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BeTheme – HTML Responsive Multi-Purpose Template

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v5.7 04.14.2019
Added 10 layouts: "Science Centre", "Resort2", "Product4",
"Polyglot", "Mountain Guide", "Hairdresser2", "Extreme2", "Event3",
"Dance School", "Bistro3"

BeTheme – HTML Responsive Multi-Purpose

Welcome to the most complete, comprehensive and flexible HTML
website template, for any business or personal website. With more
than 400 pre-made, ready to use layouts, this is the perfect HTML
solution for a huge variety of markets and business types. Simply
choose the theme and grid layout that suits your needs, customize
effects, headers, sliders and sidebars, choose from tons of useful
elements (columns, blockquotes, buttons, and many more!), and use
as many of our pre-configured pages as you like. Every template is
fully responsive and retina ready, so your creation is guaranteed
to look great and work perfectly on any device.

Professional HTML Website Template for Business

Whatever your industry – from science and
medical to beauty and cosmetics, law or marketing to architecture
and electrics – it’s never
been easier to create a professional website that does your brand
justice. Our fully responsive and ready to use layouts include a
wide range of templates that are perfect for anything from florists
to finance, design and décor to digital and software,
and many, many more! Choose from multiple grid layouts and
pre-configured pages, such as About Us, How It Works, Press and
Careers. For professional, comprehensive business websites that
make an impact.

Customizable HTML Website Template for Bloggers

Create a blog that is as unique as you are! Our vast selection
of pre-made layouts make it easier than ever to find and customize
the perfect theme; including travel, journalism, science,
entertainment, sport, food, fashion, culture, politics,
school/university, and loads more! With multiple grids and elements
to choose from, you can personalize your page layout and sidebar in
seconds, and add pre-configured pages such as About Us and social
media links.

Perfect HTML Website Template for Creatives

Whether you’re an artist, typographer,
digital or creative agency, web designer, interior designer,
storyteller, tattoo artist, musician or photographer, you want to
show off your work in style. Our fully responsive and retina ready
layouts are perfect for showcasing your creative talent; including
smooth scrolling and parallax effect. Our pre-configured pages,
such as Contact, Our Team, Gallery and social media icons make it
even easier for you to tell your story and get noticed.

Dynamic HTML Template for Entertainment Websites

Our entertainment layouts range from fitness and games, to
leisure and music, to travel and safari. Choose the template that
suits you – whether it’s bold
and extreme, or calm and leisurely – and fully
customize your page with elements such as headers, sidebars,
columns, maps, blockquotes and buttons. Bring entertainment to life
with 22 different scroll events, and a smooth and reliable parallax

Versatile HTML Website Template for Stunning Portfolios

BeTheme includes multiple different layouts that have been
specifically designed as stunning portfolios. These HTML templates
are the perfect choice for painters, photographers, carvers,
gardeners, designers, and creatives of all shapes and sizes. Your
portfolio is personal to you, so it’s only right
that you should have complete control over layout (boxed or full
width), header and sidebar configuration, scrolling effects, and
every other element on the page. BeTheme even includes a Revolution
Slider ($16 value), and a pre-configured Gallery page.

Great HTML Website Template for Your Online Shop

Choose from multiple grid layouts and decide how best to
showcase your products. With a Revolution Slider included, as well
as smooth scrolling and customizable scroll events, you can guide
visitors through your online store seamlessly, and show off your
products in your own way. Pre-configured pages include an Under
Construction page, and fully functional forms. Your shop is fully
responsive, so you can be sure that it will look great on mobile
devices too!

All New Hero

The BeTheme website template has a whole collection of built-in
slider effects and page sections, using the premium Revolution
Slider, so that you can really make your website stand out from the
crowd. From smooth carousels, to full-width layouts, dynamic
parallax and integrated video or social stream –
you decide how your visitors interact with your site, and how it
speaks to them. Perfect for eye-catching, unforgettable websites,
from fine dining restaurants to action-packed gyms, creative design
to travel and adventure, and everything in between.

More features are constantly added to keep BeTheme template as
the most flexible and powerful responsive website HTML template

Note: The WordPress version is .

Template Features:

  • Multiple grid layouts
  • Widgetized Top Area(click on arrow in right top
    corner to see how it works)
  • Unlimited menus(you can choose different menus for
    different pages)
  • Customizable entry effects on scroll (choose between 22
    different entry effects)
  • Multiple header versions
  • Under Construction / Maintenance Mode & Blank Page
  • One page website possibility with nice scroll
  • Smooth & reliable parallax effect
  • E-Commerce layouts– create own
    e-commerce store (working cart script not included)
  • Mega Menu

    • Setup rows and columns
    • Use titles under columns or not
    • Icons in menu items are available
  • Sticky Header– can be turned
  • Fully Responsive– just check
    how great it works on mobile devices
  • Retina Ready – Looks great on tablets and
    mobile devices
  • Working Forms
  • Revolution Slider included – $14
  • WOW Slider included – $69 value
  • Multiple Blog Layouts
  • Multiple Portfolio Layouts
  • Fully customizable – easily change the color
    of nearly every element you see with CSS
  • Over 300 vector icons included
  • Choose layout (boxed or full width)
  • Easy to use for any type of website
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Tons of elements (Choose between columns, maps, our team,
    blockquotes, buttons and much more…)
  • Many pre-configured Pages
    • Contact page
    • About us page
    • Carrers page
    • Error 404 page
    • Features page
    • Gallery page
    • Help center page
    • How it works page
    • Our team page
    • Press page
    • Pricing page
    • Sidebar page
    • and much more…
  • Unlimited sidebars for pages
  • Subheader background images support
  • Custom logo, Retina logo & favicon support
  • Dedicated subpages
  • Google Maps support
  • Grid Based Layout
  • Social media icons
  • Custom footer menu
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Full documentation included
  • Layered homepage PSD-file included into package
  • 17 PSD included
  • 400+ layouts

Resources Used

Please note: Images used in our demo site are not included in
the download.

Need Support?

If you need help with your template after purchase please start
a post on our . You will need your purchase code so we can verfiy
your purchase, get your purchase code from your downloads tab while
logged into your ThemeForest account.


v5.7 04.14.2019
Added 10 layouts: "Science Centre", "Resort2", "Product4",
"Polyglot", "Mountain Guide", "Hairdresser2", "Extreme2", "Event3",
"Dance School", "Bistro3" 

v5.6 03.16.2019
Added 38 layouts: 
"Band 3", "Spa 3", "Wedding Dresses", "Model2", "Beauty 4", "ASG
2", "Kids", "Cosmetics 2", "Logistics 2", "Aero Club", "Catering",
"Restaurant 4", "Wedding Photos", "Pet",
"Print 2", "AD Agency 2", "Manicure 2", "Video 2", "Carpenter 3",
"APP 4", "Biker 2", "Diet 2", "Health", "Product 2", "Coaching 2",
"Hosting 2", "Tea 3", "Electronics", "Architect 4",
"Moving 3", "Organic", "Product 3", "Whiskey", "Adventure 2", "Club
2", "Company 4", "Carpenter 4", "Interior 5" 

v5.5.1 11.09.2018
    Fix: minimal2 menu fix 

v5.5 10.30.2018
    Added: layouts "agency3", "burger2", "cakes", "car2",
"clinic3", "coffee3", "gunrange", "internet2", "renovate3",
"restaurant3", "school2", "tailor2" 

v5.4 09.17.2018
    Added: layouts "builder2", "beauty3", "vet2", "navigation",
"interior3", "movie2", "interior4", "erp", "insurance2",
"recipes2", "drone", "estate2", "football", "lawyer4" 

v5.3 08.15.2018
    Added: layouts "landing 2", " creative 3", "minimal 2",
"company 3", "band 2", "supplier", "product", "cryptocurrency",
"sportsman", "county" 

v5.2 06.18.2018
    Added: layouts "Barman", "Kindergarten 2", "Coffee 2", "Gym 2",
"Eco 2", "Garden 3", "Fantasy", "Church 2", "Funeral Home",
"Security 2" 

v5.1 06.11.2018
     Added: layouts "universe", "event2", "tea2", "thriller",
"architect3", "adventure", "repair2", "accountant3", "company2",

v5.0 04.19.2018
     Added: layouts "hairdresser", "mechanic 3", "fitness 2",
"actor", "clothing", "dietician 2", "resort", "bar 2", "museum 2",
"accountant 2" 

v4.9 03.21.2018
     Added: layouts "photography", "web dev", "yoga 2", "birthday",
"ecobeef", "app 3", "decor 2", "lawyer 3", "farm", "hotel 3" 

v4.8 02.12.2018
     Added: layouts "robotics", "car wash", "gsm service",
"snowpark", "wanderer", "pizza 3", "cv", "winter"          

v4.7 1.11.2018
    Added: layouts "stylist", "company", "bistro 2", "music 2",
"language 2", "employment", "watchmaker", "pay", "animals 2",
"artist 2" 

v4.6 12.12.2017
    Added: layouts "developer 3", "personal trainer", "detailing
3", "carpenter 2", "internet", "airport", "salmon", "detailing 2",
"drawing", "mockup", "denim", "manicure", "meeting", "vegetables",
"meat", "cafe 2" 

v4.5 9.25.2017
    Added: layouts "repair", "it", "clinic2", "code", "assistance",
"game", "sushi2", "tiles2", "hiphop", "spa2", "marina", "3d",

v4.4 6.27.2017
    Added: layouts "loans 2", "philharmonic", "garden 2", "wedding
videos", "far east", "craft beer" 

v4.3 5.27.2017
    Added: layouts "animal shelter", "elearning" 

v4.2 5.13.2017
    Added: layouts "artist", "oculist" 
    Added: checkout page template

v4.1 4.29.2017
    Added: layouts "productions", "sportclub" 

v4.0 4.15.2017
    Added: layouts "diet", "boutique" 

v3.9 3.30.2017
    Added: layouts "stone", "guesthouse" 

v3.8 3.13.2017
    Added: layouts "betheme", "wildlife" 
    Added: new main pages in "theme" folder

v3.7 2.22.2017
    Added: layouts "dentist 2", "restaurant 2" 

v3.6 2.08.2017
    Added: layouts "furniture 2", "creative 2" 

v3.5 1.25.2017
    Added: layouts "wine 2", "detailing" 

v3.4 1.11.2017
    Added: layouts "active", "home" 

v3.3 12.27.2016
    Added: layouts "musician", "corporation", "shoes" 

v3.2 12.13.2016
    Added: layouts "developer 2", "fireplace", "xmas 2" 
    Updated: revolution slider version

v3.1 11.16.2016
    Added: layouts "biolab", "herbal", "snapshot", "wallet",
"surveyor", "couturier", "training" 

v3.0 9.25.2016
    Added: layouts "logistics", "moto" 

v2.9 9.14.2016
    Added: layouts "pizza 2", "hifi" 

v2.8 8.30.2016
    Added: layouts "lawyer 2", "ebook" 

v2.7 8.09.2016
    Added: layouts "tailor", "watch" 

v2.6 7.25.2016
    Added: layouts "writer", "biker" 

v2.5 7.11.2016
    Added: layouts "barber 2", "mechanic 2", "good food" 

v2.4 6.16.2016
    Added: layouts "minimal", "agency 2" 

v2.3 5.31.2016
    Added: layouts "seo 2", "medic 2", "smarthome", "underwater" 

v2.2 5.08.2016
    Added: layouts "architect 2", "car", "makeup", "wedding 2" 

v2.1 4.27.2016
    Added: layouts "technics", "aquapark" 

v2.0 4.20.2016
    Added: layouts "print", "perfume", "movie", "eco" 

v1.9 4.05.2016
    Added: layouts "bistro", "ngo", "casino", "pharmacy" 
    Added: new  functional form for hotel2 demo
    Fixed: shop image popup

v1.8 3.22.2016
    Added:  layouts "hr", "pets", "music", "vpn" 

v1.7.5 3.16.2016
    Updated: mobile level CSS

v1.7 3.10.2016
    Reset: "band" countdown timer
    Fixed: missing closing head tag on "steak" 
    Added:  layouts "tiles", "freelancer", "lifestyle", "app2",
"kebab", "holding" 

v1.6.5 2.23.2016
    Fixed: broken CSS class

v1.6 2.20.2016
    Added: layouts "tea", "toy", "charity 2", "carpenter" 

v1.5 2.15.2016
    Added: WOW Slider script & layouts
    Fixed: retina logo for "simple" 

v1.4 2.06.2016
    Added: layouts "sushi", "accountant", "mining", "retouch" 
    Added: additional comments to html elements
    Added: bootstrap responsive utility CSS styles
    Changed: email.js file
    Fixed: w3c validation errors

v1.3 1.27.2016
    Added: 50+ pre-build revolution slider hero section templates

v1.2 1.20.2016
    Added: layouts "fitness", "painter", "beauty2", "design2" 

v1.1 1.15.2016
    Fixed: contact form
    Fixed: drop down search box layout
    Fixed: "adagency" isotope
    Fixed: retina logo on scroll for "university", "sport",
"recipes", "factory" 
    Fixed: "store" on scroll sticky nav
    Fixed: retina logo for "estate", "design" 
    Updated: CSS structure (global CSS moved to global.css file)
    Added: layouts "kindergarten", "ski", "blogger2", "service",
"firm", "interior2", "industry", "journey", "science", "carver" 

v1.0 12.26.2015
    Initial release

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