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Comment Tools Pro with Sentiment Analysis

Comment Tools Pro
adds an arsenal of practical tools for your WordPress
Blog’s comment section. It adds proactive tools
stop spamcomments aimed towards just getting a
link back, discourages low-quality and
profane commentsthat add no value to your blog
with advanced tools like
sentiment analysis.Increase user
interactivityand run a more professional Blog.

Removeor Manage
linksin comments, set
minimum time intervalor required
comment length.
Notifya user when their comment is approved or
emaila commentator directly.
ExporteMail addresses of all the commentators in
CSVto use in your marketing campaign.
Redirectto a Page after Comments.
Show All Commentson a single page with shortcode,
add a
Read Morebutton to long comments and more!

Analyze the
sentimentof a Comment – discern
moderatecommentator’s emotion
automatically. User
UpVote/DownVotealso available!

We All Hate

Tired of deleting useless, spammy or profane comments
from your WordPress blog posts?
Captchas help with bot spamming. But how do you
prevent a human who is willing to put in a moment to pass the
Captcha and write a spam comment just to push a link in your
website or harass you or your community?

Discourage Low Quality/Spammy Comments

Comment tools pro
discourages and prevents comment spammers and also gives you a
collection of handy tools to engage with your loyal followers like
Notify a user when their comment is approved or email a commentator
directly. Export eMail addresses of all the commentators.

You can also Show All your blog Comments on a single page with
just a shortcode, Add Read More to comments and more!

Better Communication with Your Users

Notify a user when their
comment is approved by email. Redirect First Time Commenters to a
Page for a special offer or thank you message. Send a private email
to an individual commenter from Dashboard. A button in the WP
toolbar to email all the commenters on a post. All these features
help you create a better rapport with your loyal followers.

Improve and Moderate Comments Automatically with Comment Sentiment

Comment Sentimentsettings to Show the
Emotionwith emojis.
Filter comments by Emotion(positive, negative or
Auto moderate commentsfor
profanityby setting a threshold for negative
comments! Commenter will be shown a
warning messageyou define and asked to rephrase
her comments to adhere to the community rules!

The Sentiment or Emotion analysis tool uses a comprehensive
Dictionary of English words to score the text in the comments and
display an icon and drop down filter to classify comments as
Positive, Negative or Neutral. The dictionary of words is
categorised as positive, negative or neutral, and a naive bayes
algorithm to calculate sentiment. To improve accuracy, it removes
‘noise’ words.

**Currently sentiment analysis works for the English Language
only. We are actively working on integrating this feature with some
AI and Machine Learning API.

Comment Tools Pro with Sentiment Analysis Features

Discourage Spam

  • Remove WEBSITE Fieldfrom Comment Form
  • Remove
    hyperlink from comment AUTHOR
  • Disable
    turning URLsinto hyperlinks in comments
  • Remove
    HTML Link Tagsin comments
  • Open
    Linksin Comment on
    New Tab
  • Minimum TimeBetween Comments ( Set Time Interval
    Required Between Comments by same user to Avoid Spamming )
  • Custom Message for too quick comments

Discourage Low Quality Comments

  • Define
    Minimum Lengthof Comments ( Avoid Low Value
    Comments )
  • Alert Message for Minimum Comments Length
  • Maximum Lengthof Comments –
    (Prevent lengthy copy pastes)
  • Define Alert Message for Maximum Comments Length

Sentiment Analysis to Prevent Spams and Improve Quality

  • Sentimentand Emotion analysis for English
  • Show Comment
    Sentiment Iconsby each comment
  • Filtercomments by
    Sentiment(positive, negative or neutral)
  • Automatically
    preventcomments with
    Profanityor too many negative words based on a
    score you define
  • User
    Downvotea comment
  • Comment emotion and score display in the backend for admin

Improve Interactivity with Your Followers

  • Notify a user when their
    comment is approved by email
  • Redirect First Time Commenters to a Pagefor
    special offer of thank you message
  • Send a
    private emailto an individual commenter from
  • A button in the WP toolbar to
    email all the commenterson a post

Bulk Manage
Your Comments

  • Disable Comments Globally
  • Hide Existing Comments
  • Show All Commentson a single page with a
    convenient shortcode.
  • Delete all pendingcomments with one click.
  • Delete All Spam Comments in
    One Click.

Other Features

  • Sidebar Widget to Display the
    Top Commenters
  • Add
    Vertical scrollin recent comments widget
  • Enable
    Read More option in Comments(show more comments at
  • Set “follow†or
    “nofollow†to Comments Link
  • Display post update date in blog post.


The Comment Tools plugin is under active development.
We want to work with you as we expand the plugin features so it
becomes truly useful to you. If you have any feature request, let
us know in the comments. We will try our very best to accommodate
all reasonable feature requests.

Why Comment Tools

  • Developed by a company with 15+ years of experience. You can
    rely on us
  • Always up to date and under active development for new
  • Extended documentation
  • Easy and Flawless Setup
  • Fully Responsive Templates
  • Unique Features
  • Quick, Reliable, No-nonsense and Friendly One-on-One

Version History

Version 4.5 

Price: 0.00 USD
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Download: comment-tools-with-sentiment-analysis.zip

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