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RT-Theme 20 is a responsive premium WordPress theme with
powerful CMS tools. Besides being a good corporate, product catalog
and e-commerce theme, it is also pre-styled considering the medical
and health industry, in general, such as medical equipment,
veterinary, laboratory, clinics or hospitals. The built-in product
showcase gives you wide opportunities to use the tool for various
purposes other than creating an online catalog. You can also create
an with RT-Theme 20 and WooCommerce plugin. Check out the page to
see other demos that created only by using our extended theme
customizer. All demos are included in the theme package and
possible to import or switch between the pre-made skins with a
single click. Or it is possible to create your own skin by using
the panel.

anything with RT-Theme 20

RT-Theme 20 comes with three demos and color skins that are
perfectly suitable for medical & heath business, doctor,
veterinary, clinic, laboratory, pharmacy and drug stores. If you
have medical or heath related products that are not suitable to
sell online and all you need is a create a fully functional online
product catalog with a “price inquiry
formâ€, then you can use our built-in product catalog
tools. If you want to sell your products online, you can use the
theme with WooCommerce plugin which is a solid combination to
create a shop. RT-Theme is a perfect choice, whether you are just
looking for a regular “Medical WordPress
Theme†to create a corporate website or a large product
catalog backed with easy to use CMS tools.

Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Page Builder (Visual Composer included! Save $34 )
    • Create a slider easily.
    • Many Layout Possibilities
    • 38 custom modules for the builder
    • Add unlimited content rows and style them individually or use
      one of the global color sets.
    • Easily create google maps with multiple locations
    • Add pre-styled contents or create yours
    • Manage tabular contents, accordion contents and list with icons
      with a drag&drop user interface.
    • Add your showcase products, WooCommerce products, testimonials,
      team members or blog posts in any page with extended module
    • Add carousels with just a click! Available for products,
      testimonials or blog with different layout options.
  • Premium Slider (Revolution Slider included! Save $19 )
  • Built-In sliders. Create your slider within a minute.
    • Content Slider
    • Circle Slider
  • Extended Theme Options

    • Header & Footer Options
      • Control the header styling
      • Control the layout of footer widgets
    • Typography options
      • Use many Google fonts
      • Control font sizes, coloring etc.
    • Styling Options
      • Manage all colors
      • Change the skin
      • Create your own skin
  • Shortcodes & Shortcode Helper

    • Access the theme shortcodes from any page
    • Edit and insert your content quickly
    • Find all information about a shortcodes
  • 7 Custom Widgets

    • Category Tree (expandable)
    • Category List
    • Flickr
    • Recent Posts
    • Popular Posts
    • Contact Info
    • Testimonials
  • Internationalized and Translation ready

    • Works great with the WPML and Polylang plugins
    • master .po file included
    • RTL support
  • Product Showcase

    • Custom Product Posts
    • Specially Designed Single Product Pages. You have complete
      freedom to create any page or use the default styling.
    • Control the single product top/left navigations.
    • Add unlimited photo for a single product
    • Fullwidth, right or left sidebar options
  • Some Other Functionalities

    • 100% Responsive Theme
    • Enable/disable the floating sidebars
    • Enable/disable the sticky main navigation
    • Enable/disable the WPML plugins language selector
    • Change the default sidebar position for any part
    • Change the styling of the sub page header
  • Sketch file of the home page design
  • SEO Optimized
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Self-Hosted Video & Audio support for blog
  • Valid HTML5 Markup
  • Cross browser support
  • One-Click Demo Importer

You can check our page to read some feedbacks from our

If you would like to receive support, please post on our forum
at You will receive much faster support because we can easily see
who needs assistance, and also you’ll be able to
use search to see if your problem has been solved in the past and
find a fix for it without having to wait.

RT-Theme 20 - v 2.0 - March 24, 2020
* Added —  WordPress 5.4 support
* Added — WooCommerce 4 support  
* Added —  PHP 7.4 support 
* Update —  Slider Revolution Plugin v6.2.2
* Update —  WPBakery Plugin v6.1
* Updated —  RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v2.0

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.10  - Dec 14, 2019
* Fixed — Drop down menu issues on RTL version 
* Fixed — Fixed PHP warning on related products
and upsells of WooCommerce 
* Improved —  WooCommerce compatibility 
* Updated —  Slider Revolution Plugin v6.1.5
* Updated —  RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.9  - Oct 14, 2019
* Fixed -  Alt texts issue fixed on product category thumbnails. 
* Updated — added nofollow parameter to the
social media links
* Updated —  Slider Revolution Plugin v6.1.3
* Updated —  Visual Composer Plugin v6.0.5
* Updated —  RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.8.1  - June 28, 2019
* Improved —  Small WordPress compatibility
update in /rt-framework/functions/common_functions.php
* Fixed  —  Issue on the featured image
hide/show option for single posts 
* Fixed  —  WooCommerce PHP notice on mini cart
* Fixed  —  HTML5 validating issue on product
category listing shortcake
*  Updated —  Visual Composer Plugin v6.0.3
* Updated —  RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.8   - May 21, 2019
* Improved —  Several WordPress compatibilities
and security improvements
* Improved—  Several CSS improvements
* Improved —  WooCommerce compatibility 
* Updated —  Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.8.3
* Updated —  Visual Composer Plugin v5.7
* Updated —  RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.7   - December 7, 2018
* Improved—  WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg editor
* Improved  —  Structured data of the breadcrumb
menu and single products 
* Fixed  —  Styling issue of Twitter embeds on
small screens
* Fixed  —  Twitter share improved for mobile
* Fixed  —  Order issue fixed in the Customize /
Product Options / Category Display Options
* Fixed  —  Content slider autoplay issue 
* Updated —  Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.8.1
* Updated —  Visual Composer Plugin v5.6
* Updated  — RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.6   - July 10, 2018
* New  —   Gutenberg compatibility 
* New  —   GDPR compatibility of the default
contact and comment forms
* Improved —  WooCommerce compatibility  
* Update —  Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.8
* Update —  Visual Composer Plugin v5.5.2
* Update  — RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.9.6

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.5   - April 26, 2018
* Added: Telegram and WhatsApp added to the social media list
* Improvement — URL has navigation removed from
product image slider
* Improvement — Content slider now loops and
jumps to the first slide when on it's on the last slide
* Improvement — WPML Media Translation plugin
* Improved  — Demo importer improved
* Fix  — Small CSS issue fixed on the single
product page (product showcase )
* Fix — Minor security issue patched 
* Fix  — Circle slider broken border issue on
* Improved — Added PHP 7.2 compatibility 
* Included — Envato market plugin for easy
* Update  — RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.9.5
* Update  —  Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.7.2
* Updated  —  Visual Composer Plugin v5.4.7

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.4   - February 21, 2018
* New — Show/hide options added for the product
title and description of product showcase categories. ( see
Customize ->Product Options -> Listing Parameters ) 
* New — Custom WooCommerce shop start page
option added to the breadcrumb menus. Use this option when you want
to use a custom shop start page. ( see Customize -> General
Options -> Breadcrumb Menus / WooCommerce Shop Start Page ) 
* Fix — Compatibility issue fixed with YOAST
breadcrumb menu plugin 
* Update — WooCommerce 3.3.2 support added.
    - Dropped support for older versions than WooCommerce 3.3.2
    - Visit Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Images to
redefine image sizes. The old image size options have been removed.

* Update —  RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.9.4
* Update —  Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.7.1

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.3   - November 27, 2017
- Fixed: Customizer background image remove issue 
- Fixed: Mobile menu sub items open/close issue on some mobile
- Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.4.5

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.2   - November 16, 2017
- Improved: WordPress 4.9 compatibility  ( Visual Composer plugin
needs to be updated to v5.4.4 to be compatible with WordPress 4.9 )
- Fixed: Video, Audio posts player styling 
- Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.4.4

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9.1   - November 16, 2017
- Improved: WordPress 4.9 compatibility 
- Improved: WooCommerce Single Product, Cart & Checkout pages
for small screens
- Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v5.
- Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.4.3

RT-Theme 20 - v1.9   - November 9, 2017
- Improved: Hash links removed from carousels 
- Improved: Team members are included in the search results 
- Improved: Main navigation on touch devices
- Fixed: Order By parameter issue fixed with the Product Showcase
Categories element
- Fixed: Bug fixed on the Media search when the grid view selected.
- Added: Odnoklassniki added to social media options
- Fixed: Pagination Issue fixed on blog and product masonry lists. 
- Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.6.2 
- Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.4.2 
- Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.9
- Improved: WooCommerce compatibility and styling 

RT-Theme 20 - v   - August 29, 2017

* Improved: Slide animations of carousels 
* Fixed: PHP error auto image resize function
* Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.8.2.2

RT-Theme 20 - v   - August 23, 2017

* Fixed: Image resize function error on old installs started with
* Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.8.2.1

RT-Theme 20 - v 1.8.2   - August 21, 2017

* Added: .gif image support added to all posts types
* Updated: Google fonts list
* Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.2.1
* Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v5.4.5.2
* Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin v1.8.2
* Fixed: Row and Column animations 
* Fixed: Icon name bug fixed on the icon shortcode
* Improved: Compare tables improved
* Fixed: Fixed the PHP error during bundled plugin installation

RT-Theme 20 - v 1.8.1  - July 6, 2017

* Fixed: Product visibility issue on WooCommerce Product Posts and
WooCommerce Carousel module. 
* Updated: WooCommerce templates
* Fixed: Admin scroll bar issue.
* Fixed: Window scroll issue of WooCommerce variable products
* Fixed: Child Theme’s wpml-config.xml has been
* Fixed: Crop on/off issue fixed on the Image Gallery Grid element.
* Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin
* Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.8 - April 14, 2017
* Added: Top Bar option. Enable your widgetized top bar via
“Customize > Styling Options > Top
Bar†then visit “Appearance >
Widgets†and add your widgets to the new top bar
related widget locations. 
* Added: WooCommerce 3.0 support. Single product pages now use the
new default gallery and lightbox of the plugin. New options added
to the “Customize > WooCommerce
Options†to disable the image zoom, lightbox features
and ability to switch back to the old gallery. If you update
manually via FTP - don’t forget to delete
/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php and
/woocommerce/single-product/tabs/additional-information.php files.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The WooCommerce 3.0 was a major update,
that’s why RT-Theme 20 now only supports
WooCommerce 3.0 and higher versions. 
* Added: Category tree widget. Display product, showcase, portfolio
or blog categories as a category tree with show/hide feature. 
* Added: New icon element to the builder and added new parameters
to the icon shortcode. Now you can create any icon box style you
* Included: Sketch file of the Home Page design 
* Added: Thumbnail navigation added to single product image
* Improved: Contact form improved, added referrer
page’s url bottom of the email.
* Fixed: Missing punchline fixed in heading module for Style 1
* Fixed: Compare tables responsive style fixed. 
* Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin
* Updated: Visual Composer Plugin
* Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.7 - January 8, 2017
Added: Custom height feature added to row backgrounds
Added: Dynamic Responsive heading sizes, paddings, margins added to
heading module
Added: Percent padding value support for columns and rows
Fixed: Latest news ID bug fixed
Improved: VC grid compatibility 
Improved: Team list css improved, images are not clickable when
there are no social media for the post. 
Fixed: Layout issue on password protected pages / posts when the
page title and the breadcrumb menu disabled.
Improved: Form field styling
Fixed: WooCommerce login form register link styling  
Improved: Product category list module
Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin
Updated: Visual Composer Plugin
Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.6 - October 17, 2016
Added: Polylang plugin support
Improved: Compatibility with Visual Composer pageable & tabs
Improved: WPML string translation compatibility improved for logos
and copyright texts. 
Improved: Header styling
Improved: WooCommerce compatibility 
Improved: Admin panel loading speed
Improved: WooCommerce account page styling. 
Fixed: Small css fix on product category descriptions 
Fixed: Overlapping issue on the single product section navigation
Updated: Child theme for WPML an Polylang compatibility 
Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions Plugin
Updated: Visual Composer Plugin

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.5.1 - July 14, 2016
Fixed: Wrong update notice for RT-20 Extensions Plugin fixed, the
version number has been corrected. 
Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions plugin version 1.5 (version number

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.5 - July 13, 2016
Added: Black and white map option added to the Google Maps element.

Added: Gaps setting to the logo. You can now reduce or increase the
horizontal gap between logo and header edges.  ( Customize >
Styling Options > Logo )
Fixed: Drag&drop issue fixed that freezes the editor when
moving a location sub-element of the Google Maps element.
Fixed: Issue fixed on product section which breaks the navigation
when the page language is not Latin based.
Improved: RTL compatibility  

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.4 - July 6, 2016
Added: New header style (Customize > Styling Options > Header
> Select Header Layout ) Check Demo 3
http://rt20-demo3.rtthemes.com/ to see how it looks. 
Added: Ability to use own Google Maps API key. (Customize >
General Options > Google Maps) Refer documentation for more info
Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin version 5.2.6
Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions plugin version 1.4

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.3 - June 23, 2016
WooCommerce 2.6 support added. RT-Theme 20 is now only supports
this version. If you don’t want to update your
WooCommerce plugin, you can just keep your old templates.
Improved admin panel loading speed
Updated: Google font list - added new fonts 
Fixed: Bug on WooCommerce sidebar position setting for shop page 
Fixed: Issue fixed on compare tables when editing headings/captions

Fixed: Option enable/disable tooltips option on Image Gallery Grid
Improved: Image Gallery box select and sorting features improved. 
Fixed: Bug fix on the blog pagination when a blog list used as
static front page 
Included: Child theme included
Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin version
Updated: RT-Theme 20 Extensions plugin version 1.3

RT-Theme 20 - Version 1.2
Improved: WPML compatibility. Customizer settings and text has been
added to the string translation list.
Fixed: SSL issue with custom css urls
Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v5.2.5.3
Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v4.12
Improved: Sidebar position for WooCommerce start page. 

RT-Theme 20 - v 1.1
Bug fixed: Wrong escape function fixed in content-none.php
Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v5.2.5.1
Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v4.11.2.1

RT-Theme 20 - v 1.0 - Initial Release

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: rt-theme-20-medical-health-and-medical-product-catalog.zip

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