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Mentor – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

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Mentor admin dashboard is robust yet a lightweight bootstrap 4
admin dashboard template for backend admin panels. It is fully
responsive and lays its foundation on Bootstrap 4. It comprises of
90+ Page Templates, 40+ Ready to use Widgets, 9 Unique Dashboards
and multitude things on the list for your backend application. It
has its constitution done in accordance with the modern and sleek
design which make it easy to customize. We have developed the
Mentor Admin in a way that it is lucid to get any enhancement and
modification done.

In our product –
‘Mentor’, we have
focused on certain domains. And for every domain, we have laid
emphasis in the minute details that come along. And we have
invested the majority of our time and efforts in assuring the
product is one of its kind. We request you to have a glance at the
different features that we have included and implemented in every


We have a proficiency of 10 years in Car Dealer and we know the
domain inside out. For the same, we made a theme and it has crossed
1000 sales number so far. We possess a good grip on this category
and hence we have utilized the same in this product.

Specifically for this product, we request you to have a glance
at our features:

  • We have created a unique car dealer dashboard and for which we
    are sure that is perfect for car dealer domain.
  • Site activity widget will help the client to know the daily
    visitor’s activity to manage the site.
  • Sale analysis trend will help to identify the sales overall
    progress and revenue generated from it.
  • A safe deal comparison chart will help to know which cars are
    having maximum sales new or used cars.
  • Top inquires table will help the client to know which cars are
    in demand.
  • Page views widget will help to know daily pageview and
  • Leads by make model will show which company is having a maximum
    number of inquiries.
  • Most viewed pages will show visitors percentage and from which
    country they belong to.
  • The lead overview will indicate from which form lead is
    generated maximum.


There is our Product –
Ciya Shopon themeforest which lays its base in E-commerce.
We studied the entire e-commerce market and got to know the
whereabouts of the same. Till now, we have sold 1000+ Ciya Shop
themes and 500+ applications are live which are based on Ciya Shop.
We have included the below-mentioned features in the E-commerce
domain which are not only unique but also beneficial.

  • We have added a top-selling products table which will help the
    client to manage the inventory.
  • Lifetime sales comparison chart which will help the client to
    maintain the products.
  • Yearly revenue and sales chart to know about the growth and
    profit of a website.
  • Invoice status table to know about daily invoices and their
    status which use to manage orders fast.
  • Traffic generation comparison chart to know from where the
    traffic is coming to the website which will help to maintain
  • Best selling product widget which allows to manage the
    inventory of that product and manage the orders.
  • Sales overview comparison to know the all-around performance of
    the website.


For this domain too, we dived into the minute details. We have
template and application – Cupid Love and it was
an aid to let us get a good hold on this sphere too. For the Dating
domain, we have implemented our experience and developed certain
distinctive functionalities:

  • This dashboard is purely beneficial for all the dating
  • Top 4 widgets will show the live date of all the users coming
    to the site.
  • User registration chart will show all time user
  • User feedback will show positive and negative reviews of the
    present users.
  • Ad mob will help to manage advertisements for different user
  • Upload image will prove how many image uploads are pending and
    belong to which gender.
  • Tickets table will show all the ticket status and take action
  • Site visitors will show which gender is visiting more to the
  • Top countries will give details of maximum users belongs to
    which country.
  • Top Searching Devices widget will show users are using which

Similarly, we have explored other fileds, gathered their minute
details and worked accordingly in implementing them. Please have a
look at the list below to justify the features we have


  • Live price carousel will help to know the latest price of all
    the stocks.
  • Sale analysis trend will show the pattern of the market in the
    live market.
  • Weekly top sellers will show which team member is achieving the
    targets fast.
  • Top buyers will show which stocks are in demand and number of


  • Jobs seekers/providers will show the percentage of job seeker
    and provider.
  • Site visitors widget will show which category users are
    visiting more to the website.
  • latest job seekers table will show users detail and their
    application status.
  • Open position table will show which positions are open and how
    many days are left.
  • Traffic source widget will help the client to know about users
    are coming from which sources.
  • The monthly top search will show which city is generating
    maximum traffic source.


  • Total revenue will show overall revenue generated.
  • Particular widget to showcase projects status and completion
  • Total hours widget to know how many hours are required and how
    many billed.
  • Support ticket widget will show all the latest tickets and
    their details.
  • The ongoing project will show projects detail and their present
  • Employee list will show employee info and their department
  • Daily Activity will show the overall task list for the
  • Bidding overview chart will showcase bid status and conversion


  • Income analysis chart will show the overall growth of a
  • Revenue overview chart will showcase the revenue generated from
    which departments.
  • Property agent widget will help to message directly to a
    particular property agent.
  • The recently added property will show which property is added
    recently and their details.
  • Property overview widget will help to know more about
    properties listed from sell or rent.
  • Project activity will show the development stage of a
    particular feature.
  • Agent list will show all the agents registered to the


  • Live currency ticker to know about the live prices of all
  • Top 4 currency widget to show their live prices and
  • The safe deal chart to showcase active and unconfirmed trading
  • The transaction will show the dynamic sales generated.
  • Buy/Sell cryptocurrency form to make trade fast.
  • Trade history table to show live trades going on.
  • Recent orders table to show all live cryptocurrency

During our journey in the development of this platform, we have
invested multiferous efforts as this is not just a skill-based
solution but, a content-based application. i.e, it involves
development which typically reinforces facts and basic skills from
only about 25% of the overall effort. The remaining 75% efforts we
need to put into the criteria such as investigating, analyzing,
organizing, communicating, thinking critically, inquiring,
designing, evaluating, applying the solutions to the real world
situation. It accrues up to lots of hours, efforts and work.
Thereby, we request you to have a closer look at our product and
let us know your reviews.

Mentor Feature

Node js powered Gulp Task Manager
Bootstrap 4 SCSS Included
Google Fonts 8 Different Icon Fonts
Mail Application Chat Application
Vector Maps Google maps
9 Unique Dashboards 40+ Widgets
Full Calendar Unlimited Charts
Forms HTML Editor
Data Table Export Table
Authentication Pages Custom Pages
Responsive Ready Retina ready
Lifetime free updates


  • Images used in the demo are not included in the Downloaded
    Package. However, you may purchase it separately. All credits are
    included in the documentation. We provide placeholder images with
    recommended image size mentioned on it.

Feel free to with any questions you may have.
You’re the reason we’re here!
We would love to hear any constructive feedback.

If you love the template, Don’t forget to
rate it out!

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