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Polo – Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template

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Polo is a Powerful Multi-Purpose Bootstrap Template. It has
endless possibilities for creating stunning websites no matter what
type of business is. It can be Corporate, Portfolio, Personal,
Agency, Business, Hotel, Restaurant, Wedding, Landing, Shop, Blog,
One Page, anything. We have packed more than 200+ (ready-to-use)
layout demos, 600+ HTML files 50+ Short-codes. Works pretty fast
and it is smartly responsive, it looks amazing on PC, Tablets,
Smartphones etc. Your visitors will be able to experience brilliant
optimized same design in different screen types.

Extended Feature

  • 200+ Pre-designed demos
  • 600+ HTML files
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Styles
  • 20 Header Styles
  • 20 Menu Styles
  • Side Panel
  • 12 Footer Styles
  • 40+ Shortcodes, each with many different styles.
  • Full Screen Slider with parallax functionality
  • Parallax Image & Video Backgrounds
  • One page capable
  • Sticky menus
  • Mega Menu
  • 12 Page Title version with animation effects
  • 15 Widgets
  • Instagram feed widget
  • Twitter feed widget
  • Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin (12$ Value)
    – FREE
  • Visual Slider Revolution Editor Plugin (18$ Value)
    – FREE
  • Owl Slider
  • Highly Customizable
  • Portfolio: Masonry, Classic, 22 Amazing hover
  • Tons of Entry & Exit Animations
  • Smooth Scroll
  • 5 different sidebars (modern & classic)
  • Text Slider
  • Carousel Slider
  • AJAX Page Transitions
  • Shop quick view
  • HTML5 & YouTube Videos
  • Google costum search
  • Pricing tables
  • Blog Masonry Layout
  • Google Map (New)
  • Bootstrap 4
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Google Webfonts
  • Fontawesome Icons
  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • Working PHP Contact Form
  • Twitter & Flickr Feeds
  • Custom Page loaders
  • W3C HTML Valid code
  • Multi-Browser Support
  • Well Documented
  • Free Lifetime Updates




Source &

All images are only for demonstration purposes and are not
included in package, however you can re-download them in sites
below. Almost all (not including, Daniel Zenda,
Freepik etc…) images are released free of
copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

Images &

  • All Free Stocks
  • The Stocks
  • Unsplash
  • Graphic Burger
  • Gratisography
  • Placeit
  • ImmagiPic
  • Graphberry
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Polygon Background
  • Patterns
  • Daniel Zenda
  • OVER Clothing
  • APP Concept (App Showcase)
  • Bakery Icons , , ,


  • Revolution Slider – (Premium
    – Incuded with template, free license using
    inside Polo Template)
  • Datetimepicker for Bootstrap 3
  • FitVids
  • Isotope
  • Flickr Feed
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Appear
  • Countdown
  • CountTo
  • Jquery Easing
  • Easy pie chart
  • jQuery gMap 2 – Google Maps API V3
  • Mb YTPlayer
  • Magnific Popup
  • multiScroll.js
  • Owl Carousel v2
  • particles.js
  • Scrollify
  • Simplr-smoothscroll
  • Stellar
  • Vegas Slideshow
  • Vide
  • jRespond
  • Moment.js
  • Morphext
  • Retina.js
  • jQuery Form Plugin
  • jQuery Validator
  • Bootsrap Notification
  • Daterangepicker
  • Date Range Picker
  • Datatables
  • Chart.js
  • amCharts
  • Ion.RangeSlider
  • clipboard.js
  • Bootstrap Switch
  • Js Cookie

CSS & Fonts

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Animation
  • Font Awesome
  • Google Fonts


  • Mailchimp
  • PHP Mailer

Upates &

Version 5.0.1
– 15 April 19

Added: Partciles shortcode, file: shortcode-particles.html
Added: Heading Styles, file: shortcode-heading-styles.html

Fixed: UI Minor bugs

Removed: jQuery appear plugin from js/plugins.js
Added: jQuery Waypoints plugin in to js/plugins.js

Version 5.0
– 09 April 19

Fixed: search header,
Fixed: carousel speed,
Fixed: menu invert,
Fixed: menu last item invert,
Fixed: animations,
Fixed: page loader
Fixed: some missing icons
Fixed: portfolio item touch event in iOS devices issue.
Fixed: links with anchors issue 
Fixed: Mobile navigation on home-architect.html
Fixed: Sidebar modern css issue.
Fixed: CSS Buttons icon gap.
Fixed: Side panel on load issue
Fixed: Popover and Tooltip.

Added: Option for mobile logo (on responsive mode), file:
Added: Option for sticky logo (on sticky header), file:
Added: Clipboard component, file: component-clipboard.html
Added: Date & Time picker components, files:
component-datetimepicker.html, component-datepicker.html,
Added: Calendar Widget in widgets.html
Added: Instagram Widget in widgets.html
Added: Chartjs component, file: component-charts-chartjs.html 
Added: amCharts component, files: component-charts-amcharts.html, 
Added: Morris Charts component, file component-charts-morrisjs.html
Added: Charts widgets in widgets.html
Added: Calendar component, files: component-calendar.html,
component-calendar-list.html, component-calendar-google.html,
Added: Datatables component, 26 html template files.
Added: Clipboard component, easy to copy text from forms,
paraphraps etc, file: component-clipboard.html 
Added: Extra button variations
Added: Menu lowercase version: menu-lowercase.html
Added: jQuery Breakpoints plugin

Changed: default color from Tourquise to Blue Ribbon
Changed: default font style from Open Sans to Poppins
Changed: Menu fonts Poppins 
Changed: Header extra menu (search icon, cart and language)
Changed: Search UI form in header.
Changed: Shopping Cart icon, dropdown my cart added.
Changed: Flags dropdown on header

Improved: Loading speed and overall javascript processing.
Improved: CSS style classes.
Improved: Headings
Improved: Page Titles
Improved: Breadcrumbs
Improved: Main Menu
Improved: Range Slider
Improved: Paginations & pager
Improved: Page menu
Improved: Modal Auto Open page
Improved: Side Panel page
Improved: ScrollTop button
Improved: Shop product pages
Improved: Load more Ajax call on portfolio and blog pages
Improved: Header UI
Improved: Footer UI
Improved: UI Accordions, new styles and smooth functionality.
Improved: Search Page
Improved: and many more other improvements

Updated: product tabs with new bootstrap 4 tabs.
Updated: ajax pages for bootstrap 4.
Updated: Bootstrap to v.4.3
Updated: jQuery Cookie plugin to the latest version.

Removed: Menu > Elements: background shortcode image
Removed: File and classes header-light-transparent,
header-dark-transparent and header-colored-transparent.
Removed: jRespond plugin, replaced with jQuery Breakpoints
Removed: PageLoader from core funtions. PageLoader can be loaded as
standalone plugin, simply by including pageloader.css and
pageloader.js files in your template.

HTML and JS Structure Changes:
- Renamed attributes
- data-dark-logo  to data-src-dark
- data-animation TO data-animate based on plugin names
- data-rotate-effect TO data-animation
- data-rotate-speed TO data-speed
- data-rotate-separator TO data-separator

- Renamed classes
dark to inverted
footer-dark to inverted
text-extra-large to text-xl
text-large to text-lg

- Renamed files:
modal-auto-open-newslleter.html to

How to update v4.x to 5.x

1) Copy /js and /css folders from latest version and replace with
existing ones in v4.
2) In your templates find and replace from:
- data-dark-logo to data-src-dark
- data-animation to data-animate
- data-rotate-effect to data-animation
- data-rotate-speed to data-speed
- data-rotate-separator to data-separator
3) Find class header-transparent and remove it, add the the data
attribute instead data-transparent="true" 
4) Find class header-fullwidth and remove it, add the the data
attribute instead data-fullwidth="true" 

Version 4.5
– 22 January 19

- Updated: jQuery Library to Latest Version
- Updated: Bootstrap 4
- Updated: Fontawesome 5
- Fixed search header
- Fixed carousel speed
- Fixed menu invert
- Fixed menu last item invert
- Fixed animations
- Fixed page loader issue
- Fixed some missing icons
- Fixed bootstrap columns in home-corporate-v8.html 

- Improvments: Overall prformance improvments

- Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Files affected:
- CSS: /css/style.css
- CSS: /css/plugins.css
- JS: /js/functions.js
- JS: /js/plugins.js

To update the template, simply update the files from the "Files

Version 4.4
– 27 August 18

- Updated: jQuery Library to Latest Version
- Updated: Bootstrap 4
- Updated: Fontawesome 5

- Added: Footers
- Added: Bootstrap Switch Component
- Added: Bootstrap Notify Component
- Added: Range Slider Component
- Added: Switch Toggles, Radios, Checkboxes Component

- Improvments: Overall prformance improvments

- Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 4.1.2
– 12 June 17

Fixed: Internet Explorer 11 page loader issue.
Fixed: Main Menu links iphone touch issue
Fixed: Main Menu position issue.
Fixed: home-taxi.html calendar datepicker issue.
Fixed: Other css minor fixes

Added: home-photography-v2.html

Updated: home-event.html, added functional reservation form.
Updated: home-developer.html, changed parallax image
Updated: bootstrap to 3.3.7 in style.css and plugins.js
Updated: shortcode-alerts.html
Updated: Documentation

Files affected:


Version 4.1.1
– 25 May 17

- Fixed: Menu links on responsive mode
- Fixed: Side Panel -  vertical menu drop-down arrows

Files affected:
- Updated: /css/style.css
- Fixed: /js/functions.js

Version 4.1
– 20 May 17

- Fixed: Page loading animations
- Fixed: Page title height
- Fixed: Responsive Menu Button
- Fixed: Blog infinity scroll layout issue
- Fixed: Blog infinity scroll layout issue
- Fixed: Header background transparency on responsive mode
- Fixed: MainMenu floating issue
- Fixed: Testimonial text size on responsive mode
- Fixed: Inspiro Slider caption size on responsive mode

- Added: Hover 3d for any element

- Updated: Mega menu width on fullwidth header
- Updated: portfolio-hover-styles.html added 2 examples of 3d hover

Version 4.0
– 18 May 17

- Tons of features where added! Full changelog will be available

Version 2.0
– 10 March 16

- Added: INSPIRO Slider, an lightweight slider for better
performance and beautiful animations
- Added: Layout Corporate v7
- Added: Layout Creative v3
- Added: Layout Portfolio v8
- Added: Layout Portfolio Agency
- Added: Layout Business v3
- Added: Layout Agency v3
- Added: Layout Corporate v8
- Added: Layout Portfolio v9
- Added: Layout Creative v2
- Added: Layout Creative v4
- Added: Layout Creative v5
- Added: Layout Agency v4
- Added: Layout Creative v6
- Added: Custom path location for Page loading animsition
- Added: Option for custom fonts
- Added: New helper classes
- Added: Option Auto Play option for carousels. 

- Updated: Primary menu
- Updated: Primary menu on responsive versions
- Updated: Mobile Menu Trigger Icon animation
- Updated: Mobile Responsive menu animation.

- Fixed: Main menu home link
- Fixed: Responsive animated mobile icon
- Fixed: header-mini logo on responsive version
- Fixed: Alert Notification z-index issue.
- Fixed: Page loading animsition, loading path issue
- Fixed: Responsive issues on all devices.
- Fixed: Issue with parallax Images on mobile devices
- Fixed: Issue with Auto Height on Owl Slider.

- Updated: Bootstrap Updated to v3.3.6
- Updated: Revolution Slider Updated to Latest Version
- Updated: Owl Carousel Plugin Updated to Latest Version
- Updated: Magnific Popup Plugin Updated to Latest Version
- Updated: jQuery Validation Plugin Updated to Latest Version
- Updated: jQuery UI Updated to Latest Version
- Updated: Morphext Plugin Updated to Latest Version

- Removed: GoToTop buton, now go to top button can be placed in

Version 1.6
– 16 January 2016

- Added: 54 Hero Premium Templates (Revolution Slider Examples)
- Added: Animsition plugin
- Added: Support for Static Sticky Header
- Added: Support for Header No Sticky version
- Added: Ajax RSVP Form for Wedding Homepage
- Added: Better page loading control using animsition plugin
- Added: Labels for main menu items.

- Updated: Bootstrap to v3.3.6 (latest version)
- Updated: jQuery Form plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery Validation plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery Isotope plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery GMap plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery Easy Pie Char plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery Animsition plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery Morphext plugin to latest version
- Updated: jQuery EasyPiechart plugin to latest version
- Updated: Updated Documentation
- Updated: Search form widget, now fully functional with Google
Custom Search.

- Fixed: Header offset on Mouse Scroll pages.
- Fixed: Header issue with sticky Header on Safari Browser.
- Fixed: Google maps +/- zoom buttons on Full Screen Map version
- Fixed: One Page Main Menu broken link issue
- Fixed: CSS Issue on main menu items for non dropdown items.
- Fixed: Get Notified form gap on Real Estate Homepage
- Fixed: Responsive issue on Event Homepage for EVENT REGISTER form
- Fixed: Header offset issue on Home Branding homepage

- Removed: Page loader function in theme-functions.js
- Removed: loader-wrapper divs from all pages, now page loading can
be controlled using html5 attributes. More information in

Version 1.5
– 09 January 2016

- Fixed: Shop Product hover issue on mobile devices.
- Fixed: Shop Product Quick view close button.
- Fixed: Smooth scrolling issue
- Fixed: Minor bugs

- Updated: Contact forms
- Updated: Subscribe forms
- Updated: Reservation forms
- Updated: Documentation

- Added: Bootstrap Notification Plugin
- Added: jQuery Form Plugin
- Added: jQuery Validation Plugin
- Added: Bootstrap Notify
- Added: contact-form.php
- Added: subscribe-form.php

- Removed: smoothwheel function & plugin files
- Removed: Bootstrap validator
- Removed: js/contact-form.js
- Removed: include/contactForm.php

- Moved: jQuery & Vendor Scripts to header.
- Moved: Multiscroll from theme-functions.js, placed script inside
the html template.

Version 1.4
– 07 December 2015

- Added: 2 Homepages with snowfall effect
- Fixes: Minor bugs
- Updated: Documentation
- Performance Improvements (Now even faster!)

Version 1.3
– 03 December 2015

- New Feature: Added new animated icon for resposnive menu
- Update: Added new animated icon on mobile menu
- Update: Fully functional contact form
- Update: Documentation
- BugFix: Side panel resposnive menu
- BugFix: Smooth scrolling issue fixed on IOS devices
- BugFix: Fixed preloader issue
- BugFix: Some other minor fixes

Version 1.2
– 28 November 2015

- BugFix: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1
– 28 November 2015

- BugFix: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0
– 27 November 2015

- Initial Release

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Preview: Theme Preview

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