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PowerUp is the WordPress theme built for the video game
enthusiast. Whether you already run a gaming site or are looking to
start one up, PowerUp is the tool for the job.
Our goal was
to achieve a dark, detailed, super-unique design that carries an
awesomely old-school yet still modern look and feel
that’s pitch perfect for sites related to video
games. With several unique new features already in the works and
more planned for the future, you can expect PowerUp to be
levelled upon a regular basis.

Built from

Having operated several gaming sites for over half a
decade, we discovered it to be crucially important how effortlessly
and rapidly writers can publish their content. In a world where
video game sites are constantly trying to get that sweet social
media traffic as well as one-up each other to be the first to get
their stories published on news aggregator sites,
there’s simply no room for bloated themes and
add-ons that bring webservers to a crawl upon installation.

Beating your rivals to the punch when submitting your content to
sites like N4G is often not a matter minutes but quite literally
seconds. If you’re not the first to submit that
big news story or awesome gameplay reveal that was just released,
you won’t be getting the traffic that especially
up-and-coming game sites so often rely on.

The publishing process becomes even more crucial during press
conferences and events like the approaching E3 Expo this June. The
amount of news coming out of that single event alone is colossal,
and as someone who lived and survived through four E3s, I can say
that tripping on your own shoelaces so to speak is the last thing
you want happening.

To that end, we made sure PowerUp is a fast and bug-free theme
at launch. No one likes it when multiplayer games have bad netcode
or when gameplay essentials are patched post-launch. The same holds
true when a theme’s launch is followed up by
weeks or even months of bug fixes. With our past product releases,
we’ve proven time and time again that
“fix it later†does not exist in our

Designed with the visitor in mind

The PowerUp theme is very
purpusefully designed to be a tight package with a clean and
practical layout. The visitor doesn’t need to
scroll multiple screens’ worth or deal with
other annoyances just to reach the content they came there for in
the first place. It goes without saying that once you get someone
to visit your site, it is oh-so-very important that nothing gets
between them and your content. If navigating your site is confusing
or downright annoying, few will be vocal about it, most simply
won’t come back.

Easy to
understand, well tested

In consideration of those looking to
roll up their sleeves and make custom edits, our code is
well-marked as usual. Taking this approach with our WordPress
products and combining it with meaningful updates and thorough
testing across a range of devices is something our customers have
appreciated for years.

To wrap

We love video games. When at its best,
gaming is simply the best form of entertainment around and we
couldn’t be happier to contribute to this world
by creating this WordPress theme. PowerUp is a passion project that
will continue to grow and evolve in the coming weeks, months and
years, both based on our vision for it as well as feedback from our

Please be sure to to see a live example of PowerUp, and do read
through the different posts there to dive a bit more into the
nitty-gritty of this gaming theme. Thank you!


  • A dark, detailed and super clean layout perfect for video game
  • Optional ‘highlighted’
    content feature: bring more attention to important stories by
    color-marking them for easy scanning

    • Possible to add marker to header tabs and link to all
      highlighted posts
  • Optional featured content slider on front page along with a
    widget location intended for an ad placement (300×250
  • Optional trending stories news ticker below header
    • Displays most commented on stories published in the last
  • Dropdown navigation:
    • unique three-level menu
    • social icons
    • unstyled widget location
    • customize dropdown menu width/height
    • snaps to full-screen at mobile resolutions (customize exact
    • customize “Browse†button
  • Tabbed header navigation:
    • option to mark a tab with customized text
    • optionally, add custom prefix text to tab area
    • single-level navigation
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer
  • Fast and lightweight for maximum publishing speed, no bloated
    code or slow plugins
  • Clean and well-marked code
  • Thoroughly tried and tested across a range of devices
  • Proven author with fast and friendly support
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Jargon-free documentation
Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: powerup-video-game-theme-for-wordpress.zip

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