SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans – Deposits, Down Payments, Installments, Variable Payments etc

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SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plansis a Comprehensive
WooCommerce Payment Plan Plugin using which you can configure
different Payment Plans like
Deposits with Balance Payment, Fixed Amount Installments,
Variable Amount Installments, Down Payments with Installments
in your WooCommerce Shop. Email Reminders(based on set
up) will be sent when a Payment is due and all Payments can be made
manually by the customers. Also
Automatic Payment Charging using Stripeis


  • Most Comprehensive WooCommerce Deposits, Installments and
    Payment Plans Plugin
  • Automatic Payment Charging using Stripe
  • Deposit Amount can be Predefined/User Defined
  • Book Any Product by Paying a Deposit Amount
  • Force Users to Pay a Deposit Amount
  • Time to Pay Balance Amountcan be Configured
  • Products can be Purchased in
  • Multiple Payment Planscan be Configured
  • Installment Amount can be Fixed Amount/Variable
  • Purchase Products by
    Paying Down Payment and the Remaining Amount in
  • Interest can be Charged for Installment Payments
  • Option to
    Charge Tax Cost during Each Payment/Final
  • Option to
    Hide Specific Payment Gateways when SUMO Payment Plan
    Product is in Cart
  • Payment Reminder Emails
  • Compatible with SUMO Reward Points(requires SUMO Reward
    Points Plugin)
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart(requires
    WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin)
  • Compatible with SUMO Affiliates (Requires SUMO Affiliates
  • Works with SUMO Memberships (Requires SUMO Memberships
  • Highly customizable
  • WPML compatible
  • Translation ready
  • And more

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How to Upgrade to a newer version of SUMO WooCommerce Payment

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to
the latest version of SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans then please do
the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of SUMO
WooCommerce Payment Plans in your site.

2. Download the latest version file (sumopaymentplans.zip) of
SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans from Codecanyon.

3. Unzip sumopaymentplans.zip inside which you will find the
Plugins files i.e. sumopaymentplans.zip.

4. Install the latest version of SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans
i.e. sumopaymentplans.zip using WordPress Dashboard.

5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by
following the above steps.


Please check the
documentation as we have lots of information there. The
documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder
which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please .


Version 6.6 on 17 March 2020
New: Troubleshoot option to display products in Order PaymentPlan
as Multiple Line Items 
New: Option to give variation deposit/plan form from

Version 6.5 on 18 February 2020
New: Option to restrict same/different plans in cart
New: Option for admin to give Fixed Price for Order Payment Plan
Tweak: Added flag to indicate invoice order have been paid already
Tweak: Validated if parent order is fully refunded then don't
trigger any automatic crons for that payment
Tweak: UI enhancement for toggling pay in full/payment
in frontend
Tweak: Used {order_date} and {order_number} in the plugin email
Tweak: Stripe failure scenarios - Alternatively use the default
source set via Stripe Dashboard
Fix: My Payments data protection
Fix: Bulk action not working for product categories

Version 6.4 on 27 January 2020
New: Option to grant Downloadable File Access After Initial/Final
New: Option to give Order Payment Plan for selected products 
Tweak: Prevent Cancel option in My Orders Page 
Tweak: Deprecated Charge Tax during Initial/Each payment option 
Fix: Issue when the initial order status changed from failed to

Version 6.3 on 04 December 2019
New: Schedule option for Payment Plan/Deposit 
New: Payment Plan can be scheduled on a specific date to make
available for users 
Tweak: WPML config file updated 
Tweak: View More Modal responsive support for mobile devices 
Fix: Order PaymentPlan not working in WooCommerce Version 3.2 and

Version 6.2 on 21 November 2019
Tweak: Plan description is not mandatory
Tweak: Display total payable amount under Cart Total
Tweak: Supported custom order item meta from other plugins for
Order Payment Plan
Tweak: Admin  can override the translated po file under
Fix: Initial Order item metadata not updated in balance payable
Fix: Stock not reduced for products in Order Payment Plan
Fix: Deposit Amount mismatch in the cart/checkout page when the
page is static
Fix: PO translation issue

Version 6.1 on 13 October 2019
Fix: Fatal Error during Plugin activation

Version 6.0 on 01 October 2019
New: SUMO Payment Plans - Stripe Payment Gateway for automatic
New: Order Payment Plan Frontend templates can be overridden by the
Admin in Theme directory
Tweak: Code Optimized
Tweak: Updated PO files
Fix: Charge shipping during final payment not working correctly

Version 5.6 on 20 September 2019
New: Plugin theme templates(Single product page and My account
page) can be overridden
New: Option to include/exclude products/categories in Bulk update
Tweak: Code improvements
Fix: Duplicate products added in the cart when the cart contains
deposit products
Fix: Bulk action not working for Selected Categories

Version 5.5 on 05 August 2019
Tweak: Initial Payable Value display in Product page 
Tweak: Add to cart using hyperlink supported for Product Deposit 
Fix: Payment Plan value not showing in Mini Cart 
Fix: Order Payment Plan calculation issue when selecting Shipping
calculator in checkout page 
Fix: Permission not granted to download products if purchased using
order payment plan 
Fix: Option to charge Shipping during Final payment is not working

Version 5.4 on 06 July 2019
New: Short-code added to display Next and Current Instalment Amount
in cart/checkout page 
New: Deposit Compatible with YITH WC Booking 
Tweak: WC Filters arg support to latest version 
Tweak: Export payments code improved 
Tweak: Improved Search Process in List of Payments 
Fix: Force Guest Sign-up improvements based on WooCommerce
Fix: Order Payment Plan selector in Checkout page is not displayed
for some themes

Version 5.3 on 5 June 2019
New: Short-codes added for Cart/Checkout to display payment info
Tweak: Bulk Product Update improvements in the background process
Tweak: API added in the product page
Fix: Force account creation for Guest not working for the Order
Payment Plan

Version 5.2 on 9 May 2019
New: Minimum Order Total validation to display the Order Payment
Plan in Checkout-page
New: Order Payment Plan based display Improvement to Customers in
Order Table
New: PHP 7.3 Compatibility
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: Order Payment Plan based Tax Calculation improvement in
Balance Payable Order(s)
Tweak: Api added for payment info display based developments
Tweak: Removed Cent Percent validation from Instalment table

Version 5.1 on 12 April 2019
New: Fixed Instalment Payment Plans
New:  Show/Hide option for Time Display in Frontend
Tweak: Removed Previous Order Status restriction
Tweak: Code Improved
Fix: Incorrect Balance Payable Amount showing in Invoice Order

Version 5.0 on 28 March 2019
New: Added Manual Payment Creation support for Order Payment Plan
New: Added Shortcode to display My Payments section
Tweak: Automatically complete the Invoice Order when Order Total
become Zero
Tweak: Invoice Order Paying restriction based on Previous Order
Status removed
Fix: Apply Global Level Settings for Order Payment Plans not
Fix: Configured Instalment(s) not saved in Payment Plan when Sync
is Enabled

Version 4.9 on 13 March 2019
New: Option to display payment date in WordPress format 
Tweak: Included Custom order statuses for updating payment status
Troubleshoot option

Version 4.8 on 20 February 2019
Tweak: Added decimal point limit by WC settings in Total Payment
Amount field 
Fix: Add New Payment Plan button not displaying

Version 4.7 on 18 February 2019
New: Products to be placed in a single order Restriction option 
New: Payments can be Exported as CSV 
New: Custom recipients supported for Payment Awaiting Cancel Email
New: Added option to charge shipping fee during Initial/Final
Tweak: Given user roles capability to plugin CPT based on
Tweak: Updated po files

Version 4.6 on 06 February 2019
New: Manual Payment Plan/Deposit Order creation from admin backend 
Tweak: Updated plugin backend menu priority 
Tweak: Improvements in Sorting and Filtering in the Admin dashboard

Tweak: Cart session saving revamped 
Tweak: Given compatibility with WC native do_action arguments for
email templates 
Fix: Payment Plans View More link CSS issue 
Fix: Incorrect Price updated if Static Homepage is used

Version 4.5 on 21 January 2019
Tweak: Code revamped in the Bulk update
Tweak: Updated po files
Fix: Fatal Error prevention when class object 'SUMO_PP_Order' is
overridden in WC email
Fix: CSS issue in the edit product page
Fix: Unable to pay Renewal Order for Order Payment Plan
Fix: UI issue in the edit payment page

Version 4.4 on 11 January 2019
Fix: Payment Plans not working for Simple products

Version 4.3 on 10 January 2019
Tweak: Added classes in Single Product page for Payment Plan fields

Fix: Payment Plan options displayed twice for Variable Products in
Single Product Page

Version 4.2 on 07 January 2018
New: Payment Plan information table in the single product page
New: Search Filters added in Payments dashboard
New: Added API to update payments based on new order status
Tweak: Updated po files
Fix: Order Payment Plan display variation issue in order emails
Fix: Current date taken as Payment date when the date field is left
Fix: Minor display issues

Version 4.1 on 17 December 2018
New: Payment Plan Synchronization
Tweak: Updated po files
Fix: Force Deposit/Payment option global level settings applied
even if it is disabled in Product Level

Version 4.0 on 10 December 2018
New: Specific Due Date in Payment Plans 
Tweak: Maximum Deposit Price validation removed for Order Payment
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Multiple Instalment Payment option displayed in frontend even
if Payment Plan Orders Creation is set as Based upon Settings 
Fix: Hidden order item meta displaying in Edit Payment Page 
Fix: Balance Payment activation after Admin approval option not
working for Order Payment Plans 
Fix: Instalment amount display issue in Payment table 
Fix: Translation issue

Version 3.6 on 27 November 2018
New: Added option to modify the expected payment date when multiple
instalments are paid at once 
Tweak: Product quantity display improvement in instalment table 
Tweak: Displayed Balance Payable Amount and Remaining Instalments
in View Payment Page 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Product URL showing as admin URL in email templates 
Fix: Payment note showing admin email to the customer when the
invoice is sent

Version 3.5 on 13 November 2018
Tweak: Supported Unlimited Final Payment Period for Payment Plans
Fix: Invoice Email not creating when Balance Payment Activation is
set as After Admin Approval
Fix: Remaining Instalment in Payments list is always displaying as
0 when Balance Payment Activation is set as After Admin Approval

Version 3.4 on 01 November 2018
New: Option to Update Payment Status when Order Status moves from
Failed/Cancelled to Processing/Completed 
New: Prefix can be given for Payment Identification Number 
Tweak: Code improved 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Disable Payment gateways option not working for Order Payment
Fix: Duplicate Payment Entry creation problem

Version 3.3 on 18 October 2018
New: Option to redirect to cart/checkout page when a payment plan
is added to cart 
New: API added to apply previous order statuses to update payments 
New: Multiple Instalments payable at once from My Account page 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Product is added to cart in product category page rather than
the redirection to the product page 
Fix: Added one deprecated function

Version 3.2 on 07 October 2018
New: Option to hide the Product price in single
product/cart/checkout page for Payment Plans 
New: Option to set Minimum and Maximum Price as Fixed Price in User
Defined Deposits 
New: Payments can be Cancelled Automatically/After Admin Approval 
New: API added to show/hide the payment plan option and label in
the single product page 
Tweak: Display Total Payable amount in single product page when the
user selects Payment Plans 
Tweak: Allow Payment Status change based on order status 
Tweak: Empty Value validation removed to support Indefinite due
date for Deposit in Order Payment Plan 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Timezone Problem when creating invoice 
Fix: Special Characters prevention when selecting variations

Version 3.1 on 18 September 2018
New: Option to Cancel Payment After Admin approval when payment is
New: Currency Switcher Compatibility 
Tweak: Code Revamped 
Tweak: Updated po files

Version 3.0 on 07 September 2018
New: Option to Activate the Initial Payment Immediately/After Admin
New: Option to Create next Balance Payable order instantly after
paying the previous instalment
Tweak: Validation made to not pay for the installments when Payment
is Cancelled
Tweak: Updated po files
Fix: Password field is hidden in checkout page when Force Guest
Checkout option is enabled

Version 2.9 on 22 August 2018
Tweak: Added hook for UI improvement in Order Payment Plan 
Fix: Unable to pay balance payments when the Product is Out of
Stock for Order Payment Plan 
Fix: Booking Plugins compatibility issue 
Fix: WP comments counting issue

Version 2.8 on 13 August 2018
New: Added Payment Cancelled Email Template 
New: User/User Role Filter for Order Payment Plan 
Tweak: Updated po files

Version 2.7 on 07 August 2018
New: Option to Calculate Price for Deposits/Payment Plans based on
Regular/Sale price 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Unable to pay balance payments when the Product is Out of
Fix: Deposit/Payment Plans option display issue for Guests

Version 2.6 on 03 August 2018
New: User/User Role filter to display Deposits/Payment Plans 
New: Custom CSS added New: Sorting Payment Plans 
New: Payment Plans can be displayed in 2 Columns 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Deposit amount displaying incorrectly when using Static

Version 2.5 on 30 July 2018
New: Display Payment Plan info in Master Log 
Tweak: Empty Value validation removed to support Indefinite due
date for Deposits 
Tweak: Payment Schedule Email will be sent during initial Deposit 
Tweak: Display improvement in the frontend 
Tweak: Updated po files 
Fix: Payable amount displayed problem for Deposit Balance Payable
Order in the frontend 
Fix: UI issue in admin backend

Version 2.4 on 21 July 2018
Tweak: Update plan selection in single product page without using
Fix: Product price updated incorrectly when different plans are
added for same product

Version 2.3 on 09 July 2018
New: Option to charge deposit balance payment before a specific
date for Order Payment Plan
New: Compatibility with Event Ticket Plus plugin
Fix: Payment Plans displayed as Order Payment Plan in frontend
Fix: Search fields in backend not working properly
Fix: Payment notes erasure issue during WP Data Erasure

Version 2.2 on 23 June 2018
New: Order Payment Plans
New: Display Username, User email, Order ID in List of
New: Display Payment Plan Info in WooCommerce Orders
Tweak: Updated po files

Version 2.1 on 09 June 2018
New: Option to remove personal data from payment plan
orders(WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility) 
Tweak: Payment Plan/Deposit meta payment information updated in
Orders and Emails 
Tweak: Overdue period supported for Deposit before specific date 
Fix: When the user cancels payment in PayPal, Payment Plan/Deposit
data is erased in cart page 
Fix: When normal product is updated as a Payment Plan/Deposit
product, price is updated incorrectly when the product is already
in cart

Version 2.0 on 03 June 2018
New: GDPR compliance WordPress compatibility for Data Access, Data
Erasure and Privacy Policy update

Version 1.9 on 11 May 2018
New: Added POT translation file
Tweak: Validation improvements

Version 1.8 on 24 April 2018
New: Bulk Update Capability

Version 1.7 on 11 April 2018
Fix: Payment Plans product variation settings UI issue 

Version 1.6 on 01 April 2018
New: Fixed price for payment plans
Tweak: Compatibility improvements with SUMO WooCommerce Pre-orders

Version 1.5 on 15 March 2018
New: Deposit Payments Compatibility with SUMO Bookings

Version 1.4 on 03 March 2018
New: Option to Cancel Deposit payments before specific date
New: Custom product type compatibility

Version 1.3 on 23 February 2018
New: Option to give payment plans as hyperlink which adds the plan
directly to cart
New: WooCommerce Emails for payment plan orders can be disabled
Fix: String Translation issue

Version 1.2 on 08 February 2018
New: WooCommerce Bookings Compatibility for Deposit Payments
New: Total percentage display for payment plans
Tweak: Code Improvements
Fix: Log recording issue
Fix: Display issue when payment goes to Overdue status
Fix: Multiple overdue reminder emails sent all at once

Version 1.1 on 25 January 2018
New: Option to Hide Payment Plans for Selected User Roles

Version 1.0 on 19 January 2018
- Initial Release

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