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Magazette is a Creative professional multipurpose WordPress
theme for magazines, news, blogs and newspaper websites. Used by
Pro bloggers to promote contents, rank high in Google and also get
your readers stay in your site, reduce bounce rate. Gives total
freedom and power in creating your own magazine website with Drag
& Drop ability, one click installer, auto update and 6 months
of support.

Magazette covers many demos for many purposes, many niches like
fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, car, sport, beauty blog,
ecommerce, education, school, college, university, training,
mentor, gallery, portfolio, showcase, photography, corporate,
business, construction, movie, consultant, finance, design,
jewelry, charity, football, basketball, baseball, fanclub,
business, industry, motor, car, travel, transport, supermarket,
retail, music, cafe, journey, cinema, mall, fitness, gym, job,
restaurant, hotel, newspaper enfold, bridge, avada, X theme
responsive, multi-purpose, vlog, video blog, livestream, food,
WPML, gem, architect, blog, magazine.

Normally, a blog WordPress theme’s layout is
fixed and, you might lose tons of time and money developing a blog
as your wish if what you wanted is lacks from the original design.
However, that is none of the matter anymore since Magazette uses a
collection of 95+ beautiful prebuilt easily customizables &
draggable UI elements, which allows you to create any news,
magazines or WordPress blog website with endless possibilities.

Using this Magazine WordPress Theme, building a new Blog website
is as easy as 1,2, 3. How to start an online blog using

  • Step 1: Install theme
  • Step 2: Choose a demo
  • Step 3: Edit elements’ settings and

Just simple as that, you’ve created your
perfect beautiful online blog.

Build magazines that get found on Google

What you can build with our Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazette is probably the sweetest best investment for your
project not only for its variety of options, range of
functionalities and powerful but also for the opportunity that you
can build any web blog with Magazette. Just by buying this theme,
you will be opening a great opportunity for your project.

With 8+ demos to import, beautiful sliders, all-form grids and
block, MailChimp, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed,
AdRotate, VisualComposer, and more, Magspaper will bring you the
most convenience in a Magazine Newspaper Blog WP Theme. And
don’t forget ThimPress is always here for you,
we have the best customer support team ready at your service.

Below is the list of demos that you can build easily in one
click with Magazette and while other magazine & blog WordPress
themes cannot offer this great range of design and possibilities.
Besides, if you want to build a magazine that is not presented in
this list, just choose a demo that has the most similar in layout
that you wanted and change the images. Or you could also build your
own design with our highly customized Visual Composer WPBakery
Pagebuilder with its wide range of UI elements.

Magazette main demo is the best newspaper theme demo for the
publishing, blogging & newspaper industry and the most
innovative news theme of all time, suitable for technology
magazines, news, and more.

This main newspaper demo is an excellent choice for any news,
magazine, blog and review website. It is designed in a way that
brings more readers to read sub-pages, article pages and raise your
visitors’ time-on-site.

Besides, Magazette
features not only stories but also videos, photos to give your site
a sense of dynamic and flexibility. Working perfectly on all
device, very mobile friendly and also is retina-ready, Magazette
really outstandingly meets current web publishing
industry’s expectation and even bring it to a
new height.

Blog’s layout & styles were designed with a
traveling mindset, featuring high DPI travel photos, colorful HQ
videos and the memo of your journey in the most impressive and
mind-blowing way possible. Whether you are a solo-blogger, a
freelancer, a digital media agency, a magazine or just a regular
person, you would still find this theme suitable for you. With
TravelBlog, everyday is a new, fresh and enjoyable journey. More
importantly, TravelBlog’s creative and beautiful
style encourage visitors to spend more time on your blog enjoying
your latest adventures.

LifestyleBlog is a
clean, minimal & resourceful WordPress magazine theme demo. Its
built to help you tell great & visually appealing stories. It
is a fast performing demo and stuffed with tons of great features
that make lifestyle blogging easier than ever before. If blogging
and crafting new posts, articles is your hobby and you want to do
it frequently then surely lifestyle blog demo magazine WordPress
theme will serve your needs perfectly.

Demo FashionBlog is
a WordPress theme designed for fashion & beauty bloggers,
especially for fashion.From Beauty to fashion and everything in
between, FashionBlog brings visually beautiful and unique
stylish-focused designs that pleased the eyes of even the strictest
critics. Once you buy Magazette, you will also get FashionBlog
& 9 other demos and be able to freely tell your own stories,
craft your product-review website with your own imagination.

If fashion blog is
not enough to show off your creative feminine characteristic, then
Beauty Blog is definitely your greatest ally. BeautyBlog is a
beauty WordPress theme demo, designed for beauty bloggers, beauty
salon businesses, wedding companies or it could also work well for
you if you are a beautiful lady. BeautyBlog aims to provide you
with everything you need while trying to be as simple and minimal
as possible. On the other hand, Beauty Blog is a
powerful beauty WordPress theme inside, it is also a beautiful web
blog on the outside, trying to promote its
owner’s characteristics.

Foody is a demo Food
& Restaurant WordPress theme specialized in high-quality food,
dining, restaurant & service blog especially elegant modern
restaurant and pub, cafes. With Foody, you will find tons of great
features & designs that are built with bon appetit in mind to
display your most delicious dishes in an appealing modern look.
Dilly dilly! The purpose of Foody is to be a clean looking web
blog, restaurant website to make clients focus on the dining

CarBlog is a
modern high-quality demo WordPress theme custom-built for cars and
vehicles of all kinds. The Carblog demo has a highly amazing design
to showcase motors, automobiles, cars and beautiful models.
Moreover, CarBlog allows you to boost your brand by giving you
unlimited options on font, color, sidebar, menu and shortcode
layouts. In general, the idea is to make your blog highly visually
engaging with full of content and data about cars so that your
visitors will love visiting your brand’s
website. Also, the demo focus on dealership, selling and it can be
used for any other type of products like motorbikes, computers,
electronic equipments, etc. Just install the demo, add the content,
change the image and you will have your dealership blog that
you’ve always wanted.

XSport is an
innovative, incredibly dynamic, lively, energetic WordPress sports,
football, basketball theme demo for a newspaper sports website or
for a club, fan club, etc. XSport contains all the features of what
a sports website should have that exceptionally exceeds the
expectation of sports admirers. Using Sports blog, you can easily
create a website for your favorite team easily without writing a
single line of code. In addition, the tailor-made Visual Composer
Drag & Drop page builder gives you a smooth, seamless and
enjoyable experience of building your beloved website. Our WP Live
Customizer feature that’s built-in with our
WordPress ThimCore plugin and dozens of other settings give you the
total freedom in creating your sports magazine blog by WordPress

9. Personal Blog, Technology Magazine, Review Website or any other
magazine demo.

With Magazette, there is no limit. The complete
list of what kind of online news, magazine & blogs you could
build can go on forever. This is the GRAND theme of Magazine &
Newspaper WordPress theme. With more than a hundred of draggable UI
elements, article shortcodes of many shapes, sizes and plenty of
options to enable or disable things easier, you will have the
ultimate power in customizing your blog into anything you wanted.
Building your own blog, newspaper or magazine website with your own
design is very simple with Magazette. Just choose the layout you
wanted, drag and drop it into your page and change its option or
styles according to your wishes.

Dozens of advanced features & easily customized
– Save $XXX

1. Awesome Visual Composer with 95+ UI elements

One of the most
famous page builders for WordPress Visual Composer is coming along
with Magazette. A Premium plugin that helps you drag, drop, create,
insert, order, insert contents and build your page in the easiest
way. You can also live edit your page without going to Edit Page.
Not only it’s free, integrated inside Magazette
but also, it has been customized by us. It has the name of WPBakery
Page Builder. This never-before-revealed function is a gigantic
renovation which gives you all-formed grids, multi-sized blocks,
beautiful sliders and more. This customization is exclusive to
ThimPress’s themes that not available at
anywhere else. It brings the numbers of elements up to 95+, giving
you the power to freely organize, order, create content without any
restriction. Check out our blog demo to unveil the secret.

Ultimate Customizable Theme

If you really care about the
flexible, that how deep you could customize the theme to be at most
beautiful, then Magazette has everything you need for it. We not
only integrate Magazette with advanced customize settings, but also
make it easy for everyone could use them. Do you ever think complex
things are only for the Pro? Not anymore.

Furthermore, Magazette supports WPBakery Visual Composer with a
massive number of elements to organize, powerful widgets with
shortcodes at anywhere of the site, and Live Editor for you to
observe your results immediately without spamming Preview Change
button. With Magazette’s customization, nothing
is impossible.

You can customize every single area of the site
with Magazette: Header, footer, body, left side menu,
sidebar, contents with 200+ options and setting. Magazette also
provides user-friendly User Interface that helps user easier to
recognize the options and organize their sites. Be rest assured,
you have our words.

And, let us show you some excellence setting and features of

  • Homepage with layouts and contents settings
  • Header, sidebar and footer customizer
  • Off-canvas menu and Logo settings
  • All-formed grids, multi-sized blocks, variety sliders
  • Video and image backgrounds settings
  • Color and fonts controls
  • Custom CSS feature
  • Content navigation and control
  • Video content and showcase
  • Hot trend block and trending news grid, etc.

With Magazette, you will have the ultimate customization
control all over your site. And above all, it’s
beautiful. Come check at our demos and witness its grandeur.

3. Dozens of Post templates & Category templates

Are you
looking for the creative from every aspect of your site? You might
want a particular design for each blog post? Then Magazette will
give you multiple ones! We created various of posts with different
layouts in the demos, so you can pick one of them to make it your
own. Magazette also provides 8 distinctive header styles, 8+ top
sliders, sidebar sliders and more than 95 customizable elements,
depending on your desire and match with the
site’s purpose. With those combinations, they
will unleash your infinite creativity and imagination. Your images
and contents will be fascinating and fantastic! Still not enough?
Then you can tweak them all. You guys may be the best designers on
the planet and definitely better than us, so pick up your theme and
start creating your miracle.

4. Drop down menu is for the past. Say hello to Megamenu

Down menus with column layout have befriended us for a long long
time. They have become outdated and could not keep up the pace
anymore. We present you Megamenu, the next gen of menu builder and
customizer. This is the real thing, trusted by 150.000+ users all
over the world with more than 100.000 active installs. The
Professionals are likely to use Megamenu over the old Drop Down

While Drop Down menu builds menus only in listing form with
multiple columns, mere text lists with no additional contents,
Megamenu can insert images, photos, post preview and more, making
your site look nicer. This again expands your control over your
site and creativity, you will have the better way to promote your
post, introduce more about your contents and emphasis your
site’s subject.

Megamenu is better, more
splendid and attractive, so what are you waiting for? Besides, we
have a video tutorial here, you can come take a look


Intelligent Banner Ads system

A great magazine newspaper blog
site might need an appropriate great banner ads system. Thus,
Magazette proudly presents you that perfect system. Capable of
promoting magazine site, Magazette is highly compatible with Ads
including Banner Ads, Text Ads, HTML5 Ads, Google Adsense Ads, and
more. There are more that one place that you can place the ads on:

  • Place ads before or after content of a post
  • Put them before or after the entire post
  • Before and after a specific paragraph or position
  • On the sidebar, header menu, mega menu
  • Floating ads, slide-in bar, banner and modal pop up.
  • And more!

 Increase your site traffics and gain your gigantic
revenue with the ultimate SEO of Magazette.


As a Power Elite Author of Envato, We ThimPress
always deliver the perfect products to our clients and strive to
make it lasts. With all the great features and supports, we want to
make our customers satisfied and comfortable with our themes. The
performance has been proved by over 100.000+ trusted users over the
world and hundreds of 5-star ratings. We also put up regular sales
off and discount for our products. Save your efforts and money with
us, don’t miss out this chance!

1. One Click

Magazette provides 8+ beautiful demos, which
perfectly designed and carefully optimized for a magazine site.
Hence, the demos will save you a lot of time and money with
pre-made materials and frames. More Demos incoming, and they are
always ready for you with a full feature designed. How about the
importation? No more XML file, no more adjustments and handy works,
Magazette got you covered. With only one click, you will
have your site magically built up and decorated just as the demo.
Feel free to take a coffee in the meantime as your site is about to
become magnificent!

2. Speed

We acknowledge the
critical role of speed, therefore we have been spending a lot of
time and resource to adjust, tweak and customize the theme to
achieve the highest speed possible. Each image, each request and
query is balanced optimized for performance and quality, giving you
the fastest most beautiful Magazine Newspaper Blog WP site.
Magazette calculates the image compression perfectly for your site
and automatically optimized when inserting media. It also adjusts
the order of site loading to maximize the performance, which means
the higher priority contents and medias would be loaded first hand.
The results will reach beyond your imagination, Magazette is one of
the fastest Magazine WP Theme ever created.

3. Great
SEO for great magazine

Smart, fast and easy, Magazette was made
to be on top ranks. The theme supports awesome SEO optimized
infrastructure, boosting your site and giving your site the
opportunity to surpass all rivals. Therefore, every title, header
and meta tags are adjusted to be easier recognized by Google or any
other Search Engine. So, they can read your site faster, likely to
put your site on the top of the search results. Moreover, Magazette
is compatible with the famous SEO Yoast plugin, drawing more and
more visitors from Google, Bing and Yahoo, increasing your traffic
to the roof. In addition, it also helps you create suitable and SEO
optimized contents for your Magazine WP Site.
Let’s boost your SEO and stay awesome.

Mobile Friendly & Retina Ready

With the development of
mobile is faster every day, people are likely to use their
smartphone anywhere, anytime. It’s great to have
a website that runs smoothly on mobile that you can access it
easily. Thus, that’s why we created the
responsive layout for Magazette. Magazette fits beautifully on
every device, every mobile and browser. It adapts perfectly and
always presents full potential on all sizes of screens. Moreover,
Magazette also integrated Retina-Ready feature, which makes your
site look nicer on Retina display. Your users will have the best
visiting experience with Magazette.

5. Always Stay

Generally, news and mags always travel faster with
social media, and staying connected to the community will bring you
the hottest news in return. Thus, Magazette has its exclusive
elements that automatically fetch and display the latest feed from
most of the social media, keeping you updated with the world. It
also integrates with sharing buttons, users are easier to share
your blog, post and news to anywhere on the social media.
Furthermore, people can find your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram
faster with Social linking buttons on your site. All in one place,
Magazette bring you the greatest social support.

Great customer service, help and support

Having operated for 10
years in WordPress and web design business, we are aware of the
importance of after-sale service. It has become the motivation for
us to strive forward. Your business growth is also our growth. We
ThimPress always want to ensure our customers are satisfied and
eager to receive feedbacks to improve our products to meets all
demands. Therefore, we deployed an impressive great After-Sale
service, including Product update, Qualified Customer support
service and Detailed Documentations. Save your time with our great
customer support!

1. Frequently
Updated theme

Once you buy Magazette, you will have the license
for life, unlimited use forever. Of course, the updates are free
too. In general, we also push up update patch regularly, keeping
the theme always up to the pace. We consistently update the theme
to make sure it works with the latest trend. Your theme and your
site will always be the best with no recurring fees. Moreover,
Magazette comes with auto update feature. With the latest version
of ThimCore, you don’t have to worry about the
time to check for updates anymore. It has been automated already,
making things easier for both of us.

2. Forum support

have formed a Five-Star professional customer service team, ready
at your service. With a special exclusive dedicated support forum,
the team is able to help you out anytime you have an issue and
needed support. Please don’t hesitate to create
a support topic here on our support forum. Our supporters will be
more than happy to help you out in within 24 hours of a business
day. Trusted by over 100.000+ users and served thousands of cases
and tickets every month, the team works at 200% harder to solve all
the problem and brings the best experience to clients. Once you
chose our theme, be rest assured because we are always here for
you. We guarantee the quality of our product and try us best to
keep it so. Not only the quality of the products, but also the
support service that matters, ThimPress always get your back.


Along with the Regular Updates and Great Support
Service, we also provide the documentation system for Magazette.
Especially, this includes a detailed documentation with
step-to-step guides for every aspect of the theme and a video
tutorial about the most basic features of the theme. Therefore,
they are the useful information sources for you to look up and get
along with the theme, from front to end. We are glad to present you
them HERE:

Full Feature

  • 8+ homepage demos include one-click importer.
  • 8+ page layout
  • 4 different article layouts
  • Lazy Image Load
  • Share buttons
  • Social counter widget
  • Disqus comment system
  • Customized Video Player
  • Awesome slider
  • Drag & Drop page builder with Visual Composer
  • Support custom widgets and many columns layouts
  • Fully responsive support
  • 600+ fonts and 700+ icons
  • Highly Performance Optimized
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Contact form 7 supported
  • WPML ready
  • Amazing Menu with Mega Menu
  • MailChimp for WordPress

And so many more!

** For more info on how our bundled plugins work, check out

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: magazette-magazine-blog-wordpress-theme.zip

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