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Huber is a modern multi-purpose review theme that allows you to
create a powerful and interactive review site. Huber has the edge
over other review themes because of its unique and powerful hub

A hub is a post or page that contains information for a
particular item (e.g. a game, movie, holiday destination). Each hub
can have tabs (Reviews, News, Images Videos, Forums) that show
content related to this item. Reviews, news, videos and images
associated with a hub will automatically display under the relevant

Key Features

More Key Features


Huber has been specifically designed for BuddyPress so you can
create a great looking social network.


bbPress is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Huber
keeps all that and has completely redesigned bbPress to give you a
great looking forum platform.

Front-end and Social Login

Huber comes with an entire front-end login, registration and
lost password interface so the user never sees the WordPress login
page. It also works seamlessly with the WordPress Social Login
plugin so your users can login via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Trending Posts

The theme utilises the WordPress Popular Posts plugin to
display your trending posts. Unlike most plugins or themes trending
posts are based on the number of post views over a specific time
range (last day, week etc.) instead of displaying the number of
views from all the time.

Vote Up/Down Posts

Huber allows you to vote up or down any post/page and order
items by most likes.

Profile Link/Notifications Counter

Huber gives you the ability to add the logged in
user’s profile link to your menus and add the
BuddyPress notifications counter beside it so users can keep track
of who’s sent them a message, friend request

Multiple Advertisement Areas

Huber allows you to add leaderboard ads in the header and
footer of the site which are fully responsive.

Multiple Page Headers

Select from multiple types of page header including standard,
fullwidth and full page. You can also add videos in the header as a
background or a playable video.

Ajax Filtering

Ajax filtering allows you to move from page to page without
reloading the page improving page load time. You can also filter
posts by category, date, comments, views, title and date range.

Sticky Sidebars

Huber comes with Theia Sticky Sidebar plugin (worth $18) that
allows your sidebar to become permanently visible so it moves down
the page as the user scrolls through the content. This great for
ads and other information that you want to keep in view all the

Search Engine Optimization

Huber is built with the latest SEO practices in mind. Semantic
HTML5 for better search result placement, schema markup of all
content, correct use of H tags, main content loaded before
secondary content – we have it all covered.

Translation Ready

The Review comes with translation files so you can easily
translate your site into any language you want.

Icon Font

Why are icon fonts so important? Simple. They are so easy to
use, look great at any size and make your content look that much
better. Huber includes the Font Awesome library to give you nearly
400 icons to use throughout your navigation, paragraphs, buttons,
lists, and just about anything else you can think about.

Clean Code

Huber conforms to the best coding practices when it comes to
HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. We hate clutter and all our code is
simple, clean and easy to read. This is especially important if you
want to edit the code yourself. We’ve
implemented the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques along with cutting
edge WordPress standards to ensure that your theme will give you
the best possible experience in terms of the latest web features
and faster page load times.

Post Formats

Manage your blog posts better by taking advantage of WordPress
custom post formats. The following post formats are included, each
with their own unique style and options: Standard, Gallery, Link,
Quote, Audio and Video.

Customer Support

We offer top notch support which means you will receive
detailed answers to any questions you may have quickly. Trouble
using the theme? Find a bug? We’ll solve it for

Individual & Global Options

The theme gives you the ability to change the options globally
for all posts, pages and categories or you can do this on

Create Unlimited Sidebars

Create unlimited sidebars that you can display on any page you

Child Theme

Comes with a child theme so if you ever want to make any code
changes they will not be overwritten when you update the theme.

Redux Framework

The theme uses the Redux framework which is a simple, truly
extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. This
allows you to customize the site live using the WordPress

Full List of

  • Unique hub system
  • Add multiple reviews for each item (hub)
  • Site and user ratings on any post or page
  • Multiple criteria rating
  • Show ratings in Google search results (rich snippets)
  • Choose whether visitors or just logged in users can add
  • Allow visitors and logged in users to submit user reviews from
    the frontend
  • Display and order posts by release date (separate from post
  • Add multiple affiliates
  • Follow hubs
  • Responsive
  • Bundled with Visual Composer (worth $34)
  • Tons of customization options
  • One click install
  • BuddyPress integration
  • bbPress integration
  • Front-end and Social Login
  • Trending Posts
  • Vote Up/Down Posts
  • Profile Link/Notifications Counter
  • Multiple Advertisement Areas
  • Multiple Page Headers
  • Ajax filtering
  • Sticky sidebars
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Translation ready
  • Icon font (FontAwesome)
  • Clean code
  • Post formats
  • Individual and global options
  • Create unlimited sidebars
  • Child theme
  • Redux framework
  • Powerful menus
  • JavaScript fallback
  • Compatible in all major browsers
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3

Gauge and The
Review Users

Will my hubs and reviews work with this theme?

Yes! If you are already using Gauge or The Review themes you
can use this theme without the worry of things not working. Huber
comes with a theme converter that converts all your hubs and
reviews so everything looks pretty much like it did before. Please
note hub awards are not currently supported.

What’s different about this

There’s a lot of differences,
here’s a look at a few of them:

  • Hubs no longer use child pages for tabs. The Reviews, News,
    Images and Videos tabs are now part of the hub page. This reduces
    the number of pages generated, reduces the number of database
    queries and makes creating hubs even easier.
  • Hubs and reviews can now be either posts or pages.
  • You can now add multiple reviews to each hub item (you
    associate reviews with hubs just like you do with posts).
  • Hubs now include a Forums tab by default for easily adding
    forum content.
  • You can now add multiple affiliates to each hub.
  • Release dates are now treated like a proper date field so you
    can order by this date, filter by specific date ranges, show only
    items from future release dates etc.
  • Add review results to the top of reviews.
  • Images now work with CDNs and image compression plugins.
  • Tons of speed improvements.


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