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With search engines in mind such as Google and Bing we created
the responsive theme Magazine. It is a perfect responsive and
gorgeous SEO friendly and SEO optimized WordPress blog theme.

Magazine is coded in a new way, where it loads everything async
and have carefully enqueued scripts so it loads as quick as
possble. Almost every theme loads JS, CSS and much other code in an
old and outdated way – We have tested this theme
on many different servers and testing it with the tool Pingdom
pagespeed test which compares it to the rest of the internet. On
slow servers the theme had an average load of 0.6 seconds, making
it faster than 94% of all other websites. On decent to fast servers
it went all the way down to 350 milliseconds seconds, making it
faster than 97% of all other websites.

It won’t be long before a lot of themes
start copying this technique to optimize the load time, but until
then we are the first movers, which we are very proud of.

To cut down load time to an absolute minimum have we used
almost no Jquery and as little Javascript as possible, which means
smooth scrolling and other features are not available right now
– But we are currently working on a way to
implement it without slowing down the pagespeed, which is a
challenge, but a doable one.

Magazine is fully customizeable, it has more than 70 settings
and 4 widget areas: Above content, Underneath content, sidebar
& footer widgets. You can use them as adspace, to create call
to action sections and much more. The theme works with almost every
single plugin and supports following post types: Video, Image,
Aside, Status, Audio, Quote, Link and Gallery.

Perfectly Seo Optimized

Meta Tags

Magazine follows the latest Seo standards and guidelines, the
theme has every meta tag you can imagine.

Perfect On-Page Seo

Magazine follows Google’s own on-page Seo
guidelines 100%, making it literally have perfect on-page Seo.

Clean Code

Magazine has fully optimized code, perfect HTML, valid
Javascript, Valid CSS and no unnecessary code.

Perfect Page Speed

Magazine has a 350 milliseconds load time, which will make your
website faster than 97% of all other websites.

Seo Plugin Collection

We have collected all Seo and page speed plugins for you in
Magazine, so all you have to do is click install.

Responsive Design

Scoring 100/100 on Google Insight usability test, Magazine is
fully responsive and works on any screen size and device.

Core Features

Magazine has over 70 settings, these are the core ones.

  • Front Page Header
  • Custom Header Text
  • Custom Header Button
  • Custom Header Image
  • Custom Header Colors
  • Custom Navigation Colors
  • Custom Footer Text
  • Custom Background Image
  • Use own logo
  • Sidebar & Widgets
  • Custom Header Title
  • Custom Header Tagline
  • Custom Header Title
  • Custom Header Tagline
  • Custom Header Background Image
  • Custom Magazine Image on Posts
  • Three Bottom Widgets
  • Footer Widget Custom Background
  • Footer Widget Custom Title Color
  • Footer Copyright Custom Background
  • Footer Copyright Custom Text Color
  • Custom Sidebar Background
  • Custom Sidebar Text Colors
  • Custom Sidebar Border Colors
  • Custom Navigation Background Color
  • Custom Navigation Text Color
  • Custom Navigation Text Color
  • Custom Navigation Logo Color
  • Top Widget Title Color
  • Top Widget Background Color
  • Top Widget Content Color
  • Bottom Widget Title Color
  • Bottom Widget Background Color
  • Bottom Widget Content Color
  • Change
  • Custom Page/Post Content Color
  • Custom Page/Post Headline Color
  • Custom Post Byline Color
  • Custom CSS
  • Gallery Post Type
  • Responsive Design
  • Retina Optimized
  • Seo Optimized
  • Fast Load Time
  • Full Width Template
  • Sidebar Template
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Footer Widgets
  • Custom Navigation
  • Custom Global Color
  • Search
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Logo Text
  • Custom Logo Text Color
  • Header Image
  • Custom Header Background Color
  • Custom Header Image Text
  • Custom Header Image Tagline
  • Custom Favicon
  • Fully Customizeable
  • Modern Minimalistic Design
  • Custom Background Color
  • Beautiful Design
  • Custom Background Image
  • Seo & Pagespeed Plugins

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Download: magazine-seo-optimized-news-and-newspaper-theme.zip

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