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Let’s Review is a
WordPress review pluginto add beautiful responsive
and modern review boxes with valid JSON-LD schema to your posts. It
is Gutenberg ready and adds various exclusive Gutenberg review
blocks, making it easier than ever before to add beautiful and
comprehensive review boxes. Let’s review is
powerful but ridiculously easy to use, thanks to a logical and well
designed backend system. You will find lots of illustrated options
and speedy drag and drop options that allow you to add unlimited
criterias, positives and negatives. And you can even monetize your
reviews thanks to the ability of adding unlimited modern affiliate
buttons with unique animations to your reviews.

Let’s review allows you to select from
numerous format options, including Percentage, points, stars,
Custom Icon and Custom Image. With the Custom Icon option you can
enter any html code of icons. The plugin comes with FontAwesome
integrated (Can be disabled in plugin options if desired), which
means you already have 628 icons to choose from. With the Custom
Image option you can upload any image of a single thing you want to
appear, and the plugin will automatically show it 5 times per
criteria and in the final score box, and on top of that, with a bit
of magic code, the plugin will automatically create all the
animation effects.

WordPress Review Plugin with Affiliate Options

Let’s Review also comes with affiliate
options for your reviews, so that can monetize your reviews the
help of beautiful affiliate buttons. Add an unlimited number of
them to any site you want. The text of each button is customizable

User reviews in

Increase your visitor’s engagement by
allowing them to submit their very own full reviews. The visitor
reviews are possible thanks to an elegant integration into the
WordPress comments system.

Thumbs up/down
(Helpful/Not Helpful) system for visitor comment reviews

Let other visitors decide if a review left by another visitor in
the comments is helpful/not helpful with a modern thumbs up/down
count system that is beautifully integrated into the comments.

Let’s Review Gutenberg Blocks

Add reviews easier and quicker than ever before via the new
Let’s Review Gutenberg blocks.
It’s intuitive, easy and fast to use. No more
need for ugly shortcodes!

default options for reviews

Thanks to the default options section, you can save time by
setting your default options. Including default options for accent
color, format, design, animation type, location, skin color style,
and criterias.

Powerful Widget

The plugin also comes with a powerful widget. The
Let’s Review widget has lots of options to
choose from, including multiple designs options, order options and

Shortcode tool

Let’s Review comes with multiple powerful
shortcodes for you to use. Inserting them is easy as pie thanks to
the nifty Let’s Review shortcode tool which is
added automatically to the editor toolbar.

Top Class Support

Let’s Review is probably the most powerful
review system ever made and released for WordPress. And you can
count on top quality support to go with it if you encounter any

Codetipi isn’t the highest rated top-selling
author on all Themeforest for nothing!

Migration Tool

Do you have reviews created with Valenti (theme), 15Zine (theme)
or WP Product Review (Themeisle plugin)? You can convert all those
reviews to Let’s Review reviews in a matter of
seconds and with a single click.

Translatable into any language and RTL Ready

Fully-translatable into any language (including RTL ones) with
the help of .po/.mo files. And the plugin already comes with the
completed translation files for French and Spanish. More languages
will be added over time as kind users send them in.

Snippets markup inbuilt

Review boxes come with rich snippet markup, meaning that when
search engines, such as Google, will show the review data. This is
useful to increase CTR from the search engines.

Super clean code

By following best WordPress and OOP coding practices, the plugin
is written in super clean code. Ensuring great performance, theme
compatibility and compatibility with future WordPress versions.

Show off more images of the product being reviewed in a lovely
gallery that opens in a sleek full-screen slideshow.

Full list of

  • Lots of designs and combinations to choose from
  • Exclusisve review Gutenberg Blocks
  • Unlimited Criterias
  • Unlimited Negatives
  • Unlimited Positives
  • Unlimited Affiliate Buttons
  • Translatable into any language
  • RTL compatible
  • Add reviews to posts and custom posts
  • Powerful Widget with lots of options
  • Review rich snippet markup inbuilt to show review data in
    search results
  • Inbuilt gallery option
  • Default Options to save time when adding new reviews
  • Use any custom icon for the reviews
  • Use any image for the reviews
  • Percentage
  • Stars
  • Points
  • Set option fonts for your review boxes
  • Comes with FontAwesome 5 integrated and can be turned off in
    plugin options
  • Extensive documentation
  • Pick from 3 different animation styles for when criterias come
    into screen view
  • Select between editor only/visitor only/editor + visitor
  • Visitor rating option
  • Responsive design
  • Retina Ready
  • Gutenberg Ready
  • Let’s Review API allows you to easily grab
    the final score, final score subtitle and review color to add
    integration into any theme. Both Valenti and 15Zine themes have the
    API integrated for extra functionality and plugin integration, so
    that is how the scores can be shown on layouts outside the actual
    post (such as on the demo’s homepage). If you
    have no experience with code, you will need help from a developer
    to help you integrate it into whatever theme you may be using.

Update history

NOTE: You can also see the latest changelog directly in your
site’s backend by going to:
Let’s Review -> Welcome.

3.2.0 – 18th June 2020

  • New: Standard Review Type option: Visitor Comment Reviews (Big
    thanks to Stefan for funding the development of this feature)
  • New: Shortcode to get visitor comment review average final
    score: [letsreviewcommentaveragefinalscore postid=123] (Big thanks
    to Stefan for funding the development of this feature)
  • New: WPML: Full compatibility
  • Improved: Better performance: Assets file size reduced
  • Fix: API returning Incorrect user rating score outside of
  • Fix: Who Can Leave User Rating: Logged in users only
    – wasn’t applying
  • Fix: Minimalist B option was hiding Skin/Animation options
  • Fix: Some default options not applied to posts that were

3.1.7 – 12th May 2020

  • New: Let’s Review > Options: Up Down
    Votes in Normal Comments
  • Improved: Readme.txt file now shows correct version
  • Fix: Comment reviews were including reviews even if the visitor
    set it to “offâ€

Version 3.1.6
– 5th May 2020

  • New: New shortcode for: Let’s Review
    Gutenberg Comments Average block –
    [letsreviewcommentaverage postid=â€123â€
    scores from usersâ€]
  • Imrproved: Styling improvements
  • Fix: Default options section criteria styling

Version 3.1.5

  • New: New review migration option: Extra Theme/Divi Reviews
    (Elegant Themes)

Version 3.1.4

  • Fix: If comment reviews enabled by default, criterias
    weren’t visible

Version 3.1.3

  • Fix: If custom header font set and no custom body one, it
    affected review body too
  • Fix: Multiple categories not showing in list shortcode

3.1.1 – 16th January 2020

  • Improve: Comment User Reviews are now slideable on mobile
  • Improve: Let’s Review Widget: Tags/Posts
    filter option now turned into input for better performance
  • Fix: User Rating Shortcode was always showing percentage

3.0.9 – 10th December 2019

  • Fix: Reader Rating not appearing in “Editor +
    visitor†review type if no criterias set
  • Fix: Review title not appearing on some designs

Version 3.0.8

  • Fix: Some minor quirks

Version 3.0.7

  • Improve: Lists: Post images in lists now link to review
  • New: Option in Let’s Review Gutenberg
    Comment Review Average block: Score type (points/percentage)

3.0.6 – 6th November 2019

  • New: New filter to change review main title html element (see
  • New: Minimalist B design to global default option
  • Improved: Various styling details
  • Updated: Translation files
  • Fix: API external score when set to visitor only and
  • Fix: Top Half-width Location wasn’t showing
    all data
  • Fix: Let’s Review Options: Reader Rating
    Title wasn’t overwriting the default title

Version 3.0.5

  • Improved: Conclusion now accepts common html elements
  • Fix: Lists weren’t using custom review

3.0.4 – 22nd October 2019

  • New: New tab in metabox options: Schema
  • New: Movie Schema
  • New: Multiple required schema property options
  • Updated: Schema to very latest requirements (They change
    them… a lot)
  • Updated: Removed Music Playlist and Recording schemas, caused
    by new Google requirements
  • Updated: Shortcode tool interface layout tweaks
  • Fix: Global Schema On/Off switch wasn’t
  • Fix: Visitor Review only review schema not outputting

3.0.3 – 14th October 2019

  • New: Various filters/hooks for developers wanted to inject
    custom data in various locations of a review
  • New: Animations and Light skin for new Minimalist B design
  • Improved: Styling details
  • Improved: Documentation: How to change visitor rating
  • Fix: Classic Editor: Overlapping options in backend when
    classic editor used
  • Fix: Gutenberg Review Block left half position
    wasn’t applying
  • Fix: User rating only metabox type reviews with final score
    showing editor score
  • Fix: Custom image option wasn’t applying to
    metabox type reviews
  • Fix: Minimalist B design (new one) icons
  • Fix: Final score box not showing icons/image

3.0.2 – 11th October 2019

  • Fix: Affiliate links weren’t opening in new
  • Fix: Top half width option was full width
  • Fix: Custom shopping cart icon override quirk

3.0.1 – 10th October 2019

  • Improved: Styling compatibility
  • Fix: Users using Valenti/15Zine had big scores
  • Fix: Minor quirk with non-numeric values

3.0 – 10th October 2019

  • New: Let’s Review > Options: JSON-LD
    Review Schema (on/off)
  • New: Reviews can select the type of Schema type
  • New: AMP compatibility for main AMP plugins
  • New: Design: Minimalist B
  • New: Gutenberg Let’s Review Block: Review
  • New: Gutenberg Let’s Review Block: Average
    Visitor Comment Scores Block
  • New: Gutenberg Let’s Review Block: User
    Rating Block
  • New: New filter to increase number of stars/icons/images (see
  • New: Thumbs Up/Down (helpful/not helpful) voting system for
    comment reviews
  • Improved: Custom Icons option can now use HTML or SVG
  • Improved: Updated Font Awesome to V5 – icon
    html code has changed, check FontAwesome website for new code
  • Improved: Visitors can now edit their user ratings
  • Improved: User Comment Reviews on mobile can input exact scores
  • Improved: Pros/Cons now accept HTML such as <3
  • Improved: Separated dependencies for improved performance
  • Improved: Gallery Images now output Alt tag
  • Improved: Comment reviews now only visible on main comments
    (not replies to other comments)
  • Improved: Lots of details
  • Improved: General styling
  • Improved: Updated schema to JSON-LD
  • Improved: Performance
  • Updated: Framework rewrite and modernisation
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Fix: Various quirks

21 April
2017 – Let’s Review 2.1

  • ADDED: Option for reviews to use the Featured Image as Main
    review image
  • ADDED: Swedish Translation – Thanks
  • ADDED: Extra css to stop some themes from imposing bad styling
    on reviews
  • Improved: Affiliate button styling for very long buttons
  • Improved: Affiliate button styling on mobile
  • Improved: Mobile Design 2 styling
  • Improved: Mobile Design 1 styling
  • Fix: Show review outside post option on categories

March 2017 – Let’s Review

New: Option in Let's Review -> Options: Default value of "Is
this a review" field in the comment form.
Fix: Visitor reviews weren't showing custom icons
Fix: Visitor reviews form didn't show final score slider option if
the review had no criterias set
Fix: Translation files have been updated due to missing
Fix: User rating box calculation in custom icons

15 March
2017 – Let’s Review v2.0

New: Proper User Reviews - Site visitors can now leave nice-looking
reviews via WordPress comments <img
src="/images/smileys/wink.png" alt=";)" title=";)" />
New: Shortcode interface tool: In the post editor toolbar you will
now find a new "Insert Lets Review Shortcode" with a lovely
interface. No more manual writing shortcode code.
New: Shortcode: Unique review. Create a review with a shortcode,
meaning it is not dependant on a post. You can create unlimited
unique one-off reviews and put them anywhere you want.
New: Shortcode: Visitor Rating Box. Add as many "user ratings
boxes" as you wish, and add them anywhere you want.
New: Review migration tool in Let's Review -> Migration. Used to
convert reviews from other review systems over to Let's Review
reviews with one click (Currently can do 15Zine or Valenti review
systems and WP Product Review by Themeisle). 
New: Design Option: Clean
New: Design Option: Modern B
New: Option for Comparison List Shortcode: Source (Select from
specific posts/categories/tags)
New: Option for Comparison List shortcode: Order (Manual/Latest
Published/Top scores)
New: Option for Comparison List shortcode: Number of posts (For
when "Source" option is set to categories or tags)
New: Option to enter any custom html/icon code for the affiliate
shopping cart icon
New: Option to add custom class to images. Useful if you disable
Let's Review's lightbox and your own lightbox targets a certain
New: Danish translation (Thanks to Michelle)
New: Option: Use post title as review title (on/off switch)
New: Options in Let's Review -> Default Values: Positive title,
Negatives title, Affiliate block title, Gallery block title, Score
subtitle & Use post title as review title.
New: Option in Let's Review -> Options: Who can leave user
rating (Everyone / Only logged in users)
New: Option in Let's Review -> Options: Visitor rating title (To
change the "Reader Rating" title text)
New: Option in Let's Review -> Options: Always show final score
number in final score boxes (show it above stars/icons/images)
New: Option in Let's Review -> Options: Show Full Review Boxes
outside post (on/off switch). If your theme shows full post content
on homepage/archive/etc, you may not want to show the review boxes
New: Option in Let's Review Widget: Show reviews from tag(s)
New: Option in Let's Review Widget: Manually select specific posts
to show (includes pages/custom posts too)
New: API option to easily get a score box that is full HTML ready
(use inside loop) - Lets_Review_API::lets_review_get_score_box(
$post->id );
New: Filter (on/off) to make stars/icons/image final score be able
to show 2 decimals for quarters, example: 4.25
Improved: List shortcode title's now also link to relevant review
Improved: Let's review Widget can now use custom post types too
Improved: Star reviews now also show stars in score box outside of
Improved: Added widget option to enter the background color of your
theme's sidebar area (For "Simple with stars" design option)
Improved: Backend colorpicker switched to WordPress standard color
Improved: Backend UI completely revamped
Improved: Code spring cleaning
Updated: Documentation redesign and update
Updated: FontAwesome icons to 4.7 (40+ new icons)
Fix: New simple + stars option in Let's Review widget user rating
score miscalculation
Fix: User rating aggregate schema incomplete meta

8 June
2016 – Let’s Review v1.2

New: Location option: Top half-width
New: Shortcode to make summary lists of your reviews. Updated
documentation explains how to use it - Example usage:
[letsreviewlist postid="123, 124, 125" title="Optional title above
list" design="modern" proscons="off"]
New: Shortcode to add unique and standalone affilliate buttons
throughtout the post content. Updated documentation explains how to
use it - example usage: [letsreviewaffiliate
url="http://affiliateurl.com" text="This is text" accent="#f8d92f"
textalign="center" border="on"] 
New: Reviews can now be used on pages
New: Option in Let's Review -> Extras: "Show full review outside
post". This is for if your theme shows all the post content on the
homepage, categories, tags, etc, and you don't want the review to
show there.
New: Widget style: Simple with stars (shows stars under title
instead of score box over image)
Improved: Modern design now outputs conclusion if one is set
Improved: Themes compatibility further with some extra css
safeguard code
Improved: French Translation
Improved: Affiliate URL's can now execute shortcode - just make
sure your shortcode only outputs a final url (not extra html,
otherwise the styling may break)
Improved: Points format: If final score was round integer (1, 2, 3,
etc), it had a decimal output, now it outputs solid 1, 2, 3, etc.
Fix: Override the final score would save, but if you re-edited the
post, the final score would reset to the average
Fix: Background color affected
Fix: User rating only type reviews schema warning fix

Let’s Review may well be the best
WordPress review plugin ever created, and in case you are
wondering, the theme used in the demo site is 15Zine:

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: lets-review-wordpress-plugin-with-affiliate-options.zip

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