘Full
Image’ option from the WordPress Image Uploader
when you choose background image. Check this

How Can I change the text ‘Voucher

You need to add this custom code to a custom plugin or your
theme’s functions.php. You can copy a code from

How Can I delete Purchased / Used / Unused voucher codes

When you delete the order, all voucher codes associated with
that order will automatically get removed. you
can’t manually remove voucher codes, you need to
delete the order(s) to remove associated voucher code(s).

TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the

There is a global setting for that under Settings -> Pdf
Vouchers -> Misc Settings -> Please check this option and it
should resolve the error.

If there is still same issue, please confirm with your Hosting
provider that getimagesize() function working properly on your
server. if it don’t work then you will get this
error message.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXXXXXX bytes exhausted
(tried to allocate XXXXX bytes) in /path/to/function/file on line

The solution is to increase the PHP memory limit on your
server. WordPress offers a way to in your wp-config.php file

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Change Log:

= Version 3.9.4 (2019-11-13) =

* [*] Fix: Fixed internal block conflict of the voucher builder. 

= Version 3.9.3 (2019-10-22) =

* [+] New: Added a feature to apply discount on cart subtotal while
using voucher as a coupon. 
* [+] New: Added a support for Barcode type CODE 128b 

= Version 3.9.2 (2019-10-02) =

* [*] Fix: Fixed compatibility issue with PHP version 7.3. 
* [*] Fix: Fixed compatibility issue with the WPML. 

= Version 3.9.1 (2019-08-09) =

* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of insufficient balance warning during
partial redemption.

= Version 3.9.0 (2019-08-05) =

* [+] New: Added an option to make voucher coupons valid for
specific product 
* [+] New: Added addons tab to display all available addons of the
* [*] Fix: Fixed voucher amount goes to negative value when
redeeming same 
           voucher code in two browser tabs without refreshing

See full change log

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