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Magazine Theme Overview

Grand Magazine is a clean and minimal WordPress theme for Blog
and Magazine web site. Built with the latest WordPress technology.
Grand Magazine support responsive layout so it looks great on all
devices. It has predefined styling for blog posts which can be
imported with one click.


Make your website uniquely

  • What’s’ hot &
    To make your website more interesting and more
    uniquely, we offer the fabulous feature; What’s
    hot & Trending, to show your visitors which posts have the most
    number of sharing and comments and also which posts have the most
  • Match your Brand IdentityWe offer various screen
    color of our theme to match your brand identity
  • 20+ predesign layouts to choose for blog & post
    As uniquely showing your blogs are very crucial, we
    focus on creating the various predesign layouts for blog & post
    page to match your styles. Moreover, simple steps are required to
    create with our pre-defined templates.
  • The smoothest parallax scrolling everTell your
    stories with our provided smooth parallax scrolling with rendering
    performance of 60fps
  • Video Parallaxyour website more attractive from
    your visitors by video parallax.

Various Options for getting started

  • 20+ predesign layouts to choose for blog & post
    As uniquely showing your blogs are very crucial, we
    focus on creating the various predesign layouts for blog & post
    page to match your styles. Moreover, simple steps are required to
    create with our pre-defined templates.
  • 20+ predesign templates to choose for single
    The styles of single post are also very important, so
    we prepare a variety of templates for single post.
  • Only One Click for Importing Demo ContentsQuickly
    and easily import our demo contents including pages, posts,
    sliders, widgets, theme options and other settings with only one

Other Features

  • This theme supports both
    personal blogger and many authors writing
  • Easy install & setupEasily update from your
    existing blog. Just install our theme.
  • Multiple images upload.This theme has advanced
    gallery editor which support bulks images uploader and
    drag&drop reorder
  • Parallax Background EffectThis theme easily
    creates parallax background effect by selecting images and height
    of parallax image. After finishing setting, background of images in
    sections will move at a different speed as the rest of the page for
    impressive visual effect.
  • Infinite Scroll supports for blog postsFor
    customers who would like to display a large number of blog posts,
    we created a simple solution for you. Now, you can display your
    blog posts in columns. Once your visitors scroll down to the end of
    page. It will automatically load new blog posts.
  • Live SearchWith visitor focus,
    we’ve included the instance search to help
    visitors search for partial queries or provide some interactive
    feedback. Only one click is required to enable instance search and
    search form in header of side menu.
  • Optimization for Google Mobile Compatibility
    Your site’s search by Google will
    more visible and have better performance for mobile users. Google
    updated their search algorithm to give preference to websites that
    are optimized for proper display on mobile/handheld devices.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Theme has been
    built using semantic HTML code and CSS, allowing search engines
    crawl and index your web page easily.
  • Sharp Font IconsFont icons are always crystal
    clear and look perfect on all devices’ screens
    and sizes. In addition, font icon helps to speed up your load times
    of your site.
  • Retina ReadyEnsure that your images and elements
    are sharp and gorgeous on Retina and high resolution displays.
  • Custom StylesCustom your styles with custom CSS in
    theme options. Without changing core theme, no worry for upgrading
    the theme anymore
  • Fully CustomizableWith our flexible framework,
    this theme is the powerful theme to display awesome and various
  • Custom SidebarsEasily creating your own custom
    sidebars without touching any code. Moreover, simply set the
    different sidebars to perfectly match to each page.
  • Unlimited sidebarCreate and select sidebar for
    each of your page

Amazing Builder

  • Fully integrated with WordPress CustomizerModify
    Appearance settings in a live preview. No matter what you change
    elements colors, background, typography, layout type, text or
    images, you will see the results instantly.
    • Develop your website to be responsive easily.Just
      only one click in Live Customizer to show the results in responsive
      view including on laptops, tablet or mobile phone.
    • Image OptionsRight Click and Image Dragging
      Protection can easily enable only one click.
    • Styled Typography in Live PreviewOver 500+ Google
      Fonts are included with all styles and Font changes will be shown
      in live preview via Customizer. You can change font size, style,
      color using without touching code.
    • Amazing BackgroundsEasily applying images,
      patterns and colors in background of your site. Also, various
      repeat options are available.
    • Unlimited ColorsEasily control your elements
      colors of your website using color picker
    • Responsive DesignWith users’
      behavior focus, every pages are designed to look great on all
      devices no matter what devices users are on laptops, tablet or
      mobile phone. In case, you would like to deactivate responsive
      feature, only one click is required in your live customizer
    • FrameFrame can be enable for site layout by only
      one click. Also, you can choose easily the Frame Color by the color
    • Boxed & Wide LayoutEffortlessly select the
      boxed and wide layout in live customizer which reflect the result
      back to you instantly.
    • Navigation
      • Sticky Menu & Smart Sticky MenuOnly one click
        is required to display main menu fixed when scrolling and to make
        menu displays when scroll down and hide when scroll up.
      • Top BarOnly one click is required for displaying
        Top Bar above main menu.
      • Contact InfoContact Hours and Contact Phone Number
        can be set
      • Side MenuOnly one click is required to enable Side
        Menu on Desktop
    • Footer
      • General
        • Easily set
          Footer Sidebar Columnsto Hide Footer Sidebar or
          1-4 columns
        • Only one click is required to set the option to
          open footer social icons link in new window and display
          categories browsing section in footer
      • Copyright
        • Easily enter your Copyright Text and also select Copyright
          Right Area Content (Social Icons, Footer Menu)
        • Only one click is required to enable go to top button at the
          bottom of page when scrolling.
    • Gallery
      • Easily
        sort gallery imagesby selecting the various
        options; for instance, by drag&drop, by newest, by oldest, by
        random and by title.
      • LightboxOnly one click is required to display
        image caption under the image in lightbox mode
    • Blog
      • Category Settings
        • Featured Posts CategoryEasily select featured post
          category to display at the top of homepage.
        • Editor Picks Post CategoryEasily select editor
          picks post category.
      • Hot Posts Settings
        • Easily change the hot posts highlight color, select hot posts
          in certain periods, and select the number of hot posts items.
      • Trending Post Settings
        • Easily change the trending posts highlight color, select
          trending posts in certain periods, and select the number of
          trending posts items.
      • Other Settings
        • Only one click is required to enable the display post full
          content in classic blog page.
      • Layout Settings
        • Easily adjust the page layout for displaying homepage, archive
          page, category page, tag page, search results page, and author
      • Post Filter Setting
        • Only one click is required to display post filterable options,
          advanced pagination which display new posts without refreshing
          page, and infinite scroll (*you need to enable advanced
      • Single Post
        • Post AttributesOnly one click is required to
          display featured content (image or gallery) in single post page,
          post tags on single post page, and author on single post page.
        • Related Posts Setting
          • Only one click is required to display related posts on single
            post page, posts from the same post category on single post page,
            and posts from editor picks category on single post page.
          • Easily change selecting related posts items, selecting more
            from post category items, and selecting editor picks posts
    • Menus
      • Menu Locations
        • Theme supports 5 menus including Primary Menu, Secondary Menu,
          Top Bar Menu, Side (Mobile) Menu and Footer Menu. You can select
          which menu appears in each location and you can also place menus in
          widget areas with the custom menu widget.
      • Easily order submenusby drag&drop as following
        • Features Menu
        • Main Menu
        • One Page Menu
        • Side Mobile Menu
        • Top Menu
    • WidgetsWe provided a variety of custom widgets to
      make your life easier including Custom About Me, Custom Category
      Posts, Custom Flickr, Custom Instagram, Custom Map, Custom Menu,
      Custom Popular Posts, Custom Recent Posts, Custom Social Profiles,
      and Custom Twitter. Just drag and drop custom widgets to activate
      and configure in any sidebars you build.
    • Static Front Page
      • Easily select the options of the Front page to display your
        latest posts or a static page and also apply the front page and
        posts page to specific page.
  • Awesome Page/Post Options
    • Page options is in menu with the Theme Options. Page options is
      for configuring the value for individual page or post which affect
      the page or post you set them on. These will override theme options
      which allows you to have a unique page or post outside of your
      global settings. This various options work together to allow you to
      build incredible websites.
    • Post Options
      • Variously set layout of the single post page including
        • Parallax Content + Right Sidebar
        • Parallax Content + Left Sidebar
        • Parallax Content + Fullwidth
        • Static Content + Right Sidebar
        • Static Content + Left Sidebar
        • Static Content + Fullwidth
        • Title Before Parallax Content + Right Sidebar
        • Title Before Parallax Content + Left Sidebar
        • Title Before Parallax Content + Fullwidth
        • Minimal + Right Sidebar
        • Minimal + Left Sidebar
        • Minimal + Fullwidth
      • Specify featured content type for the post including image,
        gallery, Youtube Video and Vimeo Video. Different content type will
        be display on single post page.
      • Specify Categories including Photography, Lifestyle, Travel and
      • Specify multiple tags, featured image, excerpt and
      • Easily manage categories and tags.
    • Page Options
      • Only one click to make main menu in transparent and also hide
        default page header.
      • Page Tagline is available under page title (HTML code also
      • Specify parent of the page, template of the page and
      • Specify featured image and discussion
  • Custom Page Templates
    • Default (Fullwidth)
    • Contact
    • Page Left Sidebar
    • Page Right Sidebar
  • Awesome Gallery OptionsTheme comes with gallery
    templates layouts for different purposes.
    • o Unlimited Photo Gallery Pages
    • Specify the gallery template for the gallery
    • Support Featured image and discussion.
    • Manage and maintain Gallery Category (Group of Gallery)
  • Custom Gallery Template
    • Gallery 2 columns
    • Gallery 3 columns
    • Gallery 4 columns
  • Other
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
    • jQuery Enhancements
    • Javascript files are automatically combined and minified for
      added performance
    • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
    • SEO Optimized, great SEO base already built-in (compatible with
      SEO Plugins like Yoast)
    • Well organized, commented & clean code
    • 100% Responsive Theme – and you can easily
      turn it on or off
    • Automatic Theme Updater
    • Social Icons and Theme Icons are Font Icons, no Images
    • CSS3 animations enable or disable on desktop/mobile
    • CSS and javascript compression support
    • CSS3 Animations CSS3 animations help to attract the attention
      of your visitors towards your content by setting type, direction
      and speed of elements.
    • Child Theme support for advanced customization which
      is not affected by theme future update
    • Developed with WordPress best practices

Customer Support

  • Once you purchase, you can use our advanced support ticket
    system to receive professional support that we provided
    experienced and dedicated support teamto ensure
    you always have the help you and your business needs, right when it
    needs it most
  • The most extensive
    offline documentationare included
  • Free Theme Updates– We are
    endeavoring to improve the quality of our themes by adding new
    features and removing bugs
  • Customer feedback are always welcomed for new features

Integration & Plugin

  • Social Media Profiles SupportSocial Media will
    help you to promote your online brand, therefore, theme provided
    the social media channels including
    • facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Flickr
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • Tumblr
    • Dribbble
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Behance
  • Photo StreamTheme provided the channel to display
    photo stream before footer area including
    • Instagram Photostream
    • Flickr Photostream
  • Compatible Plugins
    • WPML Plugin Compatibility, allowing you to
      translate your site to any language or multiple languages.
    • Contact Form 7compatible with full design
      • Apply Google Maps above contact page form
      • Custom Google Map Styling
      • Change custom sizes of your map
      • Set sidebar or full width of your contact page
    • MAILCHIMPfor newsletter
    • W3 Total Cacheplugin support
    • Yoast SEOplugin support
    • WP Supercacheplugin support


= V3.0 - 10.08.2020 =
* Add automatically setup main and mobile menus after importing

= V2.9 - 07.06.2020 =
* Remove import demo link from appearance options for better UX

= V2.8 - 11.12.2019 =
* Fix Youtube icon display issue when using custom social widget
* Fix error for some customers using WordPress 5.3

= V2.7 - 01.04.2019 =
* Improve demo importer reliability
* Fix WordPress menu tutorial video issue in theme documentation

= V2.6 - 21.07.2018 =
* Add option to turn off theme default Facebook open graph option
* Fix auto play video on iPhone

= V2.5 - 09.04.2018 =
* Fix Instagram photo stream and widget issue due to API change

= V2.4 - 02.02.2018 =
* Fix Instagram photo stream & widget issue

= V2.3 - 06.12.2017 =
* Fix import demo issue on some server setting

= V2.2.1 - 17.11.2017 =
* Fix Instagram widget issue in WordPress 4.9

= V2.2 - 16.11.2017 =
* Fix theme customizer issue in WordPress 4.9
* Fix theme setting import styling issue in WordPress 4.9

= V2.1.1 * 24.09.2017 =
* Fix product registration issue

= V2.1 * 21.09.2017 =
* Improve import demo feature

= V2.0 * 27.08.2017 =
* Fix header font weight display issue

= V1.9 * 23.04.2017 =
* Fix Instagram widget and photo stream issue for some server
* Fix Woocommerce shop page, product font size issue
* Fix Woocommerce product gallery lightobox issue

= V1.8 * 02.04.2017 =
* Fix Flickr widget issue for some customers settings
* Fix social icon line height issue on iPad portrait mode

= V1.7 * 15.02.2017 =
* Fix responsive layout issue for youtube, vimeo embed video
* Fix photostream issue for some customers settings

= V1.6 * 29.01.2017 =
* Add option to display selected user roles in browse > editors
* Fix hot posts incorrect order issue
* Fix error message on related posts for some server setting

= V1.5 * 21.01.2017 =
* Fix sidebar not display issue on all blog pages when page side is
* Fix unpublished posts display on hot, editor picks section
* Fix Woocommerce checkout issue
* Fix hot posts wrong order by share count issue

= V1.4 * 08.01.2017 =
* Add Woocommerce plugin support for shop
* Add option to display featured category title for featured posts
* Add author social profiles options
* Fix Shortcode generator issue
* Fix ads responsive layout issue

= V1.3 * 17.12.2016 =
* Add more advertisement position option for homepage after
featured posts
* Fix homepage date translation issue
* Fix post excerpt display issue for some customers setting
* Fix hot and trending icon issue for some customers setting

= V1.2 * 05.12.2016 =
* Add enable/disable sticky sidebar option
* Add option to remove browse and search button

= V1.1 * 05.12.2016 =
* Add option to set default single post layout

= V1.0 * 02.12.2016 =
* Initial Release
Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: grand-magazine-blog-wordpress.zip

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