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WooCommerce Currency Switcher–
is a WordPress plugin that allows to switch products prices and get
their rates converted in the real time on your woocommerce store
site –
a must have plugin for your WooCommerce powered online

  • You can use currencies aggregators to get rates converted by
    either Yahoo, Google, Appspot Aggregators or just by hands.

  • Currency Switcher is available as a widget and works in any
    widgetized area, for flexibility the shortcode option is also
    available -> [woocs].

  • On the front end, Currency Switcher can be presented in 5
    different ways: ddslick, chosen, wSelect, simple drop-down, flags.

  • 2 additional AJAXED widgets/shortcodes –
    currency converterand
    currencies rates.

  • Checkout by GeoIP rules

    In some cases some WordPress themes brokes woocommerce
    hooks, so the plugin will not be able to work with such themes.

    To prevent such situation
    BEFORE PURCHASEtry free version of the plugin plugin which
    will show you is will the plugin work with your wp theme or not.

    We strongly suggest you try the free plugin version first and
    watch the feature videos below to understand how the premium
    version will benefit your work!

    Install it and try – if all is ok
    – BUY IT!!


    old versions!!

    Buy ONE
    – get TWO

    If you need currency switcher for
    NON-WooCommerce site, take it as a GIFT with WooCommerce Currency
    Switcher: premium plugin !!

    Compatible with WooCommerce 3.1.x

    The Plugin

    • Widget and Shortcode
    • 2 more additional AJAXED widgets: currencies rates &
      currencies converter
    • 2 more additional AJAXED shortcodes: [woocs_rates
      exclude=â€â€ precision=2] &
      [woocs_converter exclude=â€â€
    • The customer allowed to pay in the selected
    • GeoLocation by IP using WooCommerce native PHP class
    • Checkout by GeoIP rules
    • Currencies rate auto update option from aggregators
    • Native WooCommerce PayPal gate ready!
    • Possibility for custom currency which
      doesn’t exists in the reality
    • Possibility for custom currency sign
    • Possibility to set flag for each currency
    • 4 kinds of drop-downs to show currency switcher on the front +
      as flag images
    • Setting exchange rates by cron (autoupdate)
    • Setting exchange rates manually or/and by 4 currency
    • Ability to set order currency which were created through admin
      panel by hands
    • The plugin understands currency in the site link as:
    • Possibility to add new orders by hands in any currency!
    • Easy to use for administrators and shop customers
    • Compatible –
      from WooCommerce 2.4.x to WooCommerce 3.x.x
    • Compatible with – WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
      by woothemes
    • Compatible with – WooCommerce Subscriptions
      by woothemes
    • Compatible with – PayPal for WooCommerce by
    • Compatible with – WooCommerce PDF Invoices
      & Packing Slips
    • Compatible with – with a lot of payment
      gates for 90%. Try please before buy!
    • Read more here:

    WordPress plugins & PHP scripts for business


    v.2.2.0 (06-09-2017)
    v.2.1.9 (04-04-2017)
        - Heap of small bugs fixed
        - A lot of code was remade to make WooCommerce 3.0.0 and WOOCS
    v.2.1.8 (09-12-2016)
    v.2.1.7 (27-07-2016)
        - Heap of small bugs fixed
    - resolved
        - new option in the currencies settings: Decimals
        - new hook: woocs_drop_down_view
        - advanced API doc:
    v.2.1.6 (20-05-2016)
        - Heap of small bugs fixed
        - new hook woocs_price_html_tail
        - Approx. value on cart and chekout page in the currency of
    customer (in multiple mode only+geoip enabled)
        - new hook woocs_get_approximate_amount_text
    v. (18-02-2016)
        - Geo Location troubles fixed
    v. (16-02-2016)
        - Closed XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Ben Khlifa Fahmi ;
    Founder & CEO of BenkhlifaExploit Founder & Pentester at
    Tunisian Whitehats Security
    v.2.1.5 (12-01-2016)
        - Some little fixes
        - New button in order to convert oder data to basic currency
        - New shortcode: [woocs_show_current_currency text=""
    currency="" flag=1 code=1]
        - New shortcode: [woocs_show_custom_price value=20] -> price
    in selected currency for txt-adv-banners
        - New option: Prices without cents
        - New option: Hide switcher on checkout page
        - New option: I am using cache plugin for my site
        - New filter: add_filter('woof_custom_format',
    'my_woof_custom_format', 999, 2); - Any manipulation with price
        - Hint:
    - reset currency options - be care
        - Improved: cron periods added - weekly, monthly
    v.2.1.4 (09-09-2015)
        - WordPress 4.3 small adaptation - using __construct in the
    widget, previous widget-API was deprecated
        - added price popup on the front near each price optionally
        - added in body implemented currency css class. Example:
        - added currency agregator for Russian Centrobank - asked by
    customers from Russia
    v.2.1.3 (15-08-2015)
        - compatibility for woocommerce 2.4
        - added storage optionally, transient for sites which can work
    with session normally because of server options
        - added new drop-down wselect ->
        - in shortcode [woocs] and currency switcher widget added new
    option txt_type which allows show currency description in drop-down
    instead of its code
    v.2.1.2 (23-07-2015)
        - some small bugs fixed
        - dark chosen implemented
    v.2.1.1 (21-07-2015)
        - some small bugs fixed
        - done a lot to make compatibility higher
    v.2.1.0 (16-07-2015)
        - 1 bad logic bug fixed, which not recount prices in multiple
        - AJAX refresh of mini cart fixed, now its ok
    v.2.0.9 (29-05-2015)
        - a lot of small bugs fixed and a lot of code were rewritten
        - compatibility with 90% of currency gates implemented
        - added widget and shortcode - currency rates [woocs_rates
    exclude="GBP,AUD" precision=2]
        - added widget and shortcode - currency convertor
    [woocs_converter exclude="GBP,AUD" precision=2]
        - 1 eur is: [woocs_get_sign_rate sign=UAH] - simple shortcode
    to show currency rate relationaly of basic
        - $val = apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', $val); ->
    filter for developers for conversion from basic to current currency
    v.2.0.8 (22-03-2015)
        - YAHOO agregator functionality fixed
        - Index of the premium version changed to 2
        - Custom price format options added in the plugin settings:
    __PRICE__ (__CODE__)
    v.1.0.7 (07-03-2015)
        - some of little bugs from customers fixed + paypal amount
    gross error
        - New feature: for each currency option - removing cents on
    v.1.0.6 (18-02-2015)
        - heap of bugs from customers fixed
        - Currency can be changed automatically according to
    visitor’s IP using woo WC_Geolocation class
        - New mode: Show only the flags of the countries instead of a
    v.1.0.5 (13-12-2014)
        - heap of bugs from customers fixed
        - adaptation for woocommerce 2.3.x
    v.1.0.4 (20-09-2014)
        - bugs fixed
        - synchronization with native woo price slider
        - removing cents from JPY
        - added new options in settings: Show/Hide flags by default,
    Show/Hide money signs
        - added shortcode [woocs_get_sign_rate sign=EUR] relative of
    basic currency
    v. (10-09-2014)
        - heap of bugs with tax fixed
        - Ability to understand links with currency:
    v.1.0.3 (21-08-2014)
        - heap of bugs fixed
        - WooCommerce shopping card widget fix
        - Custom money signs option
        - Currencies rate auto update option by cron
        - Ability to set order currency which were created through
    admin panel by hands
    v.1.0.2 (12-08-2014)
        - heap of bugs fixed
        - welcome currency option
        - The customer allowed to pay in the selected currency
    v.1.0.1 (04-07-2014)
        - 1 serious bug fixed: plugin affect PayPal
        - couple of small bugs
    v.1.0.0 (28-06-2014)
        - release

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