WooCombinator for variable products – Turn your boring dropdowns into buttons!

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Are you
still using dropdownsfor your variable products?

Don’t you want to provide a
more clearand
naturalway for your buyers to select product

Did you know that
WooCombinatorcan turn your boring selects into
clickable buttons?

WooCombinator is a plugin for WooCommerce.

This plugin turns the boring select elements of variable
products to buttons.

Tested with latest WordPress (5.4.x) and WooCommerce (4.2.x) on

Updated on 3th October 2018with version 1.0.7 now
comes with
17 styles and 2 experimental transition effects to choose

What is a variable product?

A variable product is a standard product type in WooCommerce. A
variable product has multiple attributes and the customer select
one from each attribute. For example a shoe has size and color
attributes – the customer can select these

WooCombinator hides the select elements and renders buttons
instead – but the controlling logic is still
handled by WooCommerce.

You can set your own classes and/or select from the 17
pre-defined styles. Also you can write your own inline CSS styles
(if there are no other option to include/edit a custom CSS file).

By default WooCombinator try to re-use the button element of
your theme but maybe you will need some CSS tweaks.


  • WordPress Customizer is supported
  • 17 predefined styles
  • 2 transition effects (experimental)
  • Set CSS classes for elements and states
  • Compatibility options
  • Plugin can be disabled on selected product pages
  • Write your own inline CSS rules
  • Changes only the display logic – the control
    logic is still handled by WooCommerce
  • Documentation included
  • Minified CSS and JS files are included


  • some CSS/HTML knowledge maybe required
  • depending on your WooCommerce template maybe you will need to
    define the active and disabled states on your own
  • if you are using 3rd party plugins to change the behaviour of
    the select elements then WooCombinator maybe
    won’t work


  • PHP 5.3+
  • WordPress 4+, 5+
  • WooCommerce 3+, 2.5+

Request new features in the comments or on my profile page
with a direct message. Thanks!

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Download: woocombinator-for-variable-products-turn-your-boring-dropdowns-into-buttons.zip

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