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Testimonials Showcase — Excited!
is a premium multi-use WordPress
plugin with main purpose of building awesome testimonials showcase
on your website or blog. The plugin is packed with flexible
testimonial builder, rating submission form, various design layouts
and absolute freedom on styling. It’s possible
to craft almost any design you can imagine. And use cases are not
limited just for testimonials showcase. Get excited!

Plugin works great out of the box and very easy to use. You may
expect to find all the must features like absolute responsiveness,
Visual Composer integration, rich snippets for search engines,
shortcode support and more.

Testimonials Showcase Features:

  • Beautiful layouts and templates. Classic grid,
    grid with tooltips, single testimonial with or without slider,
  • Absolute freedom on
    design customization: colors, font settings,
    spacings, arrangement of elements etc.
  • Submission formwith approval system. Place
    anywhere with it’s own shortcode.
  • Rich snippetscompatible.
  • Powerful drag and drop admin builder.
  • Display average ratingwith submit review
  • Visual Composersupport.
  • 1-5, 1-10, 1-100 or icon rating systems.
  • Change star icon with any from
    svg icon libraryor use your own.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Profile sliding panelswith 5 themes and WordPress
    native visual/html editor.
  • Predefined style presets for each layout.
  • Testimonials filteringby your categories.
  • Multi-use plugin: testimonials, team, logos etc.
  • Fancy mouse over and revealing effects.
  • Store testimonials for unlimited use.
  • Opt-in for
  • Sort by date, random or custom order.
  • Slider
    autoplay with time interval.
  • Easy to use shortcodes: group, summary, form, group +
  • Social icon bar: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,
    LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Dribbble, Flickr, Github.
  • Contacts information: email, phone, Skype, source.
  • Unlimited testimonials, authors and categories.
  • Cozy and intuitive admin UIX.
  • WPML Ready.

Rating Summary

  • Use as separate shortcode or include in testimonials group
  • Rich snippets compatible.
  • Score background changes its color from green to red depending
    on the average rating.
  • Choose your scale: 1-5, 1-10, 1-100 or star icons.
  • Optionally display upscale (‘out of
    N’ sign).
  • Optionally allow to submit review. Form will appear in awesome
    sliding panel.
  • Add brand/company info block with image or display average
    score only.
  • 100% Responsive. Summary block fits any container.
    It’s great to use in WordPress sidebar as a

Submission Form

  • New!Mailchimp opt-in.
  • New!Add form trigger for any element on your
  • New!Redirect to your page after form
  • New!Custom form opening trigger that you can add
    to any element on your website (link, button, image etc.).
  • Set visible and required fields.
  • Optional captcha.
  • Two form layouts: 1 or 2 columns.
  • Approve submitted reviews from your pending queue on
    plugin’s admin page.

Consider Excited! as the most beautiful testimonials showcase
WordPress plugin with new era admin panel. The last thing is a huge
time saver and inspires you to build something new and unique. Play
with settings, turn On/Off or re-arrange different blocks, style it
and place shortcode on your page. That’s it!

Sliding Panels are perfect way to display additional information
about author or brand. It looks fantastic and pretty much
customisable. Choose one of 5 themes, place your content and style


PHP 5.3. or higher.



- [1.3.1] Fix: Hide settings from non-admin user
- [1.3.1] Fix: Several PHP errors issues
- [1.3.1] Fix: Dropdown conflicts with Bootstrap JS
- [1.3.0] Feature: order testimonials by title (A-Z) 
- [1.3.0] Feature: search through testimonials in admin area 
- [1.3.0] Feature: optional search field for shortcode 
- [1.3.0] Fix: PHP > 5.4 conflicts

Version 1.2.0—1.2.5

- [1.2.5] Improvement: Ability to translate submission form &
summary with WPML
- [1.2.4] Fix: Load settings reset after plugin activation
- [1.2.3] Fix: Rich text editor loading
- [1.2.2] Improvement: Testimonial deletion UX 
- [1.2.2] Improvement: Show testimonial short text on hover in drag
and drop area 
- [1.2.2] Fix: Correct plugin loading with Mailchimp empty lists 
- [1.2.2] Fix: Set summary header font size 
- [1.2.2] Fix: Submission form open trigger default value
- [1.2.1] Feature: Mailchimp opt-in
- [1.2.1] Feature: Redirect to custom URL after form submission
- [1.2.1] Feature: Custom form opening trigger to add on any
element on your website
- [1.2.1] Feature: Pinterest added to social bar
- [1.2.1] Improvement: New Google+ icon
- [1.2.1] Fix: Round borders for testimonial photo
- [1.2.1] Fix: Stroke for testimonial photo
- [1.2.1] Fix: Load Google reCaptcha with WP locale 
- [1.2.1] Fix: Show testimonial source label if no source URL
- [1.2.1] Fix: Safe load for JS to avoid LA plugins conflicts 
- [1.2.1] Fix: Google rich snippets duplicating
- [1.2.0] Feature: Rating summary shortcode
- [1.2.0] Feature: Rich snippets support
- [1.2.0] Fix: Save testimonial button
- [1.2.0]  Fix: Update color pickers properly

Version 1.1.0

- [1.1.0] Feature: Submission form
- [1.1.0] Feature: Slider adaptive height
- [1.1.0] Feature: Set minimum user role to access admin page
- [1.1.0] Fix: Resize social icons properly
- [1.1.0] Fix: Enable WPML translation

Version 1.0.1

- [1.0.1] Feature: Slider autoplay with time interval
- [1.0.1] Feature: Testimonial custom URL
- [1.0.1] Fix: Round photos cutting
- [1.0.1] Fix: Make slider back arrow clickable
- [1.0.0] Event: Plugin was approved on Codecanyon

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