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While designed primarily as a mobile menu, Morph works
wonderfully on both
desktop and touch devicesand can be set to be
shown at specified resolutions only, meaning –
if you so wish – it can easily be used as a
mobile-only or desktop-only menu.

Morph is also
extremely easy to customize; by changing colors,
enabling/disabling and modifying different elements, you can make
sure your menu suits your site. It even supports widgets, making it
that much more expandable. You can also slide it in from either the

left or right side of the screen.

the flyout menu can be triggered by any element(a
custom menu button for example). All you have to do is add a
specific class to the element and voila! For cases such as this,
Morph’s own menu button can be hidden with a
single click.

To get a visual of what’s possible, be sure
to have a look at the details below. And certainly
don’t miss to see the menu in action. You can
see more examples on the demo sites for one of our mobile themes

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It’s all in the details

Below, you’ll see the massive customizability
of Morph brought out in detail. Every customizable element is
displayed and explained in full. And remember, with the real-time
Live Customizer integration, making changes as you see fit is

Header bar

The header bar holds Morph’s menu button and
logo locations. Choose from multiple menu button styles and
animations, add a menu button label, set up a logo, customize
colors, opacity etc.

Have a look at the image below to get acquainted with all the

Heading area

The heading area allows you to give some serious personality to
your Morph flyout menu. Customize its height, overlay color and
opacity, add a background image or pattern, insert heading and
sub-heading texts with any information, and customize the color and
thickness of its bottom border. You can also set up an optional
secondary menu. Or you can hide the entire area and everything in

The image below lays out all the possibilities:

Multi-level accordion menu and widgets

The backbone of Morph is of course its flyout menu which, like
everything else in the plugin, is immensely customizable; create a
multi-level accordion menu, add icons and descriptions to menu
items, change any and all colors. There’s even a
widget location which allows you to wildly extend its uses; add a
mailing list signup form, a call to action button, absolutely
anything you need.

In addition, you can display Morph on specified resolutions
only, there are options to hide your theme menu/logo/search etc. by
IDs/classes when Morph is being displayed, and customize the color
and opacity of the overlay which is displayed when the flyout menu
is open.

Once more, please grab all the details from the image below:

70+ customizable settings

The easy-to-use Live Customizer lets you set up and modify Morph
quickly and preview your changes in real-time. All the settings are
logically categorized, organized and well explained, which means
making changes and setting up Morph exactly as you want is an
absolute breeze.


  • Super clean, beautifully animated design
  • Highly customizable
  • Morph uses the built-in WordPress menu builder and
    customization tools, making the plugin lightweight and allows you
    to use tools already familiar to you
  • Slide in menu from
    either left or right side
  • Choose from multiple menu button styles and animations
  • Add label to menu button
  • All buttons have regular and thin variations
  • Add logo as text or
    upload logo image (retina support)
  • Primary, multi-level accordion menu
  • Add
    menu descriptionsto multi-level menu
  • Secondary pop-out menu(can be disabled)
  • Integrated
    search function(can be disabled)
  • Add
    heading background image or pattern, change image area
  • Set
    heading background overlay color and opacity
  • Customize
    flyout speed and width
  • Choose from 2
    menu button animations(or disable animation)
  • Menu button has
    fixed/absolute positioning
  • Customize
    fancy scrollbar colors, thickness and
  • Show/hide Morph at set resolutions
  • Hide your theme menu when Morph is active (via
  • Optionally disable retina and scrollbar scripts
  • Optionally make the flyout always visible


- Added customization options for fancy scrollbar (customize
colors, thickness, roundness)
- Added options to fine tune main and secondary menus' text sizes
- Redesigned the default menu button
- A menu button label can now be added (customize label text,
color, hover color)
- Added option for thin button variations (applied to menu buttons,
search buttons/field, submenu arrows)
- Updated retina.js inclusion
- Added option to disable retina support (useful if you're not
using a logo image or not using retina images)
- Added option to disable the fancy scrollbar (useful if you prefer
the browser's own scrollbar on desktop)
- Customization options are now located in the WordPress Live
Customizer for convenient real-time editing
- Added logo location and a header bar
--- Use text or upload logo image (retina image support included)
--- Customize logo text color and hover color
--- Customize the header bar color and opacity (for see-through
--- Optionally enable subtle shadow under the header bar
--- Logo position switches from left to right depending on chosen
menu flyout position
--- Optionally hide logo and header bar

- Added option to hide your theme's menu, logo, search etc. via
- You can now set a custom speed for the flyout (useful to blend in
perfectly with your theme's animations)

- Descriptions can now be added to menu items
--- Color customize descriptions separately from menu items

- Secondary menu now supports icons as well
- Accordion menu's sub-menu arrows now animate beautifully

- Added border below heading image
--- Customize color and thickness (optionally hide)

- You can now customize the width of the flyout menu (if set size
is too large for mobile screens, it will automatically size down)
--- Added always-visible setting for the flyout menu
- Menu can now be positioned to appear from either the left or the
right side
- Updated icon set to latest version
- Added option to use full top-level menu item (text + arrow icon)
to open sub-menus, instead of just the arrow icon
- added two new menu button styles
- added option to control menu button animation speed 
- Menu now supports the FontAwesome icon set (500+ icons available,
please check updated documentation for instructions)
- Icons can be color customized separately from text-based menu
- Also added an option to prevent FontAwesome from loading (in case
your theme already uses this wildly popular icon set or you just
don't want to use the icons in your menu)

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