Email Customizer for WooCommerce with Drag and Drop Email Builder

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Revolutionary Email Customizer for WooCommerce with Drag
and Drop builder. Customize everything in the WooCommerce Email
Order notification emails with a drag and drop editor.

4000+ customers cannot be wrong!

Email Customizer is compatible with WooCommerce 3.6, 3.5
and all of 3.x versions. And it now supports WooCommerce
Subscription emails as well

Add a logo, header, footer, body text, custom paragraph texts,
social icons, images and more with a simple, intuitive drag and
drop interface. Create professional, beautiful transactional emails
for your WooCommerce Online store

Say goodbye to template based email plugins where you can
only edit header and footer. Say hello to the email builder which
helps you create beautiful, elegant transactional emails and
impress your customers

Watch quick video demo: Drag and drop email editor

IMPORTANT NOTE: The email templates are for all the orders and
customers. While designing the email, the editor will ask you to
select an order to load SAMPLE data. It is just for sample so that
you will get a realtime preview of the email design. So please do
not misunderstand

What is the difference between other email customizers

Well, most of the email customizer plugins allow you to just
edit the header, footer and add a logo. Some will just have
pre-defined templates.

But our plugin allows you to build and customize your email with
an easy-to-use email builder. it is like a page builder where you
drag and drop elements like text block, paragraph blocks, image
blocks and edit them.

Support for Next
Purchase Coupons – Drive Repeat purchases and
make more dollars per customer

The plugin is more than an email customizer. Send a
single-use, unique coupon code for the next
Include the Next Order coupon code within the
order notification emails itself. Customer can use this coupon code
for his next purchase.

Just drag and drop the new coupon box and get customers to
purchase repeatedly. The feature is powered by our product and
it’s FREE.


You can create an email template per language. Example: One
email template for English, another in Spanish, yet another in
French. So if a customer visits your site in French language and
makes an order, the French email template will be used to send an

The items list will be in the customer’s
language because we use the default WooCommerce
item’s list with the hooks. It is compatible
with WPML. So the items list and other WooCommerce supplied texts
would be in the customer’s chosen language.

Why you should customize WooCommerce emails ?

A good, professional email adds a lot more value to your online
business. It tells you how professional you are, how committed you
are. Besides, it is a good business practice to send elegant
emails. You don’t want your business to get a
bad impression by sending crappy looking emails.

Keep customers coming back for more by sending
well-designed, professional transactional emails

That is why we introduced a powerful drag and drop email builder
to customize your woocommerce transactional emails. Just drag and
drop text, heading, images, paragraphs, content blocks, buttons and
more. And use the short codes to include dynamic content like order
details, customer information, billing address, shipping address
and more.

Username: demo

Password: [email protected]

NOTE: The email builder uses latest Vue.js library for advanced
realtime building. Try building and customising your emails with
modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox

What the
customers say about it

Key features

  • Powerful drag and drop email builder built with Vue.js
  • 15 + elements including text, images, button, paragraphs,
    social icons and more
  • Customize everything in your WooCommerce order email
  • Include the dynamic data like order summary, customer
    information, products in the order using short codes
  • Short codes will be dynamically replaced with the respective
    WooCommerce data before the email is sent to the customer
  • Add your logo, images and a header, a footer, custom body and
  • Display the order details, customer information, address and
  • Live-preview of your changes. Use an order to see how your
    emails would look like
  • Send a test email to validate your design
  • Customize all WooCommerce Transactional Emails.
  • Import/Export template design. Easily move your design from one
    site to another or use it as a backup
  • Send
    Next Order coupon code to customers within the transaction
  • Support for
    WooCommerce Custom Order Status manager
  • Support for
    WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (official
  • WordPress Multi-site compatible

List of
short codes available

The following is a list of short codes
available to include dynamic data in your emails.

Order Details:
[woo_mb_items] – To Get Items
[woo_mb_order_id] – To Get Order ID
[woo_mb_order_sub_total] – To Get Order Sub-Total
[woo_mb_order_total] – To Get Order Total
[woo_mb_order_fee] – To Get Order Fee
[woo_mb_order_refund] – To Get Order Refunds
[woo_mb_order_date] – To Get Order Date
[woo_mb_order_payment_method] – To Get Payment Method
[woo_mb_payment_method] – To Get Payment Method
[woo_mb_transaction_id] – To Get Transaction ID
[woo_mb_shipping_method] – To Get Shipping Method
[woo_mb_order_shipping] – To get Shipping Total
[woo_mb_shipping_first_name] – To Get Shipping First Name
[woo_mb_shipping_last_name] – To Get Shipping Last Name
[woo_mb_shipping_company] – To Get Shipping Company
[woo_mb_shipping_address] – To Get Shipping Address
[woo_mb_shipping_address_1] – To Get Shipping Address 1
[woo_mb_shipping_address_2] – To Get Shipping Address 2
[woo_mb_shipping_city] – To Get Shipping City
[woo_mb_shipping_state] – To Get Shipping State
[woo_mb_shipping_postcode] – To Get Shipping Postal Code
[woo_mb_shipping_country] – To Get Shipping Country
[woo_mb_billing_address] – To Get Billing Address
[woo_mb_billing_first_name] – To Get First Name
[woo_mb_billing_last_name] – To Get Last Name
[woo_mb_billing_company] – To Get Billing Company
[woo_mb_billing_address_1] – To Get Billing Address 1
[woo_mb_billing_address_2] – To Get Billing Address 2
[woo_mb_billing_city] – To Get Billing City
[woo_mb_billing_state] – To Get Billing State
[woo_mb_billing_postcode] – To Get Billing PostalTo Get User’s Email
[woo_mb_billing_country] – To Get Billing Country
[woo_mb_billing_phone] – To Get Billing Phone Number
[woo_mb_site_name] – To get Site Name
[woo_mb_site_url] – To Get Site URL
[woo_mb_user_name] – To Get User’s Name
[woo_mb_customer_note] – Get Customer Note
[woo_mb_user_email] – To Get User’s Email
[woo_mb_password_reset_url_string] – To get reset url in string for using in href
[wec_next_order_coupon] – Next order coupon code
[wec_next_order_coupon_text] – Next order coupon code text to use in href
[wec_next_order_coupon_value] – Next order coupon code value
[woo_mb_site_url_link_with_coupon] – Site url with next order coupon code

Supported Third Party



– Please make sure that
you at least have PHP 5.4 or higher.

Change log

14/09/2020 Version 1.5.16

  • Fix – Warning while viewing plugin update
    check page.

21/07/2020 Version 1.5.15

  • Fix – CSS fix save button not showing
  • Fix – Undefined index pass1-text
  • Fix – Warning while having WooCommerce
    subscription plugin

15/05/2019 Version 1.5.10

  • – Automatic short codes for order meta values. Useful when you
    want to display an order meta value in your email. You do not have
    to create custom short codes for order meta values hereafter. You
    can view the available order meta short codes in the short code
  • Introduced Copy To feature. You can copy an email template to
    another template. Now both Copy TO and Copy from options are
    available for better convenience
  • Support for Emojis in emails

18/03/2019 Version 1.5.8

  • – Fixed – issues with saving email templates
    in certain servers where sending HTML in POST request was not
  • New Feature: Import / Export of Email Templates in a JSON
    format. Useful when designing in a staging site and moving the
    templates to the live site

26/02/2019 Version 1.5.7

  • – Fixed – Missing migration snippet for
    WordPress 5.1

25/02/2019 Version 1.5.6

  • – Fixed – Copy template did not work for a
    few template types
  • – Fixed – Save issues in the WordPress

22/02/2019 Version 1.5.5

  • – Fixed an issue with saving the template in WordPress 5.1
  • – Fixed an issue with handling html special characters


  • – Fixed the bug with the dismiss link in the notice bar
  • – Fixed the missing element property in the next purchase
    coupon box
  • – UI Improvements in the settings area


  • – Fixed alignment issues in the two column address section.
    Happens in a few environments.
  • – New short code for using the Password Reset link in an anchor
  • – Integration with the Retainful – Next
    Order Coupon that helps you drive repeat purchases


  • – Fixed PasswordHash class not found issue in certain server
  • – Added additional CSS class to identify first and last
    container table
  • – Support for WooCommerce Germanized plugin
  • – Instead of DIV tags, a number of short codes now use SPAN tag
    to faciliate inline display. Some important short codes that use
    SPAN are [woo_mb_user_name], [woo_mb_order_id],
    [woo_mb_order_number], [woo_mb_billing_email]
  • – Option switch to show/hide SKU
  • – Background color icon has been changed for better


  • – Current url gets appended to the anchor element when creating
    a link in the text block. Fixed it.
  • – CSS improvements for better Outlook compatibility


  • – Google Plus icon for social link element
  • – Better Outlook email client compatibility
  • – Password reset url with anchor tag


  • – Pre-built example templates will now be installed in the site
  • – Default site language is displayed in the backend to avoid
  • – Re-setting individual email template is now possible
  • – Email templates can now be enabled disabled from the plugin
    settings. So you can use the email cuztomizer for a few templates,
    while the default templates could be used for other emails.


  • – Fixed the issue with the WP_Order class that does not
    initialise correctly while giving a real time preview.


  • – Translation POT file added so that users can easily generate
    MO files
  • – Upload icon for image path is conveying a wrong message as
    plugin supports entering the image path


  • – Instagram and Pinterest social media logos included


  • – Support for order meta hook


  • – Fixed CSS conflicts
  • – Minor styling improvements to default templates
  • – Inline style will only apply when a template exists. So this
    helps customers using both default templates and email builder


  • – Added a new short code for Pending Payment pay link
  • – Conflicts with Safari when saving template has been


  • – Now you can copy template from one another. No need to re-do
    the same design
  • – Shortcodes are more visible
  • – Custom code template added. So you can now add custom
    functions and get its output to display in the email


  • – Fixed issue with the language selector
  • – Password is not included when the user was created in the
  • – Fixed issues with the Partial refund email template
  • – Minor PHP notices that occur when having a fee in the


  • – Inline CSS conflicts with the Emogrifier utility has been
    fixed. Now styles would not get stripped or broken.
  • – Option to show product thumbnail image in the order items
    summary in the email
  • – You can add custom CSS classes for your email template
  • – Order item summary is now loaded from a template in the
    plugin. Does not depend on WooCommerce


  • – Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field
    Editor (official plugin)
  • – Fixed New account email template is not
    used in certain occasions
  • – Improved Vue email builder script


  • – Added shortcodes for phone and customer
    note fields
  • – Added support for WooCommerce Custom Order
    Status Manager.
  • – Added conflict resolution for jquery conflicts caused by a
    few plugins
  • – Added partial support for the WooCommerce multi-currency


  • – Font-family support for all custom blocks.
    Now you can chose a font-family of your choice
  • – Fixed issue with adding default templates
    on initial installation
  • – New customer email is not being sent in WooCommerce 3
  • – Wrong first name and last name due to JS parsing


  • – Fixed minor conflicts with WooCommerce
  • – Re-set to default template feature
  • – PHP 5.3 compatibility added

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