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The new
Algori EmojisPlugin for WordPress Gutenberg
enables you to easily add beautiful emojis to your website.

Add personality to your words and delight site visitors with
thousands of amazing emojis.

If you are not really emoji-savvy and don’t
have much knowledge about what each emoji stands for, then Algori
Emojis is the perfect plugin for you because it will teach you
exactly what each emoji means. This emoji plugin shows you emojis,
stickers, smileys and emoticons with their names and definitions so
you always know what you are adding to your words to best express
your emotions and ideas.

You are looking for that one perfect emoji but you have to
scroll through thousands of emojis in order to find that one emoji
you want to use, sounds familiar? Well, it does happen to a lot of
us. Not anymore, because the Algori Emojis has a powerful search
feature that will return the exact emoji you’re
looking for in an instant.

More benefits you will get using Algori Emojis Plugin;

  1. Emoji Set:Choose your favorite emojis from various
    emoji sets of the most popular social media channels (websites
    & mobile messenger apps) including Apple Emojis, Facebook
    Emojis, Messenger Emojis, Google Emojis, Twitter Emojis and much
  2. Emoji Size:Adjust the size of your emojis to
    small, medium or large sticker sizes that will look good on your
    website straight out of the box.
  3. Emoji Skin Color:Use a color pallete to choose a
    skin color of your choice for your emojis.
  4. Emoji Categories:For you to easily find an emoji,
    we sorted them into relevant categories namely: Frequently Used
    Emojis, Smileys & People Emojis, Animals & Nature Emojis,
    Food & Drink Emojis, Activity Emojis, Travel & Places
    Emojis, Object Emojis, Symbol Emojis, Flag Emojis.
  5. Premium Support:Get prioritized and friendly
    support. Our support team is working 24/7 to answer your inquiries
    as fast as possible.

Support for the Algori Emojis Plugin for WordPress Gutenberg

We’ve made this Emoji plugin for WordPress
Gutenberg so simple to use and it’s hard for us
to imagine that anything might go wrong. However, if any issues do
come up, our Support Team will be happy to take care of everything!
You’re welcome to contact us at any time, just
keep in mind that the answer will come during our working hours,
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EAT, Monday to Friday.

Buy the Algori Emojis WordPress Plugin today and add amazing
emojis to your site easily.

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: algori-emojis-for-wordpress-gutenberg.zip

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