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WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip
is a robust plugin for WooCommerce online stores.
Developed with a range of eminent features, this plugin
automatically creates invoices when customers place an order.

This user-friendly integrated and comprehensive plugin fulfils
all major invoicing extensions important for your business-
compliance with accounting regulations, customizable layouts,
professional look to name a few.

Key Features

Invoice Generation

  • PDF invoice is generated automatically immediately after
    placing an order.
  • Highly functional and compatible with WooCommerce sites
  • Each PDF invoice document gets attached automatically to the
    corresponding WooCommerce emails.
  • Automatically detects currency and settings on your online
  • Highly functional and perfectly works on your system- quick
    installation and easy to use and understand.

Two Invoicing

  • Normal Invoice:The normal invoice is generated
    automatically upon marking the order as completed. The invoice is
    safely stored in PDF file format in your system
  • Proforma Invoice:This is a default, advanced and
    automatic functionality for generating a new PDF invoice for every
    new order. The data in the proforma invoice changes whenever any
    change is made for the concerned order.
  • Note:The users may choose to generate invoices for
    in both modes or may disable any one as per convenience.

Invoice Management

  • Simple and easy invoice management system.
  • Admin can view and download PDF invoices from the order list
    tables, or take any action on the single order page
  • Admin can choose any mode of invoice and attach it with the
    ‘New Order Email’ and send it
    to the concerned shop manager for further processing.
  • Download and safely store multiple invoices within any chosen
    data range in a single ZIP file.
  • Manual Invoicing Included :

    • The admin can manually generate normal invoices before even
      before marking the order complete
    • Delete or regenerate an invoice manually for any changes made
      to the order from single order details page.

Buyer & Seller Information Customization

  • Customize and store company name, address, contact and other
    details of the seller in your database.
  • Use the seller’s information in the PDF
    invoice using WP editor.
  • Upload a new logo or choose an existing logo from the image
    library to set as the shop logo header on your PDF invoice.
  • Resize the shop logo image depending on the required perfect
    size to fit on the invoice.
  • Use WP editor to customize buyer’s details-
    name, address, shipping information and others to match the chosen
    invoice format.

Invoice Numbering

  • This plugin system comes with built-in automated PDF invoice
    documentation and numbering system.
  • Advanced program coding to prevent invoice number duplication
    or gaping in the numbering sequences.
  • Choose order numbering options from the drop down menu- add any
    preset next number/date, month or year as prefix or suffix to the
    order number
  • Enable or disable the numbering options at anytime in case you
    choose to set the order number as the invoice number.

Customizable Tax Support Included

  • Allows admin to configure tax formats (as per required
    accounting standards) in WooCommerce.
  • Automatically calculates and displays tax figures in totals
    block as well as in the order details table.
  • Displays details including tax rate, tax amount with the net
    amount applicable for each product on the invoice document.
  • Choose to display or not ‘Total Amount
    excluding tax’ row on the PDF invoice.
  • Mutiple tax classes supported (as required depending on the
    country’s tax regulations).

Multiple Advanced Control Options

  • Enable or disable sending automated PDF invoices via
    WooCommerce email to the shop manager.
  • Choose to Show/Hide download link for invoices on the
    ‘View Order’ page.
  • Display or not option for information such as product category,
    product ID, SKU, and short description on the invoice.
  • Display/Hide option for adding product thumbnails (can be added
    below the main row of the item data).
  • Show/Hide the total amount in words (below the totals row) on
    the PDF invoice.

Additional Customization Features

  • Easy to design header and footer section of the PDF invoice
    using WP Editor.
  • Change header and footer content, CSS, fonts, font size and add

WP Editor Tool for Enhanced PDF Invoice Customization

  • Structure and customize invoice contents using the WP
  • Admin can add/remove fields on the invoice as per

Add/Customize Watermark Image or Text

  • Add a refine look and increase value with watermark images or
    texts on the PDF invoice document.
  • Add watermark text or image, change the opacity of the
    watermark objects.
  • Set watermark image and text dimension as desired from the
  • Choose to place the watermark image/text at any desired
    position of the PDF invoice.

Fonts and CSS Support

  • Choose from a range of 56 fonts and styles for invoice text
  • Customize CSS for the header, footer and body.

Adjustable PDF Invoice Page Size and Orientation

  • Depending on your requirements, choose from 266 available
    invoice page sizes .
  • Page orientation in portrait and landscape mode available.

GDPR Compliant :

User’s Data will be appended in WordPress
Export Personal Data Tool.

System Requirements

  • WooCommerce 2.6.0 or greater
  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Support Included

The WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip Generator comes
with the .pot file that allows easy translation to all supported

Thank you for showing interest in WooCommerce PDF Invoice &
Packing Slip Generator- RedefiningTheWeb.


18.07.2019 - ver 1.0.0

   - Initial Release
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