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5.3 100% Compatible

Streamlined Admin Interface WordPress Video Gallery has tons of features, colors, display
options, content sources, you name it. We put it together with an
awesome admin for you to be able to create galleries in minutes
  • five skins + skin generator– we
    provided more then five skins to match any branding on your site,
    and more – you can generate your own skins with
    your own colors in the Design Center
  • iPhone/iPad compatible– this
    plugin generates html5 videos if the visitor is on an iToy
  • full of choices– set up single
    videos, gallery of hand picked videos, gallery of mixed video types
    – youtube / dailymotion / selfhosted / audio
    files / images / vimeo / etc. , gallery of a youtube user channel,
    gallery of a vimeo user channel, gallery of a vimeo album, gallery
    of a youtube playlist etc.
  • hybrid– it can be a video
    player / example in the preview
  • stream sources– stream from
    self hosted videos, self hosted audios, self hosted images, youtube
    playlists, youtube keywords, youtube user channel, vimeo user
    channel, vimeo channel, vimeo album
  • multiple galleries in one– add
    a gallery that streams from multiple galleries, this is how you can
    set up a combined gallery with a vimeo channel + youtube playlist +
    some of your own custom videos for example
  • extensive admin panel– admin
    panel with lots of options to make the gallery as customizable as
    possible, yet easy to use. Comes with a drag & drop html5
    uploader too! And awesome functionality like drag & drop for
    items, duplicate galleries etc. to make your life easier while
    editing the gallery. You can setup unlimited number of galleries in
    the admin as well as put them in the content.
  • subtitle support– you can have captioning
    – the gallery reads .srt type subtitles and adds
    captioning to your videos – wow.
  • play from– you can set a initial time when the
    video should start. also, the position can be set to
    “last†which means the video will
    play where it was last left ( by window close or anything like that
    ) – via the latest html5 Local Storage API
  • backup database / import, export feature– keep
    your database safe and do regular backups via the Export Database
    feature included with this plugin.
  • easy to install– install and get this plugin ready
    in less then
    threeminutes. Add it to your content via a simple
    shortcode – [videogallery
    id=â€theidyousetintheadminâ€] .
  • auxiliary shortcodes– want to
    get a single video in your post without having to go through the
    admin ? The , [youtube] and [vimeo] shortcodes are built
    just for that. You just have to set the id for the
    vimeoshortcode, or the location for the
  • shortcode generator– this
    gallery is based on shortcodes but you do not need to remember none
    because there is a Shortcode Generator above every editor in the
    post / page.
  • connected with Vimeo API–
    stronly binded with the Vimeo API, retrieve Vimeo Albums or User
    channels, additionally, you can connect with the Vimeo API via your
    account or to retrieve more videos then the normal API limit.
    Stream private videos with Vimeo PRO account
  • connected with YouTube API–
    stronly binded with the YouTube API, retrieve Playlists or User
    channels, additionally, you can connect with the YouTube API via
    your account or to retrieve more videos then the normal API
  • deeplinking– current browser
    url can change to reflect the current video in the gallery, and you
    can link directly to that video
  • social media share thumbnail on
    – sharing the link to the
    desired video shows the video’s thumbnail on
    facebook via open graph tags
  • rtl admin support– the admin
    has been adapted to work with arabic / hebrew languages too
  • linking support– link to any
    video in the gallery ( for example you can share the link to go to
    the third video in playlist directly
  • meta support– attributes like
    og:image, og:title are automatically added to the videos so the
    thumbnail and title appear correctly on facebook / etc when sharing
    a video
  • DASH MPEG support– live stream
    with no problem and on all major browsers and devices
  • Linking for Gallery Videos–
    share link to a specific video
  • ultra responsive– option to
    proportionally resize all videos in the gallery
  • can replace default wordpress video playlists
  • can replace default wordpress video embeds and self hosted
  • import folder– saves time by
    importing complete folders on your server
adsense support

you can include your adsense pages right into the video

Demo to check – – make
sure you do not have ad blocker on


Extensive Admin Panel with loads of options



You go to the Video Gallery Admin, then you have the Importer
below. You can import from a YouTube Playlist / User etc. then From
a Vimeo user / Channel etc. Then add your own videos.

When i add videos one by one in normal mode what is maximum
quantity of videos?

70 is the normal limit per gallery (
remember that you can have unlimited galleries though ) . Normally,
you won’t reach the limit for a single gallery,
but if really needed this (php) limit can be overcome by increasing
max_input_vars in the php.ini or htaccess . So it can have
unlimited videos.

How to change number of rows in skin balne navigation ( second con

You just have to change thumbs_per_rows in the shortcode

[dzsvg_outernav id="sample_balne_setup" skin="balne"
extraclasses="" layout="layout-one-third" thumbs_per_page="9"]


[dzsvg_outernav id="sample_balne_setup" skin="balne"
extraclasses="" layout="layout-one-third" thumbs_per_page="6"]

They are in the normal wordpress editor not in the vc text

You can setup the shortcodes in video gallery > settings >
shortcode generator ( on top buttons )

Then copy paste the generated shortcode in the vc text

Links for reference


or here for normal galleries –


Can i set plugin for autostart full screen when i enter the

Yes, just set the Video Gallery Fullscreen on the

Hi this plugin is great. But I m getting some jquery conflicts with
other plugins. How can I disable your Jquery call and use the one
that my theme has?

he other plugins are the fault here because
the gallery uses the wordpress one and enqueues it in the correct
form ( if it?s already loaded by wp_enqueue_script, it will not
load again. ) Yes, just set the Video Gallery Fullscreen on the

Is there a way to use google drive to host videos?

Yes, you can upload your mp4 as normal on Google Drive. Then
access your video ( this is how it should look –

Then click the download button, and quickly copy the link ,
paste the link in a item with the type
Self-Hosted Videoand it should work fine!

In what folder does the bulk uploader / multi uploader place
uploaded files because I am unable to locate them on my hosting
company?s server

In what folder does the bulk uploader / multi uploader place
uploaded files because I am unable to locate them on my hosting
company?s server

First of all, it is recommeded that you go to
Video Gallery>
Settingsand set
Use External wp-content Upload Directory ?to
On. This will make files uploaded by the multi
uploader go to the {{your wordpress install location}}/wp-content
folder. This will ensure that files will remain there even if you
delete this plugin.

The default location is
wp-content/plugins/dzs-videogallery/admin/upload/ folder


does it support
m3u8 ?

It can play DASH MPEG live streams / streams.
It’s better then m3u8 as those are only for
apple devices

It can play m3u8 too yes, but it will not work on chrome /
firefox / android

I get “No items found?†message from
vimeo feed

Maybe too many requests to vimeo ?

Make sure caching is enabled

And also maybe setup an api key in Video Gallery > Settings

I can’t for the life of me figure out how the
plugin works as a sidebar widget.


You set the Plugin up in Video Gallery admin panel. Then when
you setup the sidebar ( Appearence > Widgets ) ? you have the
Video Gallerywidget.

Where can I define a playlist to show without having to import it
every time again and again?

Choose YouTube Playlist
– here

to get YouTube API v3 API key ?

1. go to

2. Follow these steps –

I get “server offline†when trying to

You must ask your host provider if your site php is allowed to
access the server – place it into the allowed
vendors for direct access

In order for autoupdater to work your host server must allow
access to updater server

Looks really nice. My client needs to have some registered users
only videos, along with videos for everyone to see. Is this
possible with your plugin? If so, what is the recommended

Yes, it’s possible

You need DZS Video Gallery + a membership plugin

Just create multiple playlists and you can set each gallery in a
non member / member site

Is there a way to show the video in the lightbox with the youtube
settings: play, pause, audio, timeline, full screen, etc ?

You can modify the video player configuration used in the
lightbox in Video Gallery > Settings > Video Page >
Lightbox options

Is it possible to create Videogalleries with self hosted Videos,
too? I need a function to make different Galleries, because we have
membership areas, in the one area we need the playlist 1, in the
second playlist 2, eg. For example 30 Videos an we need them in 3
different Galleries on 3 different pages? 1.2. Is it possible to
combine Galleries from selfhosted Videos with a few videos from

Yes, it works like that. You can have any type of
videos into galleries.

How to activate big play button / I’d like a
play button on the preview image. Is this possible?.

For the
video player configuration you are using ( in Video Gallery >
Video Player Configs ) , enable
Big Play Button

Is it possible to make more than 1 playlists with the videos from
youtube or vimeo channel? For example, we have 30 videos and want
to pull them in 5 different playlists. Every Playlist will include
6 videos.. ? 2.2 If this works, is it possible to set different
playlists to 1 page? That means 5 Players on 1 page, and every
player has his own content? 2.3 Is it possible to choose just 1 or
2 Videos from a Youtube-and Vimeochannel?

You either link a gallery to a YouTube playlist. Or you can pull
the content of a playlist in a gallery, you can pull different
playlist into the same galler.y

You can have as many galleries / players on one page as you

2.3 You can pull the playlist from YT and select which videos
you want to keep.

Is it possible to set Thumbnails for the videos, I mean the video
that is show in the Player, not in the playlist. In the playlist
it´s possible, I read it in your description?.

Every thumbnail is customizable.

Currently I host my videos at 2 external video hosting sources,
namely smugmug and screencast, may I know is it possible to get my
videos hosted at these 2 places to work with your plug-in.

only supported external video delivery places are youtube, vimeo
because they have an API. If you want to embed those videos you
need to host them on a site of yours.

I have different galleries and I am changing the IDs on the pages
however the same gallery keeps coming up.

The correct form of the shortcode with a gallery id is
[videogallery id=â€theidâ€].
As long as the id is the same as in the gallery you are creating in
the admin, there should be no problem to have different

There might be a problem however with WordPress recognizing the
id, this might be because you have entered something like
insted of
[videogallery id=â€theidâ€]
notice the difference between

Also try without the apostrophes –
[videogallery id=theid]

You can also try
[videogallery id=theid]– no
quotation marks

You just need to create multiple instances via the Settings >
DZS Video Gallery admin.

You create for instance to separate galleries
– gal1 and gal2. You then add them where you
want in your post / page via the [videogallery
id=â€gal1â€] and [videogallery
id=â€gal2â€] shortcodes.

Hi. Im interested in purchasing this plugin. I am wondering if its
possible to place the video player/gallery in a page or post rather
than on just the main wordpress page?

You can place it on any post or page or custom post type, via an
easy to use shortcode.

If you have to retrieve a big number of videos from vimeo or
youtube. The API might be a little 1-2 seconds slow to respond. But
after these are loaded they are cached for 2 hours so there should
be no problem. If you need you can increase the caching time in
Video Gallery > Settings >
Developer( you can enable developer mode from
Video Gallery > Settings > General )

I want to slow down the scroll action ( speed ) on the thumbs

You can either set nav type to scroller


go to Plugins > Editor , select DZS Video Gallery, then
select vplayer.js

Then on line 275 replace

var duration_viy = 20


var duration_viy = 40

hi, great plugin..thx:) i use ?use any font?plugin, its possible to
ad my font to player?? thx 4 your help..

Go to DZS Video Gallery >
Settingand in the
Extra CSSField enter

.videogallery, .videogallery .the-title{
font-family: "Your Font Name","Helvetica Neue","Neue

Hello can this plugin support Arabic characters play list names?

Yes, it does

I want the video to fill the container / I
don’t want the black bars top and bottom of the
video / Im getting a black bar at the top of the video, none at the

In the video gallery admin you have an option -> Resize Video
Proportionally ( for no black bars )

Also for individual videos -> we have a special property for
this called
responsive ratio

Find it here

You can just set it to
detectfor most self-hosted videos,
but it might not work for YouTube. For YouTube you
must manually calculate this responsive ratio. This is calculated
height / width

You need to measure the visible area of the video

and input the result in the field ( ie. 0.5 for
1600×800 measurements )

Hi Great plugin Is there a way to get the pluging to work with

Yes, it does

Just set the type of the item to Inline and enter this code in
the Source field

<iframe width="100%" height="100%"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: 0px none

and replace

Hi Great plugin Is there a way to get the pluging to work with

Yes, it does

Just set the type of the item to Inline and enter this code in
the Source field

<iframe width="100%" height="100%"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: 0px none

and replace

How many videos can it hold? is there a limit to how many videos I
can have on the plater

The number of videos supported by the gallery is virtually
unlimited. Just don’t put something like tens
of thousands (10,000) of videos or it might work a little slow

Please can you tell me, can I put different instances of this
player on different pages of my site, so not the same player
repeated on other pages

You can set up as many instances of the player / gallery as you
want – and set it up on each page through
[videogallery id=â€theidâ€] shortcode
– works in template pages as well via php code
or even as an widget

Hi, regarding your worpress video player plugin, does it support
youtube playlists or is it only individual videos

It supports youtube playlists feed, youtube user feed, and
individual videos and Vimeo user channel feed

echo do_shortcode('[videogallery id="theid"]');


When I try to edit a slider it forces me to relogin and doesn?t
allow me to actually edit the slider, could you help?

Video Gallery>
Fast binding?to

But the video title and descriptions have to be in English. Any
non-English character won’t show in the
playlist. Could you help me with this issue? Thanks.

I made a video here on how to embed non english characters

When I try to upload the video files to
WordPress’ Media feature,
it’s telling me the files are too large.
Can’t exceed 8MB. Is there a way around this,
so I can get the videos into DZS

Well.. that is the limit your host providers has set for web
file uploads. Usually, that is 8MB like in this case and sometimes
it’s 32MB ( like on HostGator ). If you have
files larger then this limit, you need to copy them on your host
via FTP ( preferably on the same domain ) and input the link to it
in the field left to the Upload button.

I click on the video it starts to play, very very low

In video player configs, select the video player config
you are using

Choose YouTube Options, then choose the default quality to

I am searching for a Video Player WordPress Plugin that supports
all the browsers, mobiles and tablets. Also, 1. Option of video
quality like youtube (auto, 240p,360p,480p,720p,1080p) 2. The video
shortcode/embed code will response to screen size automatically?
3.Can you make it work not only as a gallery but and as a single

1. You can use the custom player for youtube which allows only
SD quality and HD or use the default player for youtube 2. If you
enable Responsive option, yes. 3. Definately, if it?s one item,
there is no need for a gallery and a player will show up

Can it display multiple playlist from different users ? What will
happened after I installed your plugin as existing theme also have
gallery ? From backend, you can see all the videos retrieve from
playlists ? Can I arrange the videos from playlists into category n
pages ?

Yes, but in different galleries.

Probably nothing, but in the extremely unlikely case the theme
gallery has the same shortcode [videogallery] it will be

No, the playlist ordering is done by YouTube. You just have to
set the id of the playlist.

I get this error Warning: file_get_content s(
[function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request
failed! HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request in
on line 186

This error will appear if you are using playlist /
user channel feed / vimeo user channel feed and have
allow_furl_open disabled on your host, because the server
can’t get the API data from YouTube vimeo..
There is no valid reason to have that disabled.

You’ll need to enabled allow_furl_open on
your server or ask your host to do it …

More info:

how to make scrolling slower, it is too fast

on video gallery admin > Menu options

Enable Easing on Menu

or set nav type to

Is there and Video SEO built into the plugin for YouTube

Yes, the plugin automatically imports titles in
descriptions in headings and divs so that it’s
visible to search engines.

Also are there a way to have social sharing for the videos?

Yes, puting something like in the
Facebook Linkfield generates a facebook button
which on click the visitor shares the url the gallery is on.

Designer Center does not work for me.

Make sure you have
selected Use Custom Design in the DZS Video Gallery in the Video
Gallery you are editing.

If your playlist id is in this form PL7FAF7B7187A183D7 it
should actually be like this -> 7FAF7B7187A183D7 so without the
PL characters at start.

The iphone screen freezes after playing video

1. Try to
reencode your mp4 to be web optimized

2. Or video player configs > edit the configuration you are
using , then set
Use the Custom Skin on iOSto off

I have entered all the videos addresses from Vimeo via the admin
panel however, I’m unable to see the thumbnails
on the front end. Please advise.

Hello 1. enable allow_url_fopen in PHP -> ,


2. input the thumbs manually in the Thumb field, I even made a
tool for that ->

Go to Video Gallery > Settings > Extra CSS and enter

.videogallery.mode-wall .vgwall-item.masonry-brick{
width: 23%!important;

and save

Does this work with uploaded .flv, .wmv, .avi and mpg4 files?

  • It works with YouTube, Vimeo videos ( you just need to enter
    the video id in the admin )
  • It works with .flv files ( h.264 .mp4 / .m4v / .mov are
    recommended though because iPhone can read only that )
  • It works with .mp3 files
  • It works with images

Will it work with Videos hosted on Amazon s3?


Somehow firefox uses flash player ?

On self hosted video, if
you do not have a ogg alternative for the mp4, so it will play in

For YouTube embeds, the player uses flash either way.

no need to worry.

How do
I set subtile for an item ?

You can find subtitle field for each item under the


For updating, disable and delete the previous version, and
install the new downloaded one. Or just unpack the zip you get from
the download and overwrite the previous folder from
wp-content/plugins/ via FTP

Or easier, use the Video Gallery >

UPDATE 11.69[ 07/21/2020 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs which were producing error logs

UPDATE 11.66[ 07/03/2020 ]

  • [ADD] more options for the autoplay muted
  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 11.59[ 06/01/2020 ]

  • [ADD] replay button
  • [FIX] multiple bugs

UPDATE 11.54[ 04/27/2020 ]

  • [TWEAK] refactored main javascript files from 266kb to 176kb
    – faster load times
  • [FIX] multiple bugs

UPDATE 11.47[ 03/11/2020 ]

  • [FIX] a bug on iPad / iOS 13 not playing videos

UPDATE 11.10[ 03/23/2019 ]

  • [FIX] a bug with wpbakery page builder and fusion builder

UPDATE 11.00[ 11/28/2018 ]

  • [ADD] folder import option – bulk import a
    whole folder
  • [ADD] Gutenberg block

UPDATE 10.72[ 07/27/2018 ]

  • [FIX] some fixes with databases in legacy mode

UPDATE 10.71[ 07/20/2018 ]

  • [TWEAK] reworked LIGHTBOX – switched from
    zoombox to

UPDATE 10.69[ 07/12/2018 ]

  • [FIX] multiple fixes

UPDATE 10.60[ 05/02/2018 ]

  • [FIX] multiple fixes to autoplay
  • [TWEAK] extra css can be set as separate stylesheet

UPDATE 10.52[ 03/29/2018 ]

  • [ADD] possibility to show mute button
  • [FIX] some fixes to facebook share thumbnail
  • [TWEAK] improved compatibility with dzs tabs

UPDATE 10.50[ 03/26/2018 ]

  • [ADD] option to just have one dynamic player in the gallery (
    to allow autoplay next on mobiles )
  • [TWEAK] desktop safari and desktop chrome now have stricter
    autoplay policies. That being said autoplay with sound will not
    always work for the first video, so
    autoplay muted on mobilesis not renamed to
    Mute when autoplayand will affect desktop browsers

UPDATE 10.46[ 03/21/2018 ]

  • [FIX] general fixes

UPDATE 10.30[ 02/23/2018 ]

  • [ADD] preinstalled sample data comes again to help new users
    start from 4 different examples
  • [FIX] other fixes

UPDATE 10.20[ 02/07/2018 ]

  • [ADD] vimeo chromeless player – only for
    vimeo plus members
  • [FIX] youtube channel now retrieves full description, provided
    hide non embeddable videos is activated in Settings >
  • [FIX] other fixes

UPDATE 10.17[ 02/02/2018 ]

  • [FIX] volume start on videos
  • [FIX] other fixes

UPDATE 10.12[ 01/18/2018 ]

  • [FIX] volume start on videos

UPDATE 10.05[ 11/29/2017 ]

  • [FIX] some bug fixes
  • [TWEAK] updated preview
  • [ADD] three more examples in one click importer

What do you get?

  • video gallery WordPress plugin–
    get creative!
  • LIFETIME updates!– We are
    constantly updating and adding features to our components to keep
    the latest standards and trends. You will get all these updates for
    free even if the price of the gallery increases.
  • free support!-on item comments
  • documentation– extensive
    documentation on how to install & configure the plugin


  • vimeo player can only have their default skin applied
  • ThemeForest authors can use this in their commercial themes
    with a extended licence

Test it


Back-end – [ user: demouser, password:
demouser ] The database resets every half an hour to preserve the
original options for new visitors.


  • You need PHP 5.2 + on your server in order for the widget to
    work ( if WordPress 3.2 or later works, the plugin will work too,
    no need to worry)
  • The designer center is only for video and youtube type. Vimeo
    type cannot be skinned as too Vimeo terms, but their skin is
    already slick enough. The menu will still be skinned, just not the
    vimeo player.
  • If you feeding from YouTube user channel or Vimeo user channel
    – the videos are arranged as YouTube / Vimeo
    publish them. You cannot arrange them manually –
    you will need to add them manually if you want that.

Screencasts For editing the skin


awesome video used
in preview –

Great AJ soundtrack provided by –

Great Animated Map –

Review –

Some icons are made by from

isomorphic views –

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: video-gallery-wordpress-plugin-w-youtube-vimeo-facebook-pages.zip

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