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S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce help you
to import data from Shopify to WooCommerce easily. With only 2
steps your Shopify store data will be imported included store
settings, shipping zones, taxes, pages, blogs, coupons, customers,
products and orders. The plugin uses Shopify API key to transfer
data from Shopify to WooCommerce store directly, your data is kept

  • Unlimited import with no extra
    You’re free to import all your data
    from Shopify to WooCommerce. There is no limit on how many
    products, data… you can import. You
    don’t need to pay any extra fee to import, just
    import as many as you want.
  • Commit import successful:We commit that you will
    import data successfully. Please follow our guiding document and
    video to know how to use the plugin to import data from Shopify to
    WooCommerce. If you have any trouble in the import progress, feel
    free to contact us.


You can select to import 9 types of data from Shopify to

  • STORE SETTINGS:site title, admin email, store
    address, city, country, state, postcode, timezone, weight unit,
    currency code and currency format.
  • SHIPPING ZONES:shipping zones and shipping
  • TAXES:tax name, tax rate, country, province, zip
    and shipping.
  • PAGES:title, content.
  • BLOGS:blog title, blog content, categories, tags
    and featured image.
  • COUPONS:coupon types that WooCommerce support,
    coupon amount, usage limit, expiry date and minimum amount.
  • CUSTOMERS:first name, last name, phone, company,
    address, city, province, zip and country.
  • PRODUCTS:title, content, excerpt, variations,
    product image, variations images, product gallery, SKU, stock,
    regular price, sale price, weight, categories and tags.
  • ORDERS:payment method, shipping method, first
    name, last name, company, country, address, zip, city, province,
    phone, total, subtotal, tax, discount, shipping cost, currency,
    date create, browser IP, customer user agent, line items, discount
    code, order number and order fulfillment.


Import product may be the most important part when migrating
from Shopify to WooCommerce. The plugin allows you to import all
your products from Shopify to WooCommerce with title, price,
description, variation, image, categories.

  • Restrict results to after the specified ID:choose
    to import only product with an ID greater than a specified ID.
  • Import by ID:Enter ids of Shopify products
    separated by “,†to import.
  • Filter results by product type:import only
    products in a Shopify product type.
  • Filter results by collection ID:import only
    product in a Shopify collection ID.
  • Import products by published date:choose to import
    products which published before/after a specified date.
  • Products sequence:Choose the sequence for imported
    products. There are 6 options to select orders by Title Ascending,
    by Title Descending, by Created Date Ascending, by Created Date
    Descending, by Updated Date Ascending, by Updated Date
  • Imported products status:choose to set imported
    products status as published, draft or pending.
  • Product categories:The plugin will create
    categories same with Shopify and add the imported products
    to.  You can also add all imported products to a
    specific category, like “imported Shopify
  • Download images:choose if you to download product
    images to your WooCommerce store. Product images will be downloaded
    in the background. You can also download images after importing all
    products by going to Products.
  • Import progress bar:the plugin display import
    progress bar which informs you of the import progress.


After successfully imported product from Shopify to WooCommerce.
If there is any change in the Shopify store, you can use the update
option to update it into the WooCommerce store.

  • Import new products:when you have new products in
    Shopify, just import the whole store again in WooCommerce. The
    plugin will automatically skip imported products and import your
    new Shopify product.
  • Update imported products:if you change product
    details in Shopify, you can easily update the changes in
    WooCommerce. The update option allows you to update multiple
    products at once.
  • Update fields:Choose to update necessary fields
    among product title, price, inventory, description
    and images.
  • Status:The plugin provides you information about
    the updated time, status (success or failed), and updated


Orders keep your customer and sale information. It is really
necessary to save the orders when migrating. The plugin helps you
to move your order to WooCommerce with customer name, billing
address, shipping address, email, phone numbers, purchased time,
products, shipping option, billing total

  • Restrict results to after the specified ID:import
    orders with an ID greater than a specific ID (newer orders).
  • Import orders by date:import orders which
    created/imported before/after a specific date.
  • Import orders sequence:set up the sequence for
    imported order. From latest to oldest or from oldest to
  • Order status mapping:map your Shopify order to
    WooCommerce order using order status. For example:
    “Voided†orders in Shopify will
    appear as “Cancelled†order in


Similar to imported products, you can update the imported

  • Update imported orders:update the order
    information includes order status, order date and order
  • Update status:display the updated time, updated
    fields, status (success or failed)


  • Security:your data is transferred directly from
    Shopify to WooCommerce without any intermediate serve.
  • Easy to use:the import progress is very simple to
    use. First, you need to create a Shopify private app then fill the
    app API private key and password into the back-end. And finally,
    just click the “Import†button.
  • Unlimited import:The plugin does not have any
    limitation of how many products, orders,
    customers… that you can import.
  • Logs:S2W – Import Shopify to
    WooCommerce provides log files to check the import history.
  • Auto-update the plugin:you can automatically
    update the plugin during your support period.


/** - 2020.08.15**/
- Fixed: Download description images
- Added: Update tags, product date
- Added: Support order refund items
- Updated: Compatibility with WP5.5 and WC4.3
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