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ShaCatalog products editionis a lightweight, high
performance and simple solution for create online product catalogs.
You don’t really need to use generic, common,
slow and bloated solutions to create your online product catalogs.
This script only designed to serve this purpose. So
it’s super fast and can handle even millions of
products without slowing down or having any issues. Also by default
this script includes pretty much everything that you need to create
completewebsite. for e.i: pages, sliders,
navigations, widgets, plugins and etc… Check the
demo version, we are 100% sure that, you will love it.

Version: 1.0

Online demo


  • Site title
  • Site tagline
  • Advertisement areas
  • Main and footer navigations
  • Navigation menu item highlighting
  • Curren active menu item highlighting
  • Product thumbnail display
  • Product gallery display
  • Product regular price
  • Product sale/discounted price
  • Discounted/Off percentage
  • Discounted/Off amount (save amount)
  • Stock statuses
  • Price negotiable lable
  • SKU display
  • Related products with configurations
  • Recently viewed products with configurations
  • Global product category listing with configurations
  • Pages
  • Brands
  • Products under brand
  • Products under brand pagination
  • Built-in brands widget
  • Product categories
  • Products under category
  • Products under category pagination
  • Meta navigations
  • Main slider
  • Product search
  • Breadcrumbs navigations
  • Highlighted search results
  • Search result pagination
  • Search reset feature
  • Two type of alerts in 4 different styles
  • Built-in noscript alert
  • Built-in cookie required alert
  • Dynamic title tags
  • Meta description tag
  • Canonical tag
  • Clean, SEO friendly URLs
  • Unlimited URL extensions
  • 100% mobile ready/responsive
  • Built with stock Bootstrap – Not used any
    third-party themes
  • Fully object oriented and modular coding
  • Cool accessibility features
  • Clean, minimalistic, pixel perfect and light-weight design


  • PHP 5.6 or higher (including PHP 7.x)
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher


  • SQL Injection Protection
  • XSS Protection
  • CSRF Protection

Reasons to buy
ShaCatalog Products Edition

  • Super fast

    Yeah! it’s super freaking fast!.
    it’s not loading hundreds of bloated third-party
    plugins, JavaScripts and CSS scripts. and it’s
    back-end also super fast due to Codeigniter’s
    lean and minimal codebase.

  • Very lean (not bloated)

    This script is built on Codeigniter PHP framework. this
    framework is relatively very small, fast and has very minimal
    footprint compared to most of other PHP frameworks. so our basement
    is very lean. and we don’t use thirdparty PHP
    libraries to do things. pretty much every logic in this app coded
    by us and due to that there is no any unused methods properties

  • Light weight

    The script is weight under 2.5MB

  • Very low server resource consumption

    It’s not take huge amount of server
    resources (processor and ram) like other common PHP scripts and
    frameworks do. this mean your server cost would be very low.

  • No need expensive webhosting

    This script will run on pretty much any shared hosting plans.
    for e.i: hostgator, godaddy, bluehost…etc. you
    dont have to use expensive VPS plans.

  • Designed and developed to solve specific problem

    This script provides all the required options to list your
    products and info. nothing less, nothing more.

  • Extreme attention to detail

    You will see this when you try the demo version. we put huge
    amount of time and effort to make everything perfect. we even cared
    about a single pixel.

  • 100% Mobile responsive

    Yes! the design is 100% mobile responsive.

  • Highly reliable

    This script is highly tested and themes, plugins and widgets
    are all developed by us. so you will never ever face anykind of
    compatibility issues when updating.

  • Clean, well formatted & commented codebase

    The codebase is very clean, formatted and commented. also we
    follow PSR-2 coding standards.

  • Very high security

    This script has built-in protection for XSS, CSRF, SQL
    injection and other common security issues.

  • Clean, meaningful, organized & SEO friendly

    URLs are very clean, meaningful and SEO friendly. also URLs are
    well organized. so users can experience flowless navigation through
    URL segments.

  • Semantically structured HTML views

    We follow standard semantic HTML tag structure. so it would be
    good for SEO.

  • Highly optimized for SEO (Search Engine

    This script has correct HTML header tag flow. also has
    canonical-url generating feature built-in to this script. meta
    description tag also supported.

  • Highly scalable

    This script is well structured and follows modern web
    architecture methodologies. so it’s very easy to
    scaleup this script.

  • Highly tested & guaranteed to work

    no doubts about that. script is work 100% and no any known

  • Best UI (User Interface) & UX (User

    We know that, you will love it. user-interces in this script
    are very simple, clean, organized and well designed. and
    it’s a 100% pixel perfect design.
    it’s not overly sleak and boring.
    it’s has good amount of material weight.

  • Easily & highly configurable

    This script can easily configurable via editing those
    configuration files. all the required instructions are already
    commented in those files. so feel free to read those comments. also
    this script has few built-in plugins. those plugins also highly
    configurable to suit your needs.

  • No compatibility issues

    You dont have to worry about compatibility issues when it comes
    to updating the script or use plugins that provide from us. because
    when we release new themes, plugins and widgets for this script, we
    make sure that eveything blend together.

  • You have 100% control

    We don’t push any modifications/updates to
    the script core automatically. for some reason if you did some
    modifications to the script to meet your specific needs. then those
    modifications will not get overridden.

  • Customizable

    This whole script is truly simple. if you have some PHP
    programming and Codeigniter knowledge, then you do whatever you
    want. sky is the limit.

  • Built on Codeigniter v3.1.4(latest)

    Built on latest Codeigniter PHP framework. so codebase is very
    lean, fast and scalable.

  • HMVC (Hierarchical

    Based on HMVC (Hierarchical
    architecture. so codebase is very organiced, modular and easy to
    scale and maintain without any hassle.

  • Bootstrap v3.3.7(latest)

    Front-end built with latest and stable version of Bootstrap
    framework. in that case this script is 100% mobile ready and giving
    maximum web browser support and allowing great UI customizability.

  • Not encripted

    There is no any encripted codes in this script. guaranteed!

  • No crap inside

    Yeah! no backdoors, tracking or malicious codes inside of this
    script. script is 100% pure and clean.

  • .HTACCESS support on your server is optional

    This script is working fine without having .htaccess support in
    your webserver. and still you get clean and SEO friendly URLs.

  • No footprints or identity

    Yes! this script dont have any single footprints or identity.
    thats means, there is no “prefixes (e.i: wp_,
    joom_)†or any other footsprints anywhere in this
    script. so no one can tell what script is you are using.
    it’s really cool right?

  • It’s stands out from other common

    This script will shine among other common and general solutions
    like WordPress. you know what, some people judge your business
    based on your website. it’s always gives much
    better first impression if you are using a custom solution.
    it’s kind of a single that telling, you are
    really serious about your business.

  • Focused only on important things

    This is how we achieved simplicity and the leanness of this
    script. no point creating and develop options to set some simple
    configurations right? instead you can open those configuration
    files and do the change and save the file.

  • Developer friendly

    This script is really good for developers to build custom
    e-commerce solutions very easily.

  • It has everything to getting started

    Yes! this script is not just a product listing catalog. you can
    create a complete website from this script. this script support for
    static pages, footer, header and other widget areas, menus and

  • You will not get overwhelmed

    You already know that, when you are using WordPress, there are
    so many themes and plugins available to use. sometimes having too
    many options can overwhelme you. but the real issue is most of
    those themes and plugins are not get updates and maintained. so
    after you get a update from WordPress, most of the time website
    gets broken. but if you are using this script to build your
    products catalog, you everything to build your web products
    catalog. you will never ever experience compatibility issues.

  • It’s price is super cheap

    For this price, you get well tested, designed and developed
    custom PHP script. not just only script, you will get support,
    documentation and future updates. it will cost you thousands of
    dollars to make this type of custom script if you are hiring a
    freelance developer. but you will never get same level of quality,
    future updates, documentation and support. we spent months to
    develop this script to this level. it’s kind of
    raising a child with so much care, love and attension. you will
    never get that from a hired freelancer.

  • It’s not a salad

    Yeah! we don’t use any third-party PHP
    libraries in this script. every single logic in this script written
    by us. so we know 100% about the script. it’s
    gives us great confidence to maintain and further develop this

  • Fast & friendly support

    You will get fast and friendly support from us, we always talk
    to the point with examples and images. so you will have very easy
    time when it’s comes to getting support.

  • Continuous future updates

    We guaranteed that we will provide continuous future updates
    (both secuity and feature) for this script and we will provide
    detailed change log and updating guide for each and every update

  • Detailed documentation

    The documentation is easy to follow. it has huge amount of both
    animated and static images and lots of examples. also documentation
    is super fast, responsive and easy to access. and get frequently

    Reasons to not buy
    ShaCatalog Products Edition

    • No admin panel

      There is no admin panel in this script. to manage this script
      you can use what ever SQL utility software you like. for e.i:
      PHPMyAdmin, SQLpro etc…

    • No shopping cart feature

      There is no shopping cart feature in this script.

      Support and
      refund policy

      • We don’t offer custom modifications for
      • Comment reply maximum time 2 days. but most of the time
        it’s only few hours.
      • We don’t configure/fix your servers. you
        should have a fully working server with minimum requirements.
      • We don’t offer refund if the item has been
        downloaded. so always read the item page info for
        what’s included and what’s
        not. also you can contact us for more detailed info.


      Please spend some quality time on checking the demo version of
      this script. if some feature that your are looking for not exist on
      the demo version, then that feature may not included in the script.
      if you are not sure, you can always contact us to get more info. we
      usually reply very fast.

      Contact us

      • Official email:
      • Facebook page:
      • Twitter profile:


      June 20, 2017
      – Version 1.0
      Initial release

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview

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