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Tested to work with
WHMCS.8, WP 5.5 and PHP 7.4. Current Version. 3.6,
Updated on 28th September, 2020

Celebrating 6 Years of Customer Trust and Periodic Updates

Alternate to WHMCS-Bridge with a one-time payment and lifetime

WHMCS Client Area Plugin is part of
WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration
. It brings WHMCS Client area with WordPress using
WHMCS-API. Links to other plugins in Integration stack at end of
the page.
More on
WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stackat
end of page

WCAP will bring WHMCS Client Area to WordPress, this is the part
that user will access after logging into to their WHMCS. It also
offers ordering and cart.

Having this plugin installed your customers will not need to
leave your WordPress website to manage their accounts.

This integration will provide your customers a user-friendly and
consistent customer experience. Adding value to your Hosting

Build with

Since it is based on WHMCS API, WCAP
will not fetch whole WHMCS client area as its (like in case of
WHMCS-Bridge). Instead, it communicates with WHMCS in the
background to transfer only data over Ajax. And then renders the
data using standard WordPress techniques, hence giving your options
to change the look & feel as needed.

Style it Up

Who said styling had to be boring? Sick of trying to write
custom CSS to match plugins output with your theme? Try WCAPs
built-in style options. WCAP is coded to inherit fonts, headings
and other basic styling from your WP theme, for the rest you can
easily change fonts, colors, borders etc, to really tweak the look
and feel.
By design, it works with any WP theme, And the styling is no
more depended on your WHMCS styling. Now match with your theme
without writing custom CSS


  1. One time payment, lifetime free updates
  2. Hide unwanted pages/ Menus
  3. Options to hide WHMCS Side Bars,
  4. Link Menu to custom URLs
  5. Inbuilt style manager so you can

  6. Built with Ajax
  7. Built with Native WordPress plugin techniques
  8. Easily implement custom CSS
  9. Well documented with tutorials and videos

WCAP is the most complete, flexible & customizable, API based
WHMCS Client Area Integration solution for WordPress on the

Along with WHMCS API, WCAP uses
WHMPress Helper – a custom extended WHMCS
for extended Ajax functionality. WHMPress helper is not part
of the WordPress Plugin but is included in the package and is
installed in WHMCS.

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack, is a
series of plugins designed and built for web hosts who sell with
WHMCS & WordPress as frontend. Each plugin works independently
and yet collaborates with other WHMPress plugins when

There are three plugins and one Addon in WHMPress
Integration Stack.

Change log

3.5-revision-3 27-7-2020
- Move helper outside the package.
- Session related issues fixed.

3.5-revision-1 7-7-2020
- Fixed some warning

3.5-revision-0 24-6-2020
- Display name issue fixed in nav_menu shortcode

3.4-revision-9 19-6-2020
- Hide the Recent support ticket section according to settings

3.4-revision-8 18-6-2020
- Hide the service sections according to settings

3.4-revision-7 1-6-2020
- Resolved onetime sync client update issue.

3.4-revision-6 23-5-2020
- Little CSS changings

3.4-revision-5 21-5-2020
- invalid id issue fixed in the store shortcode

3.4-revision-4 8-5-2020
- The compatibility issue with elementor pro is fixed.

3.4-revision-3 5-5-2020
- Added our own category(WCAP) in Elementor.

3.4-revision-2 27-4-2020
- Adding Portuguese translation.

3.4-revision-1 18-4-2020
- Bug fixed around available addons.

3.4-revision-0 18-4-2020
- Make common same for both WCAP and WCOP.

3.3-revision-9 7-4-202
- Add shortcode wcap_login_form

3.3-revision-8 19-03-2020
- Retrieve product names according to polylang language.

3.3-revision-7 18-03-2020
- Include whcom_show_notification in common files.
- Include whmcs_relevant_language in common files.

3.3-revision-6 04-02-2020
- Show ticket id instead of row id in open ticket notice
- Bug fixed about the selection of department (had to reselect on
open ticket page).

3.3-revision-5 30-1-2020
- Translate plugin in the Italian language

3.3-revision-4 30-1-2020
- Fixed Support ticket Number issue ("Ticket Number was not showing
when client login for the first time")

3.3-revision-3 23-11-2019
- Fixed Support Department issue ("hidden departments were
- Fixed the issue about categories ("e" was appearing after groups)

3.3-revision-2 17-8-2019
- define a variable which is used in condition but not defined

-Make WCAP compatible with Elementor.

- Get invoice id on order completion page
- Scroll to top bug fix
- Price render bug fix
- Order completion custom message with placeholders implemented.
- Hidden configuration option bug fix.

- Client area url notice implemented

- ShortCode added on classic editor

- Swedish translation

- Compatible with fusion builder and wp bakery

- Tax bug fix
- Tax enable disable module implemented
- Credit card bug fix
- Compatibility checked with WHMCS 7.7

2.7.5 revision 2
- Open ticket link fix
- Debug log option added

2.7.5 revision 1
- 404 js error resolved

- Email Verification Message with show option
- Match state for tax

- Auto-Renew Bug fixed
- Google reCaptcha is implementation on user registration.
- Strip spaces from domain search for both product domain and check
- Compatibility confirmed with WordPress 5

2.7.3 revision-2
- Bug Fixes
- Manage credit card
- Reset password success message

2.7.3 revision-0
- hide and show the message on request cancellation.

- File Attachment implementation in support tickets
- Bug Fixes

2.7.2 revision-1
- Additional Required Information in client registration

2.7.2 revision-0
- Turkish translation
- Group heading & Group sidebar translation according to WP
  and WordPress language settings

- Product name and description translation base on WP settings and
WP plugins.
- Password change js bug fix

- 2.7.1 - 12th July 2018
- Several tweaks
- Spead enhancements

2.6.5 - 5th April
- Compatibility ensured with PHP 7.2
- Compatibility ensured with WHMCS 7.5

2.6.0 - 26th January
- bug removed in the helper for verification email redirection
- new shortcode whmpress-extended domain search implemented,
multidomain ordering functions added
- several tweaks
- password change bug fixed
- Fixed bug in debug showing a warning for whcom
- tweaked order process shortcode
- custom templates form theme folders implemented
- templates are now in their own folder
- option added to ignore SSL warnings

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: whmcs-client-area-for-wordpress-by-whmpress.zip

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