CryptoIcons – Ultimaty Cryptocurrency Icons Kit

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Add cryptocurrency icons everywhere in your WordPress page with
few simple clicks!

CryptoIcons include over 280 high quality vector icons,
ready-to-use on your site. Easy to resize, easy to change color,
easy to use!

Full icons

Cardano, Cardano (alt), AudioCoin, AudioCoin (alt), Aeon,
Aeon (alt), Synereo, Synereo (alt), Anoncoin, Anoncoin (alt),
ARCHcoin, ARCHcoin (alt), Ardor, Ardor (alt), Ark, Ark (alt),
Auroracoin, Auroracoin (alt), Ban, Ban (alt), Basic Attention
Token, Basic Attention Token (alt), BitBay, BitBay (alt),
BlackCoin, BlackCoin (alt), Bitcoin Cash, Bytecoin, Bytecoin (alt),
Blockfreight, Blockfreight (alt), Breakout, Breakout (alt),
Breakout Stake, Breakout Stake (alt), Bitsend, Bitsend (alt), Bata,
Bitcoin, Bitcoin (alt), BitcoinDark, BitcoinDark (alt), Bytom,
Bytom (alt), BitShares, BitShares (alt), Clams, Clams (alt),
Cloakcoin, Cloakcoin (alt), The DAO, The DAO (alt), Dash, Dash
(alt), Decred, Decred (alt), Decent, Decent (alt), DigiByte,
DigiByte (alt), DigixDAO, Digix Gold, Diamond, Diamond (alt),
Dogecoin, Dogecoin (alt), EmerCoin, EmerCoin (alt), EOS, EOS (alt),
Europecoin, Europecoin (alt), Ethereum Classic, Ethereum Classic
(alt), Ethereum, Ethereum (alt), FuelCoin, FuelCoin (alt), Facton,
Facton (alt), Florincoin, Florincoin (alt), Franko, Franko (alt),
Feathercoin, Feathercoin (alt), GameCredits, GameCredits (alt),
Byteball, Byteball (alt), Digitalcoin, Digitalcoin (alt), GetGems,
GetGems (alt), Goldcoin, Goldcoin (alt), Gnosis, Gnosis (alt),
Golem Network, Golem Network (alt), Golos, Golos (alt), Gridcoin,
Gridcoin (alt), Groestlcoin, Heat Ledger, Heat Ledger (alt),
Iconomi, Iconomi (alt), Infinitecoin, Infinitecoin (alt), Incent,
Incent (alt), I/O Coin, I/O Coin (alt), IOTA, IOTA (alt), Jumbucks,
Jumbucks (alt), Komodo, Komodo (alt), Kobocoin, KoreCoin, KoreCoin
(alt), LBRY, LBRY (alt), LiteDoge, LiteDoge (alt), Lisk, Lisk
(alt), Litecoin, Litecoin (alt), MaidSafeCoin, MaidSafeCoin (alt),
Monaco, Monaco (alt), MintCoin, MintCoin (alt), MonaCoin, MonaCoin
(alt), MicroCoin, Mastercoin, Mastercoin (alt), MasterTraderCoin,
MasterTraderCoin (alt), Monetary Unit, Monetary Unit (alt), NuBits,
NEO, NEO (alt), Neos, Neos (alt), NeuCoin, NeuCoin (alt), Gulden,
Gulden (alt), Namecoin, Namecoin (alt), DNotes, DNotes (alt),
Novacoin, Novacoin (alt), NXT, NXT (alt), OKcash, OKcash (alt),
OmiseGO, OmiseGO (alt), Omni, Omni (alt), OpalCoin, OpalCoin (alt),
Particl, Particl (alt), PiggyCoin, PiggyCoin (alt), Pinkcoin,
Pinkcoin (alt), PIV, PIV (alt), PotCoin, PotCoin (alt), Peercoin,
Peercoin (alt), Quark, Quark (alt), QTUM, QTUM (alt), Radium,
Radium (alt), Rubies, Rubies (alt), Rimbit, Rimbit (alt), Rubycoin,
Rubycoin (alt), Reddcoin, Reddcoin (alt), Augur, Augur (alt), RISE,
RISE (alt), SALT, SALT (alt), Sarcoin, Sarcoin (alt), Scotcoin,
Scotcoin (alt), Shadow, Shadow (alt), Sia, Sia (alt), Storj, Storj
(alt), SterlingCoin, SterlingCoin (alt), Salus, Salus (alt),
SynergyCoin, SynergyCoin (alt), Startcoin, Startcoin (alt), Steem,
Steem (alt), Stellar, Stellar (alt), Stratis, Stratis (alt),
BitSwift, BitSwift (alt), Sync, Sync (alt), Syscoin, Syscoin (alt),
Triggers, Triggers (alt), Transfercoin, Transfercoin (alt), UBIQ,
UBIQ (alt), SuperNET, SuperNET (alt), Tether, Tether (alt),
Viorcoin, Viorcoin (alt), Vanillacoin, Vanillacoin (alt), VPN coin,
VPN coin (alt), VeriCoin, VeriCoin (alt), Vertcoin, Vertcoin (alt),
Waves, Waves (alt), Sapience AIF, Sapience AIF (alt), BitStake,
BitStake (alt), Counterparty, Counterparty (alt), NEM, NEM (alt),
Monero, Primecoin, Primecoin (alt), Ripple, Ripple (alt), Tezos,
Tezos (alt), Verge, Verge (alt), Zcoin, Zcoin (alt), YbCoin, YbCoin
(alt), Z-Cash, Z-Cash (alt), Zeitcoin, Zeitcoin (alt)


- Initial release

Uses Cryptocoins font by Martin Allien

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