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MyListing, a Powrful Directory, Listing and Event WordPress

MyListing is a directory and listing WordPress theme that gives
you the tools to build a directory site like never before.
MyListing pages are created using the powerful front-end page
builder, Elementor. All 50+ elements are drag and drop, and easy to
use and customize. Absolutely no coding required.

Advanced Listing type creator, for any type of

Whether you’re creating a
business, event, or any other type of directory, you would want
different look, functionality and features for each of them. Our
advanced listing type creator lets you do just that. Choose between
20+ pre-made fields and create your own unlimited custom fields.
Each listing can also have their own products for sale, host
events, forms, reviews, comments and other custom tabs.

Create and customize your explore page

Build advanced search
forms with unlimited custom filters. Choose between three pre-made
explore page templates and 10+ Google map skins

your directory website

Earn money by monetizing listing submission, aswell as allowing
users to promote their listings

Full Theme

  • MyListing uses Elementor page builder – the
    fastest growing, open-source WordPress page builder.
  • Over 50 Elementor widgets ready to use.
  • Advanced Listing Type Builder
  • Add unlimited listing types, each with it’s
    own unique design and functionality.
  • Listing Type editor with a beautiful and easy to use
  • Custom Listing Profiles for each listing type.
  • Custom Fields with powerful field editor for each listing
  • Customize the listing preview box, uniquely for each listing
  • Customize the Explore page uniquely with custom facets for each
    listing type.
  • Powerful search facet editor, unique to each listing type.
  • TimeKit and Contact Form 7.
  • Listing Reviews.
  • Bookmark Listings.
  • Listing Ratings.
  • Shortcode generator with an easy to use interface.
  • Custom shortcodes included.
  • ‘Button’ shortcode.
  • ‘Listing Categories’
  • ‘Format Text’
  • ‘Icon Picker’
  • ‘Listing Search Form’
  • Over 2000 icons to choose from, including Custom Theme Icons,
    Material Icons, Font Awesome, and Glyphicons.
  • Integrated with Google Maps.
  • Custom Google Maps markers.
  • Custom Google Maps location previews.
  • Marker/Location clustering.
  • Background Images Parallax
  • Background Video
  • Owl Carousel
  • PhotoSwipe
  • Custom Scrollbars
  • Instant search on header.
  • Listing quick view.
  • Bootstrap
  • Fully Responsive
  • Breadcrumbs bar (section).
  • Customized Dashboard page for front end users.
  • Users can request to add their own products.
  • Share listings/posts functionality included.
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • User Sign In/Register functionality included.
  • Single Click Demo Import.
  • Choose from all of our online demos.
  • Integrated with Contact Form 7.
  • Contact Form widget included.
  • Latest Blog Posts widget included.
  • Built using Vue.js JavaScript framework.
  • Customize header.
  • Four different header types, alongside other options, and the
    ability to edit the header on a per-page basis.
  • Smooth scrolling option.
  • Customizable footer.
  • Back to top option.
  • Translation ready (Does not support multi-language).
  • Minified and combined assets to reduce the amount of http
    requests and enhance load time and site performance.
  • Clean and well structured code.
  • Related listings (Host) for listings.
  • Custom, mulitple store tabs possible for each listing.

This theme requires PHP version 5.5+

MyListing can be translated to any language, but it is not
multi-language or WPML compatible yet


– 07 November 2020

- Support for "WP All Import" is now built-in
  - Added support for "recurring-date" fields
  - Added support for "related-listing" fields
  - Added full support for "checkbox" fields
  - Added support for assigning/switching the paid listing package
during import
  - Fixed issue where field options containing non-latin characters
broke the import editing form
  - Improved work-hours import
  - Improved social-networks import with support for custom links
  - Improved location import
    - Added support for Mapbox as a geocoding and reverse geocoding
    - Added support for directly adding latitude and longitude (if
present in the CSV file), without using a geocoding service
- New layout for single author page, showing author information and
their listings.
- Added "Basic Search Form" as an Elementor widget, and included an
option to display listing types as a dropdown instead of tabs.
- Added "Number of past/finished dates to show" setting for
"Upcoming Dates" content block.
- After an event is finished, event status now gets set to "Ended",
and the final date occurrence is shown (preview card/single listing
- Added "Default map zoom level" setting for Location content block
in single listing page.
- Added the sending/receiving listing's information in the
notification email for direct messages.
- Improved the subscription switch layout (WC Subscriptions).
- URL endpoints for the "My Listings", "Promotions", and
"Bookmarks" pages are now customizable through translation plugins
(e.g. Loco Translate).
- FIX: Missing form fields when editing a product of type "listing
subscription" in wp-admin.
- FIX: Final occurrence of a recurring date not being displayed in
some cases.
- FIX: Some browsers cause a 404 error when trying to access a
listing with its permalink base including non-latin characters.
- FIX: Using pagination buttons in Explore page does not
automatically scroll the window to show top of results.
- FIX: Explore: "Nearby" order not triggering search results
immediately on mobile in some cases.
- FIX: Explore: Categories specific to a listing type affecting
other listing types in some cases.
v2.5.7 -10
September 2020
- FIX: Visits by country stats not showing up in user dashboard.
– 09 September 2020
- Added "Terms and Conditions" checkbox in registration form.
- Added "Enable timepicker" setting for recurring-date fields in
the listing type editor.
- FIX: "Display name" field not working properly in the
registration form.
- FIX: Listing average rating not updated in the preview card when
a new review is added (with preview card caching enabled).
- FIX: Dropdown filter in Explore page not displaying any options
when set to filter using a numeric custom field.
- FIX: Error message when WooCommerce is disabled, causing
front-end pages not to load.
- FIX: Missing translation strings.
– 02 September 2020
- Added compatibility with Elementor 3.0 global typography
- Added support for ordering listings by last modified date in
Explore page.
- Fixed timeout issue during demo import.
– 26 August 2020
- Added support for "Link to URL" column setting in Elementor 3.0.
- FIX: "Show in user account details form" setting, when disabled,
causes some profile fields to lose their value.
– 25 August 2020
- FIX: Login with Facebook not working in incognito mode.
- FIX: Cancelling a promotion package not resetting listing
priority in some cases.
- FIX: Styling issues in admin dashboard with WordPress 5.5.
- FIX: Duplicate options in Dropdown filter in Explore page.
- FIX: Dropdown filter options with a comma in their name not
yielding any results in Explore page.
- FIX: Issues with account creation during checkout.
– 22 August 2020
- FIX: Username/Password labels in login form not translatable.
- FIX: "Show in account details" and "Show in registration form"
settings for user fields not working.
- FIX: Login/register form styling issues when browser autofills
– 21 August 2020
- FIX: Layout issue in listing preview cards.
- FIX: Missing translation strings.
- FIX: "Sourcemaps not found" notices in developer console.

– 20 August 2020

- User Roles
  - Can be configured in Theme Tools > User Roles.
  - Separate register forms for each role.
  - Register form can be customized with extra fields (profile
picture, about, social links, etc.)
  - Redesigned sign-in/register forms and account details form.
  - Added ability to switch between the default and alternate roles
through the user dashboard.
  - Following permissions can be configured for each role: "Can add
listings", and "Can switch role".
  - Added support for Google reCAPTCHA in sign-in and register
- Added support for Yoast SEO's rich term descriptions in Explore
- Localized chart labels in the "Visits" section in user dashboard.
- Added a new demo importer which is faster and more reliable in
different hosting environments.
- FIX: Product image not updating when switching between variations
in single product page.
- FIX: Cannot search terms with apostrophes in their name in term
- FIX: Error notices in WP Admin > Products.
- FIX: Range filter in Explore page using values from fields of
different listing types when the field key is the same.
- FIX: "User Initials" default avatar not applying to comments from
guest users.
- FIX: Cannot remove gallery images in some mobile devices.
- FIX: Ordering listings by event date and rating not preserving
the correct priority order.
- FIX: Date fields in Add Listing form not working in non-latin
- FIX: After sign-in/register, users are not redirected back to the
previous page.
- FIX: Layout issues with range filter in right-to-left languages.
– 28 June 2020
- Added "Default map zoom level" setting for the Location field
- FIX: User cannot upload custom avatar.
- FIX: Expiry rules in a listing type affecting listings of other
- FIX: Issues with primary filter in Explore page.
- FIX: User dashboard > Payment Method table layout and styles.
– 02 June 2020
- FIX: Issue with listing description in quick view template.
– 01 June 2020
- Extended field bracket syntax with modifiers for the following
  Recurring Date Fields
    event_date.date            Get the date portion of the upcoming
event instance, formatted to the site settings
    event_date.time            Get the time portion of the upcoming
event instance, formatted to the site settings
    event_date.status          Get the event status - Upcoming,
Ongoing, or Ended.
  Single choice fields
    radio-field.label          Get the selected option label
instead of its values
    select-field.label         Get the selected option label
instead of its values
  Multiple choice fields
    checkbox-field.labels      Get the selected options' labels
instead of their values
    multiselect-field.labels   Get the selected options' labels
instead of their values
  Date fields
    date-field.date            Get the date portion formatted to
the site date settings
    date-field.time            Get the time portion of a date
formatted to the site settings
  Location field
    location.short             Get the listing address in a
shortened format
    location.lat               Get listing latitude
    location.lng               Get listing longitude
  Number field
    number-field.format        Get the value from a numeric field,
formatted to the site language
- Added bracket syntax support in preview card (head buttons, info
fields, footer details)
- Added compatibility with "WP Offload Media Lite" plugin.
- Added support for filtering by decimal values in range filters in
Explore page.
- The upcoming event instance in Explore page is now shown based on
the event date filter value.
- Optimized Google Maps location autocomplete requests for lower
usage costs.
- FIX: Term Checklist field not displaying terms in hierarchical
- FIX: Issue with "Order By" filter in category/region/tag pages.
- FIX: Issues with Related Listings, Product Select dropdowns in
Add Listing form.
- FIX: Dropdown items cannot be deselected on some mobile devices.
- FIX: Minor issue with user archive page
- FIX: Direct Messages textbox losing focus while typing
– 12 May 2020
- Added "About" and "Social Networks" fields in user account
  These are also now shown in the Author block in single listing
- Optimized term dropdowns (categories, regions, tags, custom
taxonomies) for faster loading.
- Improved performance of some custom widgets in the Elementor
- Display address on location block automatically
- Minor visual changes
- FIX: Translations not applied to multiselect dropdowns.
- FIX: Issues with listing feed cached results.
- FIX: Custom map skins for Mapbox not getting saved in Theme Tools
> Map Services.
– 25 April 2020
- FIX: "Switch Plan" button not showing in User Dashboard > My
- FIX: Performance issue with "Filter by priority" setting in the
Listing Feed widget.
- Listing Feed: Added "Cache results for" setting for better
- Listing Feed: Added "Last modified date" ordering option option.
– 22 April 2020
- FIX: Map block in single listing displays gray map in macOS
- FIX: Layout issue in single listing page in macOS Safari.
- FIX: Order by "Relevance" not working in Explore page.
- FIX: Terms with non-latin characters in the slug not working in
Explore page.
- FIX: Issues with the recurring date filter in Explore page.
- FIX: Issues ordering by a recurring date field in Explore page.
- "Switch plan" for listing package subscriptions now uses the WC
Subscriptions' Upgrade/Downgrade process.
– 08 April 2020
- FIX: Explore mobile not loading search results automatically.
- FIX: Filtering events with multiple dates not working properly.
- FIX: Header logo and search box overlap on page load.
- FIX: Single term (category, region, etc.) pages on Explore mobile
not displaying properly.
- FIX: Mapbox with RTL languages not displaying any location
- FIX: Mapbox geocoder not working when the language in Theme Tools
> Map Services is set to Default.
- FIX: Checkboxes filter not working in Explore page classic
- Added "Close filters" button on Explore mobile page
- Improved marker clustering when using Mapbox

– 05 April 2020

- Events
  - Added new "Recurring Date" field type in the listing type
  - Included "Event Date" preset field, as well as support for
other custom recurring-date fields.
  - Added support for recurrence with both regular and irregular
repeat intervals.
  - Added "Recurring Date" Explore page filter, with preset search
intervals (Today, This Week, This Weekend, etc.) as well as a
custom range picker with (optional) minute precision.
  - Added support for ordering using a Recurring Date field in the
listing type editor, then Search Forms > Listing Order.
  - Added "Upcoming Dates" content block to display next date
recurrences (including ongoing ones).
  - Added "Event Date" cover detail to display the upcoming date.
  - Added support for displaying the upcoming date in the listing
preview card, both as a head button and as an info field.
- Explore page
  - Mobile layout has been refreshed.
  - Mobile: Added a "primary filter" for each listing type, visible
at all times.
  - Filter values stored in the URL are now more readable and more
  - Scroll position is restored when viewing a listing then going
- Single listing page: Refreshed mobile layout
- Added "Expiration rules" section in the listing type editor.
Apart from the expiry date, it's now possible to expire a listing
when other - conditions are met.
- Added "Blend header to next section" setting for the header in
single listing page.
- Added support for Yoast SEO in single term pages (categories,
regions, tags, custom taxonomies).
- FIX: Incorrect listing count shown for terms in some scenarios.
- FIX: "Show unique views" dashboard setting not working.
- FIX: Related listings tab if field is restricted to premium
packages, keeps loading perpetually in free listings.
- FIX: Masonry layouts not showing the correct amount of columns on
some screens.
- FIX: Elementor dropdown settings not working.
- FIX: Proximity filter ignoring listings whose distance is exactly
- FIX: Using apostrophes on text filters (wp-search, location,
etc.) not working properly.
- FIX: Range filter not working on Listing Feed widget (when
filterig using an Explore page query URL)
- FIX: Structured data displaying an invalid value for the listing
rating when there are no listing reviews.
- FIX: Gallery slider arrows being shown when there are no
additional slides.
- FIX: Claiming a listing with an existing package not working
- FIX: Issue with permalinks when the listing permalink base is set
to a region or category.
– 14 December 2019
- Added "Cache stats for" setting in Theme Tools > Listing
- Added default description tags for single listing term pages.
- Added preview card background image size and gallery item count
- Added support for distances smaller than 1km or 1 mile in the
proximity filter.
- FIX: Issues when adding multiple basic search form widgets in a
single page.
- FIX: Listing feed carousel widget, "Show promoted badge" option
not working.
- FIX: Incorrect color for the Youtube icon in social networks
section in site footer.
– 07 December 2019
- FIX: Bookmark button not showing correct bookmark status in
preview card (must regenerate cache in Theme Tools > Performance
upon updating)
- FIX: Issue with Elementor icons on Firefox.
- FIX: Minor issues with demo importer.
- FIX: "27 > Video Block" Elementor widget not working.
- FIX: Issue with "Share on WhatsApp" button.
– 04 December 2019
- Added support for page parameter in URL in listing term archive
- FIX: Listing marked as "Closed" when no work hours are entered
(preview card).
- FIX: Styling issues with comment form cookie consent message.
- FIX: "Show Promoted Badge" setting in Listing Feed widget not
working, badge is always shown.
- FIX: Desktop header menu is shown out of position on some cases.
- FIX: Font Awesome 4 fonts not loading on Firefox.
- FIX: Styling issue in Explore page mobile.
– 02 December 2019
- FIX: "27 > Map" Elementor widget not displaying listing
- FIX: Issue in iPad landscape mode with preview cards.
- FIX: Pages with a Contact Form 7 form not loading.
- FIX: Font Awesome icons not loading on Firefox.

– 01 December 2019

- Added optional caching for preview cards, improving performance
in Explore page, Listing Feed widgets,
  and wherever preview cards are used, also allowing for a much
larger amount of listings to be shown in a single search
  request in Explore page without affecting performance. Caching
can be enabled in WP Admin > Theme Tools > Performance >
Preview Cards.
- Added tools to cleanup database from unused options and
transients in Theme Tools > Performance > Data Updates.
- Added new "Classic" Explore page template.
- Redesigned single blog post page.
- Moved Typography settings to Customizer page, allowing for live
preview of changes. New typography options have been included.
- Refreshed demo import templates, and fixed issues with the demo
import process.
- (WC Subscriptions) Added listing and package details for
subscription packages in User Dashboard > Subscriptions.
- Optimized message syncing for direct messages, reducing amount of
AJAX requests and fully disabling them when the user is idle or the
browser tab is not active.
- Optimized theme and plugin assets, deferring non-critical assets
to load after the page has fully loaded.
- Minor UI improvements to Cart and Checkout forms.
- FIX: Location block visible on single listing page even when
there is no listing address.
- FIX: Switching the listing type while results are loading in
Explore page causes duplicate results.
- FIX: Inaccurate term counts shown in some cases. Added tool to
re-calculate all counts in Theme Tools > Performance > Data
- FIX: Yoast SEO breaks single category/term pages.
- FIX: Explore No Map template auto scrolls to the widget on page
- FIX: Explore default template - when set to display three columns
of search results, map is no longer accessible.
- FIX: Date filter in Explore page not working properly.
- FIX: Related Listing section in preview cards only works with the
preset Related Listing field.
- FIX: Store tab in single listing page can't display products from
single product select fields.
- FIX: Selecting a sub-category in the basic search form doesn't
handover the sub-category to the Explore page.
- FIX: Elementor Pro Locations page settings not working.
- FIX: Error in Edit Listing page when a custom taxonomy that has
been deleted is still used.
– 03 October 2019
- Direct messages, use default marker image when listing has no
- FIX: "Get Directions" quick action not consisten with "Get
Directions" link in the Location content block.
- FIX: Missing "Edit Listing" button for pending listings in User
Dashboard > My Listings.
- FIX: Bookmark icon not loading
- FIX: Explore tabs in the listing type not being saved
– 02 October 2019
- Fixes an issue with the Related Listing field causing an error in
Add Listing form.

– 01 October 2019

- Related listings
  - Added ability to have multiple related listing fields
  - Added ability to have multiple related listing tabs in single
listing page
  - Four relation types between listings: Has One, Has Many,
Belongs To One, and Belongs To Many
  - Added support for two-way selections
  - Added ability to select listings from different authors
  - Added "Related Listing" Explore filter
  - New performant data structure, and automatic migration of the
related listing data from previous versions
- Updated UI for the listing type editor, with better performance.
- Added "Default filter values" in Elementor settings for "27 >
Explore" widgets.
- Added "Colored Icons" template option for the Social Networks
block in single listing page.
- User Dashboard > My Listings: Users can now filter their
listings by status.
- User Dashboard > My Listings: Users can now resume submission
on pending payment and previewed listings.
- Tabs, Accordion, and Details content blocks in single listing
page now support WYSIWYG content from WP Editor fields.
- Direct Messages: Added listing-specific conversations
- Upgraded to Font Awesome 5, keeping compatibility with v4.
- Added "Notify user on new reviews" email notification in WP Admin
> Listings > Settings.
- On listing submission, if the user has additional cart items, the
cart page will be shown first to avoid accidental purchases from
direct checkout.
- Added filter by Author in "WP Admin > Listings" screen.
- FIX: Radio button filters on Explore page not retaining selection
on page reload.
- FIX: When using Google Maps, address geocoding not working
sometimes on Explore page.
- FIX: Remove unsupported fields from quick actions, cover details,
and content blocks, which would cause blocking errors.
- FIX: Listing feed widget rendering unwanted shortcodes.
- FIX: Terms with custom icon image not displayed properly in
single listing page with the Outlined Icons template.
- FIX: Shortcode block causing an error when trying to display
listing categories (now shows a comma-separated list of
- FIX: Line breaks from Textarea and WP Editor fields not getting
rendered properly in single listing page.
- FIX: Explore page - Range filter with a single handle not
- FIX: Review stars not displayed properly on Internet Explorer and
Edge when half-star mode is enabled.
- FIX: Backend listing form: Switching package doesn't apply the
new package priority to the listing.
- FIX: When someone registers through Google or Facebook, the
WooCommerce "New account" email isn't sent.
- FIX: Header menu items not centered properly on Chrome.
– 17 July 2019
- Added "Notify users on listing approvals" email notification in
WP Admin > Listings > Settings.
- Performance improvements in Explore page and Direct Messages
modal (fewer Ajax requests, faster responses, etc.)
- Added location and proximity details in the Order dropdown for
Nearby order.
- Added ability to override theme images using a child theme.
- Direct Messages: Added ability to block a user from messaging
- If "User Email Verification for WooCommerce" plugin is active,
users registered with a social network are marked as verified
- FIX: When creating a new listing in backend, load fields
immediately after choosing a listing type.
- FIX: "Notify admin on new listing submissions" email notification
getting sent twice after user completes checkout.
– 28 June 2019
- Added support for nearby listings order in single category page.
- Added decimal precision support for Range filters in Explore
- Added an admin email notification when a listing gets reported,
and a pending reports for review indicator in WP Admin >
Listings > Reports.
- Fixed issues with Switch Package for listings from WP backend.
- Added "Learn More" links for Listing Package, Priority, and
Verification Status in Edit Listing page in WP Admin.
- Added "Mark Verified" setting to listing products and paid
listing packages.
- Added "Feature listing" setting to paid listing packages.
- Added "Is Claimable" setting to paid listing packages, to make it
possible to keep listings claimable even after applying a package.
- Added "Mark claimed listings as verified" setting and a "Learn
More" link for Claim Listings in WP Admin > Listings >
- Improved Author metabox in edit listing page in WP Admin.
- FIX: Map cluster popups on mobile devices not opening properly.
- FIX: Relist not setting the listing status to 'publish' in some
- FIX: Listing subscription free trial not working properly.
- FIX: Subscriptions linked to the package not resetting the
package counts on renewal.
- FIX: Users deleting a pending listing from the user dashboard
results in the listing's package gaining back a slot.
– 24 May 2019
- FIX: Required listing fields not accepting "0" as field value.
- FIX: Missing block title for description block in single listing
- FIX: Styling issues with Social Networks and Work Hours field in
backend edit listing form.
– 23 May 2019
- FIX: Error with section background videos causing the Elementor
page preview to not load.
- FIX: Unable to preview pending listings from WP Admin >
- "Claim requests" link in user dashboard is now only visible if
there are any pending claims.
– 22 May 2019
- FIX: Multiple issues with Switch Plan for listings.
- FIX: Error thrown when a listing subscription expires
(WooCommerce Subscriptions).
- FIX: Issue with 27 > Map widget when a single listing is
displayed in Mapbox.
- FIX: HTTPS warning when using user initials default avatar on
guest users.
- FIX: Unable to attach images to listing reviews.
– 04 May 2019
- FIX: Basic search form dropdowns auto-selecting the first item.
- FIX: Listing logo not visible in WP Admin > Listings table.
- FIX: Usernames and Term names with special characters not being
displayed properly.
- FIX: Explore page mobile, browsing categories tab doesn't update
search results.
- FIX: Direct messages - part of the message contents not visible
on some cases.
- FIX: Image gallery icons missing.
– 02 May 2019
- FIX: Missing pending listings indicator in the WP Admin >
Listings menu item.
- FIX: Single dropdown filters in Explore page auto-selecting the
first item.
- FIX: Term select fields in backend listing form not getting
- FIX: "View Claim Requests" button still visible when there are no
claim requests or claims are disabled.
- FIX: Missing translation strings.

– 01 May 2019

Direct Messages
- Enable in WP Admin > Theme Tools > Direct Messages (enabled
by default)
- Direct Message quick action in listing type editor
- Added support for custom avatar uploads in User Dashboard >
Account Details and WP Admin > Users > Your Profile.
- New default avatar option "User Initials Avatar" in WP Admin >
Settings > Discussion

- Added "Term Hierarchy" template to Category/Region/Custom
Taxonomy fields in Add Listing page and basic search form
(available in Explore page since 2.0).
- Added "Open in new tab" setting for custom quick actions in
single listing page.
- Added "Share to Telegram" in the share dialog in single listing
- Added support for non-latin characters in Listing base, Listing
Type permalink base, and Category/Tag/Region base in Settings >
- Added ability to order similar listings randomly.
- Custom quick actions in single listing page can be linked to a
listing tab, using the tab ID, e.g. `#store`.
- Added the active package name for each listing in User Dashboard
> My Listings page.
- Added ability to display visit stats for the last 6 months and
last 12 months in the user dashboard.
- Added ability to toggle categories on/off in the visits chart
through WP Admin > Theme Tools > Listing Stats > Visits
Chart > Chart Categories setting.
- Added "Email Notifications" section in WP Admin > Listings
> Settings to manage what actions users and admin are
notified/emailed for.
- Added support for "Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor"
- WP Admin > Listings, added filter by category & region,
and improved keyword search.
- FIX: Elementor Pro throws an error when creating Single Post
- FIX: Video Block in single listing page not working when using
shortened video urls (YouTube).
- FIX: Right-to-left style issues with the search form widget.
- FIX: Problems with Share to WhatsApp and Mail in single listing
- FIX: After a listing promotion ends, the listing priority is
always set to Normal, instead of retaining it's pre-promotion
- FIX: Listing Type Import not working on some browsers.
- FIX: Datepicker Year dropdown not working in some RTL languages.
- FIX: Listing content not recognizable by Yoast SEO in Edit
Listing page in WP Admin.
- FIX: Single term pages being marked as Explore page duplicates by
search engines.

- Added "Explore Tabs" section in the Listing Type Editor >
Search Forms, to manage what tabs are shown in Explore page for
each listing type.
    Default tabs remain Filters + Categories, but in addition to
that, Regions, Tags, and Custom Taxonomy tabs can now also be used.
- Categories, Regions, Tags, and Custom Taxonomy tabs in Explore
page now feature a new way to browse terms, with hierarchical
ordering, and expanded details for each term.
- Added default map location and zoom levels Elementor widget
settings in Explore page (when there are no map markers to show)
- Added "My Location" map button in Explore page.
- Added ability to filter listings by priority level and to toggle
priority order on/off in the Listing Feed Elementor widget.
- Explore page map: For listings in the exact same location, the
generated cluster now opens a popup with a scrollable list of all
listings in the cluster.
- FIX: Markers being merged to clusters too early, and being shown
incorrectly on first load on mobile devices in Explore page.
- FIX: Custom permalinks for Categories/Regions/Tags not
redirecting to Explore page.
- FIX: "Reset Filters" on Explore page not loading initial results
in some cases.

Add Listing Page
- Added "Maximum number of uploads allowed" setting for
File/Gallery fields in the listing type editor.
- Fixed multiple issues with File fields for logged out users, for
sites that don't require an account to submit listings.
- Added compatibility with media offload plugins (shout-out
- Added min/maxlength settings for Text, Textarea, WP Editor fields
in the listing type editor.
- Description field now supports package visibility rules; it's
also not a mandatory field for every listing type anymore.
- Checkbox field now can display a list of options, instead of a
singular checkbox.
- Added ability to deselect the value in Radio Buttons field when
the field isn't set as required.
- Improved Author dropdown in backend listing form.

- An email to the site admin is now sent on new claim requests.
- Fixed issue with incorrect email formatting, and unsupported
- Fixed issue with packages that are not set to be used for claims
still being shown in the claim package selection.
- Added "Filter By Claim Status" in WP Admin > Listings >
Claim Entries. By default Pending claims are shown.
- Added "View claim requests" link in User Dashboard > My

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