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Hotel Booking Payment Requests is an extension for the MotoPress
for enabling automatic payment reminders.

This add-on is a must-have utility for rental property owners
who want to
automate operational processes of requesting and collecting
from renters.

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Compel guests to pay the full balance or the balance due (after
the deposit payment is made) in a given number of days before
arrival in order to secure their reservations.

The system will send automated “Payment
request†emails in a certain time frame before arrival
– all notifications will be automatically
personalized for booking details of each client.

Optionally send reminders manually with a payment link

WordPress Hotel Booking Payment Request Add-on

Send Payment Reminders Automatically

Enjoy a very straightforward way of setting up automatic
reminders: designate the number of days prior to check-in to send
scheduled balance or balance due reminders.

The emails will be optimized for each particular booking. You
don’t have to handle it all manually: the email
is automatically sent and the payment is recorded in the database
(once it’s paid by guest).

Need to opt out of the automated reminders for individual
bookings or just want to resend an email? Copy a custom payment
reminder link to send in a personal email or via any messenger to
your clients or just hit the “Send reminder
now†button in the admin dashboard.

Send the reminders as many times as needed via any convenient

Email Reminders

It’s easy to personalize automatic emails
using macros (to include specific personal information based on the
details provided by a client). In the email you can specify whether
the payment is compulsory to pay before arrival, designate your
policy rules, include coupons or promo info, etc.

Once the payment is made, both admin and customer receive the
appropriate notifications. You can add multiple recipients of admin

Process Payments on Your Website via Any Payment Gateway

Following the payment link, your clients will see their payment
history and booking details. Any payment method enabled via the
Hotel Booking plugin (either default
PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora or any other
connected via
) can be turned on. The more merchant
facilities you are offering to your travelers, the more chances
they’ll pay quickly and effortlessly through
your website.

Keep Track of

The system automatically tracks all logged actions on each
booking: each change of a booking status, deposit amount, payment
reminders sent, payments received and more. Keep records easily to
optimize your workflow with every client and always have complete
billing history at hand.


How this add-on works for different booking confirmation

  • If bookings are confirmed
    manually by admin

    Once the booking request is placed and you change its status to
    “Confirmed†manually, you can send
    the payment request link immediately by clicking on the
    “Send payment request link nowâ€
    button via the admin panel. Otherwise, it’ll be
    emailed automatically in a in set number of days before


  • If bookings are confirmed
    by customers via email

    Bookings confirmed by customers get a
    “Confirmed†status automatically. The
    balance payment request link will be sent automatically in a
    designated number of days prior to check-in. As in other modes, you
    can optionally send the payment link manually with a button click
    or in a personal email for each booking.


  • If bookings are confirmed
    upon a deposit payment

    Deposit payment makes a booking confirmed automatically. The
    balance due is calculated and a payment request link is sent in a
    designated number of days before arrival automatically. You can
    optionally send the payment link manually with a button click for
    each booking.


Note: Follow-up reminders are sent only in case the status of
booking is “Confirmedâ€.


  • 3.0.3 or greater;


= 1.1.1, Sep 3 2019 =
* Improved compatibility with Hotel Booking plugin.

= 1.1.0, Jun 25 2019 =
* Fixed the issue of displaying incorrect price in price breakdown
in case of the price change.

= 1.0.2, Apr 3 2019 =
* Improved compatibility with WPML plugin.

= 1.0.1, Feb 8 2019 =
* Fixed the issue with the payment form.

= 1.0.0, Dec 2018 =
* Initial release
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