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15Zine v3.3+ is Compatible with: WordPress 5.6, PHP 7.4,
Gutenberg, WooCommerce 4.5+, etc.

Important: If upgrading from 15Zine v3.2.2 or older, ensure to
read the documentation’s update section to learn
how to smoothly update to v3.3

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15Zine WordPress Magazine / Newspaper theme for 2020

15Zine is
a cutting edge WordPress magazine theme created for 2020 and
beyond. 15Zine is a ridiculously versatile WordPress Newspaper
theme out of the box with an integrated review system with
unlimited criterias/pros/cons making it a powerful review theme
– For the homepage, you can use
15zine’s exclusive and powerful homepage drag
and drop builder to create modern and layouts. Posts can become
beautiful stories, by using 15Zine’s powerful
and featured image style system with multiple feature image styles,
including a smooth parallax one. You can also use 15Zine as a
powerful review theme for your site. 15Zine also comes with deep
compatibility and styling for WooCommerce and bbPress. You can also
turn your regular image embeds into full-screen image embeds, all
done with no shortcodes or code required! Just some 15Zine magic

On top of that, you can use 15Zine’s
exclusive Trending megamenu option to showcase your most popular
posts of the moment/week/month and find countless thoughtful
options sprinkled throughout the theme, including the ability to
turn off the header area inside a post to maximize your chosen
featured image style output or beautiful gallery post type. This
isn’t 1998 any more, modernize your website and
make it look like it belongs in 2017.

Oh and this was all created by an established Elite author with
an author rating of 4.83 stars out of 5 stars from 1000+ customer
ratings. So you know you are getting quality code and

Homepage Features

  • Build your own homepage using the powerful and exclusive 15Zine
    homepage drag and drop builder (no shortcodes or code required!
    Horrah to that)
  • 4 different modern grid modules (3, 4 & 5 articles), 4
    different slider options (1 image per slide, 1 image per slide and
    full-screen width, 2 images per slider, 3 images per slide) and a
    grid/slider hybrid (3 posts per slide) to show your posts in a
    modern way.
  • Full-width slider to show featured or latest posts.
  • Custom Background Images or colors
  • Custom general colors (Menu hover colors, review boxes,
  • 9 very different blog style options for homepages that show the
    latest posts:
    • And many, many more…
  • Infinite Scroll Options:All blog styles can use
    “Normal pagination / Infinite Scroll / Infinite
    Scroll with Load More Buttonâ€

Review Theme

  • The review system comes with three different styles: Stars,
    Percent or points
  • Option to include a score subtitle to appear under the final
  • Unlimited number of Criterias
  • Unlimited number of pros and cons
  • Option to turn on/off user ratings (user reviews)
    – Note: When a user leaves a rating, a cookie is
    left on the visitor’s computer with a value of
    “1â€, which means the user voted on
    that post, this is so users can’t vote on the
    same post twice
  • Option to make review editor only/visitors only/both visitors
    and editor review

Post Features

  • Give the featured image inside each post a photo/video credit
    line to credit sources
  • Co-author Plus compatibility! With 15Zine, your posts will show
    all authors in the byline (if enabled)
  • Optional dropcap on/off option
  • Fully integrated review / rating system
  • Option to make image embeds full-screen width
  • Sidebar can be left/right/off
  • Option to select to use any sidebar
  • Each post can use its own set of fonts for the article. Useful
    for special articles that need a particular font style
  • Post Format: Gallery Post type lets you create a gallery and
    create a full-screen gallery. Both landscape and portrait images
    work beautifully, no cropping!
  • Post Format: Video (Able to embed YouTube / Vimeo / Kickstarter
    / Viddler videos) and appearing in a overlay of the featured
  • Post Format: Video Option to replace featured image with video,
    or make video appear when user clicks the play button that is
    overlaid on top of the featured image
  • Post Format: Audio Option to replace featured image with audio
    embed, or make audio appear when user clicks the play button that
    is overlaid on top of the featured image
  • Post Format: Audio Able to embed Soundcloud or upload
    self-hosted mp3 using HTML5’s audio (You can
    upload a .mp3, .ogg or both)
  • Upload custom background image
  • Multiple shortcodes available for articles: buttons, highlight
    text, toggle (Faqs), alert boxes, columns, divider and tabs.
  • Choose from seven featured Image styles: Standard, Standard
    no-crop, Full-width, Screen-width, Full-screen, Parallax or
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background image to full-width stretch, repeat or

Category Features

  • Show posts in different styles (choice of 9 blog styles)
  • 4 different modern grid modules (3, 4 & 5 articles), 4
    different slider options (1 image per slide, 1 image per slide and
    full-screen width, 2 images per slider, 3 images per slide) and a
    grid/slider hybrid (3 posts per slide) to show your posts in a
    modern way.
  • Upload custom backgrounds
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat
  • Set general color for category using a color picker (for menu
    hovers, review boxes, etc)
  • Option to use a sidebar

Page Features

  • Custom Sidebar or select from existing sidebar
  • Upload custom background
  • Choose from seven featured Image styles: Standard, Standard
    no-crop, Full-width, Screen-width, Full-screen, Parallax or
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background image to full-width stretch, repeat or
  • Set general color for page using a color picker (for menu
    hovers, borders, etc)

Page Templates


Since v1.2, 15Zine is 100% compatible with
WooCommerce and allows it to integrate seamlessly with the theme.
Some highlights:

  • Full re-design and integration of WooCommerce to match the look
    and feel of the theme
  • WooCommerce options tab added to theme options with options,

    • left sidebar/right sidebar/no sidebar (full-width
    • Background image/color for WooCommerce pages
  • Unique sidebar for WooCommerce in “Appearance
    -> Widgetsâ€


Some highlights:

  • Login With Ajax modals/widgets integrate seamlessly with
    bbPress, and if bbPress is installed, Login With Ajax will show
    logged in users multiple of their own quicklinks (profile, logout,
    subscriptions, favorites, replies) so users will never need to use
    or see the WordPress backend.
  • bbPress tab added to theme options with several options,

    • bbPress global color (similar to category global color)
    • left sidebar/right sidebar/no sidebar (full-width forums)
    • Background image for bbPress pages
    • Background color for bbPress pages
    • Change the background color of the sticky posts
  • Sidebar for bbPress in “Appearance ->

Widgets Included

  • 15Zine Social Media Icons Widget
  • 15Zine Top Reviews Widget (Can be set to show top/latest/oldest
    X reviews from a category/global + Filter (All time/Last Month/Last
    7 days/Only 2011/Only 2012/Only 2013)
  • 15Zine Latest Posts With Thumbnails (Big/Small image style)
  • 15Zine Popular Posts With Thumbnails (Big/Small image style)
    Widget, can be set to show most popular by comments/views
  • 15Zine Facebook Like Box Widget
  • 15Zine 125px x 125px ads Widget
  • 15Zine Multi-Widget (Show multiple widgets in one)
  • 15Zine Google+ Follow Badge Widget
  • 15Zine Latest Posts Slider Widget
  • 15Zine Retina Image Widget

Child Theme

  • 15Zine is 100% child-theme compatible and comes with a
    child-theme already set up for immediate use and customizations.
    Nice little time saver, huh?

General Features

  • Ultra clean and minimalist design, perfect for newspaper,
    reviews and modern websites
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Trending megamenu option (Needs and uses the accurate stats
    from Jetpack’s stats module)
  • Post view count (Needs and uses the accurate stats from
    Jetpack’s stats module)
  • Clean, ultra modern and dynamic design for a professional and
    engaging visitor experience
  • Retina Ready (HD)
  • RTL & WPML ready
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Every major element can be Boxed Or Full-Width Option (Top
    menu, Header area, Navigation menu, Sticky menu and Footer)
  • Mega menu system
  • Trending mega menu system
  • Login With Ajax Integrated
  • Homepage drag and drop builder
  • Integrated “to top†button with
    option to turn on/off
  • Access to the 600+ fonts from + drop-down menus with
    recommended fonts (hand-picked for their quality).
  • Option to turn off About The Author box in admin theme
  • Option to turn off Lightbox in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off
    “Next/Previous†box in admin theme
  • Option to turn off “By Line†in
    admin theme options (“By x on 01/01/2013 in
    Category†This appears in posts/modules/blog
  • Four custom menu locations (Main, Mobile devices main,
    secondary and footer)
  • Secondary menu navigation has drop down capabilities
  • Custom Sidebars for category and pages
  • Extensive documentation. Can also be seen online.
  • Integrated related posts with images that can be turned on/off
    from within the theme options
  • Sample Dummy Content XML file included (Note: does not include
    images from the demo, all images are replaced with a dummy
    placeholder image)
  • Schema Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Simple and powerful Theme Options framework built-in
  • Very sleek Lightbox integrated
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom footer copyright
  • Custom CSS section (Best practice to avoid losing CSS changes
    on theme updates)
  • In-built pagination
  • Indented threaded comments
  • SEO-Ready – Everything is set as it should
    be. For example: Only one H1 per page and wrapped around the post
    title (NOT the logo – which is terrible SEO),
    images pull the alt text data, relevant Meta schema data, etc
  • Translation Ready with .mo/.po files included (Spanish already
    translated and included and more will come in future updates)
  • Designed with valid HTML5 + CCS3 code
  • Extensively tested with all major browsers and versions,
    including IE9
  • Multiple shortcodes included integrated straight into the
    TinyMCE (no more having to remember complicated code)
  • Option of 468×60 Banner, 728×90 Banner
    or no banner at all next to logo
  • Exclusive support system

A modern newspaper and reviews theme for a cutting edge
magazine, blog or shop.
15Zine really is the ultimate
magazine theme for 2020 and beyond. Get on-board!

Suggestions for future updates?

If you have a suggestion that you think would improve the theme,
please leave a comment with the details and it will be

Images Used In

Big thanks to the lovely Scatter Jar people for sharing such
beautiful , keep it up guys!

However, all the images used on the demo website are only for
demonstration purposes only. Some of the images used are also from
and licenses to use them were purchased. The copyrights of all
images belong to the creators of the images. None of these images
are included with the theme nor are they available to import with
the dummy XML file.

15Zine Changelog

Important note: if upgrading from 15Zine v3.2.2 or older
– you need to read the documentation to learn
how to update it. There are extra steps needed to be done once to
ensure a smooth update

3.3.9 – 7th January 2021

  • New: 15Zine Builder: Block Order: Trending Now (Requires
    Jetpack Stats active)
  • New: 15Zine Builder: Block Order: Trending Last 30 Days
    (Requires Jetpack Stats active)
  • New: 15Zine Stylish Posts Widget: Sory by: Most Commented
  • Improved: Hero styling details on mobile
  • Improved: Header Ad space sizing for responsive ads
  • Improved: Styling details
  • Fix: Trending megamenu not loading correct posts
  • Fix: bbPress Layout: No Sidebar option
    wasn’t working
  • Fix: Likes: Not calculating properly
  • Updated Plugin: Let’s Review v3.2.9
  • Updated Plugin: 15Zine Engine v1.0.5

3.3.8 – 21st December 2020

  • Improve: Builder: If entering specific post IDs for block,
    order you input them is order they will appear
  • Improve: Gutenberg Editor: Body font size applies in editor
  • Improve: Related Posts Block: If slider design selected and
    only 1 related post found, then design will change to grid
  • Fix: Category/Tags: Custom sidebar option was still loading
    global sidebar
  • Fix: Posts: Updated Date option not appearing
  • Fix: Removed superseded slideshow option from post options
  • Updated Plugin: 15Zine Engine v1.0.4

3.3.7 – 9th December 2020

  • New: compatibility with WordPress 5.6
  • New: 15Zine Builder: Excerpt per block option (Default/Custom
  • Improved: Mobile Header Menu hamburger icon appears
    automatically if mobile menu set in Appearance > Menus
  • Improved: Gallery Post Format: Lazy loading
  • Improved: Theme Options > Pages: Option to set global
    default Parallax option
  • Improved: Theme Options > Pages: Option to set global
    default Cover Height option
  • Fix: Combo Block Designs: Big image was pixelated
  • Updated Plugin: Let’s Review v3.2.8

3.3.6 – 23rd November 2020

  • Improved: Author page: Message if no posts published by
  • Improved: Comment Styling
  • Fix: Placeholder Image option not working
  • Fix: When Logo H1 option enabled – theme
    added h1 to all logos instead of just main header one.
  • Fix: Author Box not showing
  • Fix: 15Zine Layout Builder: Section H sidebar
    wasn’t appearing
  • Fix: Tabs shortcode wasn’t working
  • Updated Plugin: Let’s Review v3.2.7
  • Updated Plugin: 15Zine Engine v1.0.3

3.3.5 – 14th October 2020

  • Improved: Internet Explorer Styling
  • Fix: Mobile logo not appearing in some set ups

3.3.4 – 9th October 2020

  • New: Hero design: Small hero with text overlaid on bottom left
    of image
  • New: Theme Options > Mobile > General: Full Screen Height
    Featured Image – make mobile hero images full
    screen style
  • Improved: Archive pages (Category/Tag/Etc) subtitle now styles
    custom HTML inside
  • Improved: Spacing quirk on tablets
  • Fix: Global Accent Color wasn’t applying as
    a fallback to main menu items
  • Fix: Header logo appeared on mobile if header ad not set
  • Fix: Mobile Header 3 logo location quirks
  • Fix: Theme Options > Pages: Global Comments option
    wasn’t working

Version 3.3.3 – 30th September 2020

  • New: Theme Options > Typography > Inside Posts: H5
  • New: Theme Options > Performance > Google Analytics
    Options (No plugins needed)
  • New: Individual Post Options: Disable/Enable related posts per
    post (Edit Post > 15Zine Post options > Overrides)
  • Improved: Elementor styling
  • Improved: Form styling on mobile
  • Improved: Author Box styling on mobile
  • Improved: Minor styling improvements in specific set ups
  • Fixed: Theme Options > Typography > Inside Posts: H2
    controls was also applying to H4
  • Fixed: 15Zine builder: Custom Grid 6: Last tile missing
  • Fixed: Main Menu underline color and on/off option
    weren’t applying
  • Fixed: Dropdown menus on tablets weren’t
  • Fixed: Missing pagination for classic WordPress blog homepages
    using Grid layouts
  • Updated Plugin: 15Zine Engine v1.0.2

Version 3.3.2 – 25th September 2020

  • New: Theme Options > Posts: Global Default Hero Height
    (Applies to big hero designs only)
  • New: Theme Options > Typography: Option to control
    Breadcrumbs typography
  • Improved: Changed default Inline Post Title tag to be an H3 to
    avoid getting added to Table Of Contents lists. Can still be
    changed to anything via filter.
  • Fix: Theme Options > Advertisement: Show header ad on Mobile
    Devices Option wasn’t applying correctly
  • Fix: Breadcrumbs styling in certain hero design

Version 3.3.1 – 23rd September 2020

  • New: Social Network Icons: VK, TikTok, Telegram, Apple Music,
    Spotify, QQ, Dribbble, Mixcloud, Tumblr, Medium, Patreon, Steam
    & Discord.
  • New: Filter to change HTML tag of Inline Post (Change H2 title
    to be a P/H3/H4). See documentation for instructions.
  • Fix: Legacy 15Zine Shortcodes weren’t
  • Fix: Sponsored post data not loading in correct posts during
    Ajax auto load next post feature
  • Fix: Theme Options > Posts > Extra Elements: Inline Post
    on/off switch wasn’t applying
  • Fix: Theme Options > Header > Megamenus: Ajax Megamenu
    Sub-Menu Items on/off switch wasn’t
  • Updated Plugin: 15Zine Engine v1.0.1

Version 3.3.0 – 21st September 2020 (Read
Documentation for update steps if upgrading from 15Zine v3.2.2 or

  • New: Let’s Review plugin (Premium plugin
    worth $29). Replaces 15Zine’s built-in review
  • New: Premium plugin: Let’s Social Count
  • New: Fully compatible and optimized for WordPress 5.5
  • New: Fully compatible and optimized for Gutenberg
  • New: Fully compatible and optimized for latest WooCommerce
  • New: PHP 7.0 + 7.1 + 7.2 + 7.3 + 7.4 compatibility
  • New: 15Zine Admin section
  • New: 15Zine > Update Migration: Tool to migrate old 15Zine
    data from v3.2.2 older to v3.3+
  • New: 15Zine Theme Updater plugin
  • New: Plugin: 15Zine Engine (Replacement for 15Zine
    Functionality plugin)
  • New: 15Zine Post Options: 6 new hero designs
  • New: 15Zine Post Options: Mid Inline Post Option
  • New: 15Zine Post Options: Sponsored Post options
  • New: 15Zine Builder: New option: No Duplicate Posts (Skip
    duplicates throughout blocks)
  • New: 15Zine Builder: New option for blocks: Margin Top and
  • New: 15Zine Builder: New option for blocks: Show/Hide on Mobile
  • New: 15Zine Builder: New option for blocks: Mobile Edge To
  • New: 15Zine Builder: New order options for blocks: Latest
    Reviews/Visitor Ratings/Editor Review/Alphabetical (A to
    Z)/Alphabetical (Z to A)/Most Commented
  • New: 15Zine Builder: New Section with sidebar (H)
  • New: Appearance > Menus: New megamenu system. New designs,
    options, megamenus can now show posts/pages/custom posts.
  • New: Theme Options > General: Date Format (Default / X days
  • New: Theme Options > Typography: Section split into sub
  • New: Theme Options > Typography: New options to control font
    size, letter spacing, font weight, font style, line height, text
    transform of various elements
  • New: Theme Options > Typography: New options for Font
    Source: Google Fonts/Typekit/Custom Font
  • New: Theme Options > Typography: Added all Google Fonts as
    direct options
  • New: Theme Options > Posts: Show “Last
    Update†line in posts
  • New: Theme Options > Mobile section
  • New: Theme Options > Mobile > General: Hide Excerpts
  • New: Theme Options > Mobile > General: Hide Sidebars
  • New: Theme Options > Performance section
  • New: Theme Options > Performance: Lazy Load
  • New: Theme Options > WooCommerce: New shop layouts
  • New: Theme Options > WooCommerce: Stylish Quickview
  • New: Theme Options > Site Width: “Edge to
    edge†option for all major elements
  • New: Theme Options: Login With Ajax section
  • New: Theme Options: GDPR section
  • New: Theme Options > Block Designs > Grids/Sliders: Hover
    animation effects (Zoom in, slide right, rotate left, rotate
  • New: Theme Options > Block Designs > Grids/Sliders: Tile
  • New: Extra Sticky option: Become sticky after scrolling a
  • New: Social network options for author boxes: LinkedIn, Twitch,
    Soundcloud, Spotify, Medium, Youtube, Vimeo, VK
  • New: Theme Options > Posts: Related Post Block designs: Grid
    of 1/2/3, thumbnails
  • New: Login With Ajax Modal: Background options
  • New: Edit Page for Category/Tags: Added new default option for
    layouts called “Use Theme Options
    settingâ€. Allows you to easily control the layouts from
    the theme options if desired.
  • New: 15Zine Stylish Posts widget: Powerful widget to show your
    posts with multiple options
  • Improved: 15Zine Popular Posts Widget: Removed and replaced
    with 15Zine Stylish Posts widget
  • Improved: 15Zine Recent Posts Widget: Removed and replaced with
    15Zine Stylish Posts widget
  • Improved: 15Zine Slider Widget: Removed and replaced with
    15Zine Stylish Posts widget
  • Improved: 15Zine 125 Ads Widget: Changed name to avoid being
    blocked by adblockers. Needs to be re-added if it was in added
    before 3.3.
  • Improved: 15Zine Layout Builder sidebars will only appear in
    Appearance > Widgets if section has blocks inside it
  • Improved: 15Zine Layout Builder: Custom Section Order: Visually
  • Improved: Theme Options panel greatly simplified
  • Improved: Post Format media data (video/audio/gallery) moved to
    15Zine Options metabox > Post Formats
  • Improved: Gallery Post Format: Performance, touchability,
    design, etc
  • Improved: Video Post Format: Lightbox animation, video
    autoplay, design, etc
  • Improved: Audio Post Format: Lightbox animation, audio
    autoplay, design, etc
  • Improved: To Top button animation performance
  • Improved: Parallax animation performance greatly improved and
    also works on mobile
  • Improved: All hero designs can now have parallax animation
  • Improved: 15Zine Retain Image Widget: Added multiple options,
    including Alt text, make image clickable, nofollow, open new
  • Improved: 15Zine Social Media Icons Widget: Loads of social
    networks added + size, design, tooltip, position, nofollow, open
    new tab options.
  • Improved: 15Zine Reviews Widget removed: The
    Let’s Review widget replaces it
  • Improved: Theme Options > Grids & Sliders: Section
    renamed “Block Designs†and split
    into sub tabs (Classic, Thumbnails, Grids & Sliders)
  • Improved: Theme Options > Blog Styles: Renamed to
    “Default Layoutsâ€
  • Improved: Theme Options > Default Layouts: Featured Block
    Edge To Edge Global Default Option
  • Improved: Modals performance
  • Improved: 15Zine Functionality plugin is now deprecated (Should
    be deactivated + deleted)
  • Improved: Breadcrumbs rewrite to work everywhere
  • Improved: Breadcrumbs schema updated to latest
  • Improved: Share Block now uses colorful option as default and
    removed old button design
  • Improved: File/Folder structure
  • Improved: All color pickers now have hexadecimal manual
  • Improved: Appearance > Menu: Visual quirk
  • Improved: Updated Schema to JSON-LD with latest Google
  • Improved: Removed closed social networks (Google+,
  • Improved: Moved translations to 15zine/Languages folder
  • Improved: Retina image loading/speed
  • Improved: Native WooCommerce quantity arrows (no more need for
    plugin to do this)
  • Improved: Overall performance boost everywhere
  • Updated: Documentation (Including new section about how to
    update from 3.2.2 -> 3.3)
  • Updated: Font Awesome 4.7 upgraded to 5.9

17 May 2017
– 15Zine v3.2.2

FIXED: Images not opening in lightbox

27 April
2017 – 15Zine v3.2.1

ADDED: Swedish translation - Thanks Daniel <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />
FIXED: Missing bit of code for Let's Review API integration
(affected 15zine review homepage modules)
FIXED: Outdated schema (missing udpated/entry-title)

10 April 2017
– 15Zine v3.2

ADDED: Compatibility for WooCommerce 3.0 + styling for new features
ADDED: YouTube/Snapchat/Tumblr to top menu icons options
UPDATED: Let's Review API integration has been upgraded to the
plugin's v2 API (Quick note: Let's Review is sold separately to
IMPROVED: Full-screen slider image alignment for some sized images
IMPROVED: The "show Read more after excerpts" option now also
applies to manually created excerpts in posts.
IMPROVED: Styling of "my account" WooCommerce page
FIX: When using the unresponsive version, the meta for mobiles was
FIX: Schema improvement
FIX: Missing avatar when avatar option enabled 
FIX: Very obscure bug with sidebar when an author ONLY used
Facebook/Google+ networks combination
FIX: BuddyPress group cover image issue
FIX: BuddyPress with dark skin invisible title in some pages

September 2016 – 15Zine v3.1.2

BUGFIX: Show by line meta on posts if option enabled with override.
BUGFIX: Buddypress Cover update

September 2016 – 15Zine v3.1.1

BUGFIX: Missing fonts in zip
BUGFIX: Zip file wasn't extracting for some mac users

September 2016 – 15Zine v3.1.0

ADDED: Facebook option for authors
ADDED: New module F to Sections A and C
ADDED: Reading time in minutes option for byline in Theme Options
-> Extras (Under byline option)
ADDED: Option for minified theme CSS in Theme Options -> Extras
IMPROVED: Custom posts with post formats enabled can now use post
format options
IMPROVED: Homepages built with the homepage builder that use the
latest posts section, can now select the sidebar for it (in 15Zine
page options -> Sidebar options -> Custom Sidebar for page)
IMPROVED: Main menu items with no dropdown now trigger on first tap
on tablets
IMPROVED: Some subtle styling
IMPROVED: Title location bottom for some cases
BUGFIX: Date archives now show correctly in breadcrumbs
BUGFIX: bbPress sidebar location
BUGFIX: Sticky sidebar height edgecase overlapping
BUGFIX: When Auto load post feature is "off", the background
image/color in posts with big featured image styles stopped
BUGFIX: Parallax global override edge case in auto load post
BUGFIX: BuddyPress Cover not working properly if using child-theme
BUGFIX: Main logo alt issue
BUGFIX: New Credit line option reversed. On is to use theme credit
line option and Off is to use image caption as the credit line.

23 June 2016
– 15Zine v3.0.2

NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Posts for featured images to use
the native caption for credit instead of the theme's credit line
NEW: Remember me checkbox added to login with ajax modal
UPDATED: Woocommerce files to latest version
UPDATED: Ajax code to load Disqus comments count in ajax loaded
IMPROVED: Danish translation
BUGFIX: When by line set to be globally off, the author name and
date still outputted inside posts

13 June 2016
– 15Zine v3.0.1

BUGFIX: YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion embeds in posts loaded via
autoload post feature were not responsive
BUGFIX: Mobile menu was overlapping some times due to a mobile
browser css quirk
BUGFIX: WooCommerce shop padding on mobile
BUGFIX: Background images/colors weren't showing on posts even when
the new autoload post feature was turned off

05 June 2016
– 15Zine v3.0

NEW: Let's Review Plugin API integration (If you use the plugin
with 15Zine, all modules/widgets/etc will automatically show review
data coming from plugin). Note: Plugin not included with theme.
NEW: Advanced 15Zine Sticky Sidebars (Scroll around the demo site
to see them in action)
NEW: All sidebars can now be sticky
NEW: Infinite post load: Automatically load next post when
approaching the end of the current post + correct Google Analytics
data is tracked + browser URL automatically changes depending on
post in view
NEW: Option to rearrange Homepage Sections in 15Zine homepage
NEW: Extra section for 15Zine homepage builder: Full-screen (A3):
to make the most of the new rearrange feature
NEW: Full-Screen module: Grid of 2
NEW: Full-Screen module: Grid of 3
NEW: Full-Screen module: Grid of 5
NEW: Option for categories to use one of the new full-screen grids
NEW: Title design option for grids: No title (just image output for
users who like to bake titles into images)
NEW: Sort option in 15Zine homepage builder modules: Most commented
NEW: Filter option in 15Zine homepage builder modules: Custom
taxonomy! You can now show any custom posts (detected
automatically) in the modules, including WooCommerce product
NEW: Infinite Scroll + Infinite Scroll with Load More button for
homepages built with the 15Zine homepage builder <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" />
NEW: Social Icons options next to search/login icons (can be set to
show in top menu or main menu)
NEW: Post like system: Option to turn it on/off is in Theme Options
> Extras (Under "Show by line" option)
NEW: Social sharing style (Colorful buttons)
NEW: Social sharing option: Email (For colorful buttons option)
NEW: Footer full-width widget area (very useful for Instagram
NEW: Styling integration code for WP Instagram Widget plugin
NEW: Section in Theme Options: Mobile
NEW: Options in Theme Options > Mobile: Mobile menu background
NEW: Google+ about the author option
NEW: Native gif image support for full-screen grids
NEW: Support for BuddyPress' cover image feature
NEW: Mobile menu social icon options
NEW: Mobile menu background color/image option
NEW: Option to set Alternate text value for main header logo (Can
be useful for SEO, search on Google if you are unsure on what alt
text is)
NEW: Option to make the logo be an H1 tag on the homepage (Other
pages, including posts, already have an H1, so this option only
applies to homepage)
IMPROVED: Mobile menu design and collapsible multi-levels
IMPROVED: Gallery post type slider: No more cropping, even on
IMPROVED: Load more ajax pagination now tracked in Google Analytics
IMPROVED: Video/audio modal responsiveness
IMPROVED: Brazilian Portuguese Translation
IMPROVED: 15Zine Latest Widget can now select one or multiple
IMPROVED: 15Zine Top Reviews Widget can now select one or multiple
IMPROVED: Mobile detection 
IMPROVED: Custom taxonomies now load description under title
IMPROVED: When you tap the Trending megamenu title on tablet, it
now hides the megamenu if visible
IMPROVED: Color picker in category/tag editor
IMPROVED: Removed Smooth Scroll script as Chrome now has it (and so
do other modern browsers)
IMPROVED: Missing translation
IMPROVED: Moved "Ad at end of post content area" option from Theme
Options > Posts to Theme Options > Advertisement tab
IMPROVED: Some design details (for example: new subtle smooth
animations throughout the user experience)
IMPROVED: Code spring cleaning
UPDATED: Font Awesome (over 50 new icons added)
UPDATED: Schema (Including review schema output)
UPDATED: Deprecated WordPress calls
UPDATED: Slider script to latest version
UPDATED: Woocommerce out of date template files
UPDATED: Plugin to update theme. Delete "Envato WordPress Toolkit"
plugin and install the new suggested Envato Market.
UPDATED: Favicon option removed from Theme options as WordPress now
100% controls in (Via Appearance -> Customize)
UPDATED: Framework
UPDATED: Documentation
BUGFIX: Tag cloud colors
BUGFIX: Inability to turn off "Show user on template" option inside
user profile
BUGFIX: 15Zine Review widget showing less than expected posts if
some reviews are turned off
BUGFIX: Gallery post type on mobile image widths
BUGFIX: Search/login buttons not appearing on mobile if they were
set to appear on "main menu" 
BUGFIX: During one of BuddyPress updates, the post update button
was hidden
BUGFIX: WooCommerce checkout title misaligned
BUGFIX: Google Fonts 404 when using custom fonts
BUGFIX: Tags blog style C issue

December 2015 – 15Zine v2.2.1

- BUGFIX: Custom posts types appear on default megamenu loaded
- BUGFIX: Dropcap issue due to new schema improvements in 2.2
- BUGFIX: Tiled galleries not visible 
- BUGFIX: Offset latest posts style homepage
- BUGFIX: New category filter for homepage blog style issue
- BUGFIX: Down arrow on featured image of a homepage page built
with the builder wasn't working in some setups

30 November
2015 – 15Zine v2.2

- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Menus: "Where to add
search/login icons". Can now be added to top menu (right) or the
main menu.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Menus: "Icon Text Titles".
Show the icon titles as "Normal text/In Tooltip On Hover/Off" 
- NEW: Blog Style Option (J): Portrait images with overlaid text.
Perfect for categories with tall images (such as book covers).
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Blog Styles: "Tags default
post layout". If tags do not have an individual/specific blog style
set, they will use whatever you set here. Useful for quick control
on sites with 1000s of tags.
- NEW: Section in Theme Options: Thumbnails (To disable/enable each
theme thumbnail size)
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Homepage: Category filter for
choosing what posts to show on a latest post style homepage
- NEW: Option in 15Zine Homepage Builder -> Latest Post Block
with Pagination: Category filter
- NEW: Option in 15Zine Homepage Builder -> Latest Post Block
with Pagination: Offset posts
- NEW: Aggregate Rating Schema for "Readers only ratings" type
- NEW: Danish Translation. Thanks to Niels <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" />
- NEW: German Translation. Thanks to Volker <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" />
- IMPROVED: Compatiblity with CPT (for megamenus, including
trending one)
- IMPROVED: Review Schema metadata for more accurate content
suggestion for serps
- IMPROVED: Meet the team templates can now use 15Zine featured
image style system
- IMPROVED: Gallery post type design on small mobile screens
- IMPROVED: Centered embedded images captions when using small
- IMPROVED: General code spring cleaning
- IMPROVED: Related posts on no-sidebar posts
- BUGFIX: Limit of unique sidebars for posts
- BUGFIX: Grid title size in responsive
- BUGFIX: Background slideshow featured image style showing wrong
initial image in some setups
- BUGFIX: Custom homepages with featured image style "to content
arrow button" wasn't moving to correct place
- BUGFIX: Custom Post Types not appearing in submenu ajax megamenu
- BUGFIX: Live search ajax not showing pages if the option to show
pages in searches was enabled
- BUGFIX: Breadcrumbs color when using dark body skin option

07 October
2015 – 15Zine v2.1.2

- BUGFIX: Top menu flicker dropdown issue on Safari in Macs
- BUGFIX: Related posts slider issue
- BUGFIX: When no header ad enabled the retina logo loaded size was

05 October
2015 – 15Zine v2.1.1

- BUGFIX: One of the styles had font size issues
- BUGFIX: New custom link modules weren't using grid/slider tile
options in theme options

02 October
2015 – 15Zine v2.1

- ADDED: New option to set custom placeholder in Theme Options
-> Extras. When a post does not have a featured image set, it
will show a white image with a camera. Use this option to set a
custom placeholder image to appear in that scenario. Perfect for
brands wishing to put their brand everywhere or to keep consistency
in site imagery.
- ADDED: New option for Sliders in Theme Options -> Grids &
Sliders: Pause on hover (If autoplay option is enabled, this option
will make the slider stop autoplaying when the user's mouse is
hovering over the slider)
- ADDED: New option for reviews: Review Title (To set your own
title that appears in review box)
- ADDED: New module in homepage builder: Custom Link (1 full-width
- ADDED: New module in homepage builder: 3 Custom Links (3 small
grid tiles, similar to slider of 3 design)
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Typography to change
body font size on bigger screens
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Typography to change
body font size on mobile devices
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Advertisement to not
output Header Ad code on Mobile Devices
- ADDED: Two new filters to insert content at the start or end of
by lines ('cb_byline_start' and 'cb_byline_end')
- BUGFIX: Blog style Grid (With sidebar) and infinite scroll issue
- BUGFIX: BuddyPress background options wasn't applying background
image/color properly
- BUGFIX: New grid of 6 for custom links and images wasn't using
the global grid design option from the theme options.
- BUGFIX: bbPress no sidebar full-width option 
- BUGFIX: Typo in Spanish translation file
- BUGFIX: Dark style navigation menu logo area hover 
- BUGFIX: Tags not appearing when dark body skin used
- BUGFIX: Missing background color for videos posts when "dark
body" skin selected
- BUGFIX: BuddyPress was causing conflict with Live Ajax Search
"See all results" button
- IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs now shows tag when on tag page
- IMPROVED: bbPress colors when using dark body skin
- IMPROVED: Custom links module now uses original image url, so
create 378px width x 297px height images to use in each tile.
Useful for creating pixel-perfect puzzle designs.
- IMPROVED: Grid design style now applies to sliders slides too
- IMPROVED: General CSS tweaking
- IMPROVED: Lots of improvements to RTL version

18 August
2015 – 15Zine v2.0.2

- ADDED: Sidebar for BuddyPress. If no widgets are added,
BuddyPress will show global sidebar.
- ADDED: Uncropped Featured Image Style option to "Global Featured
Image Style Override" in Theme Options -> Posts.
- UPDATED: BbPress styling for dark body option
- UPDATED: BuddyPress styling for dark body option
- BUGFIX: White screen on iPads (Duplicate class typo issue)

14 August
2015 – 15Zine v2.0.1

- BUGFIX: Minor Parallax image opacity issue
- BUGFIX: BuddyPress border missing

14 August
2015 – 15Zine v2.0

- ADDED: Ability for homepages built with homepage builder to use
Featured image styles
- ADDED: New module for homepage builder: Custom Links Grid of 6,
upload/select images and they can be set to link to any page,
category or external URL <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png"
alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" />
- ADDED: New Options for Featured Image Styles: Title
- ADDED: New Options for Standard Featured Image Style: Title
Location Above/Below image
- ADDED: New Options for Site-width/Screen-width Featured Image
Styles: Title Location Overlay/Above/Below image
- ADDED: New Options for Big Featured Image Styles: Title Location
Overlay/Below image
- ADDED: New tab in Theme Options: Grids &Sliders
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Grids & Sliders to
change the title and color overlay style on grid tiles.
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Grids & Sliders to
change the transparency value of the color that overlays grid tiles
(one for normal, one for hover)
- ADDED: New Footer layout: 1 Column footer
- ADDED: New Footer layout: 2 Columns footer
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Design to make reviews
use category color or a specific color
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Menus to change the
alignment of the main navigation menu (left / center)
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Menus for trending
megamenu: Show/hide the trending count
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Blog Styles to make Blog
Style D show either "excerpt/full post content" 
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Extras to turn author
avatar in the by line on/off
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Extras to turn smooth
scrolling effect on/off
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Extras to turn Live
Search Ajax on/off
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Extras: "Show pages in
search", to also return pages in search results on your site.
- ADDED: New option for fonts "Other fonts". For third party/custom
fonts you can use this so that the theme makes no calls to Google
Fonts API
- ADDED: New filter 'cb_after_post_h1' to hook immediately after
the h1 of a post - Ideal for hooking secondary titles
- ADDED: Russian Translation - Thanks to Zara_Thustra <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" /> 
- ADDED: Serbian Translation - Thanks to Dorian <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" /> 
- UPDATED: WooCommerce files updated for WooCommerce 2.4.x
- UPDATED: FontAwesome icons to 4.4.0 (66 new icons)
- IMPROVED: Sliders of 1 height will never be strange height
regardless of what images are inside
- IMPROVED: Popular posts widget month stats
- IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs spacing on mobile devices
- IMPROVED: Theme Options -> Design hierarchy 
- IMPROVED: RTL quirks
- IMPROVED: Removed Multibyte language option in theme options.
Theme now detects multibyte languages and applies code if needed
- IMPROVED: Removed one JS file
- IMPROVED: Removed woocommerce.php and now only use hooks to
ensure extra compatibility with third party WooCommerce plugins
- IMPROVED: Sliders of 1: If you set it to only show one post (or
there is only one post), now it will display as a static big image
- Useful for featuring single posts
- BUGFIX: Categories offset option missing 2 posts
- BUGFIX: Centered embeds with captions layout
- BUGFIX: Review Widget - when by line was turned off the score
would overlay bar
- BUGFIX: When using ad background takeover system, if margin-top
of page was set, this would apply to mobile too
- BUGFIX: Turning by line "off except under main post title inside
a post page" was still showing categories outside the post
- BUGFIX: Archives blog style C with sidebar issue
- BUGFIX: Multiple Great-Grandchildren menus would appear if set
and hovered
- BUGFIX: When using the new "show read more button" option, if you
had a post with manual "read more tag", then you'd get double
"(more...) Read more..." 
- BUGFIX: Missing translation of "Views" word
- BUGFIX: Video gallery shortcode play button styling
- BUGFIX: Tooltip title of login/join icons

03 June 2015
– 15Zine v 1.3

- ADDED: BuddyPress compatibility/styling/logged in modal
- ADDED: New options in Theme Options -> Extras: Various options
to control theme sliders speeds/animation effect/autoplay
- ADDED: New filters to change a number of posts displayed in
megamenu. Simply return a number using: Megamenu with submenu and
posts: 'cb-mm-with-menu-number-posts' and megamenus with only
posts: 'cb-mm-number-posts'. Default: '3'.
- ADDED: New page template "Blank" (does not output
header/footer/sidebar) - Ideal for creating landing pages and
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Posts -> Social
sharing block options now includes "Text buttons" 
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Design -> "Show line
under menu" - This option allows you to show/remove the line under
the main navigation menu
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Design -> "Color of
line under menu" - This option allows you to change the color of
the line under the main navigation menu
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Extras -> "YouTube
Autostart for Video Post Types" - If this is off, the YouTube API
will not be loaded at all. If on, it will only load on video posts
with YouTube embeds to automatically start playing videos when a
visitor hits the "play button" inside a post.
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Extras -> "Multibyte
Languages". Some languages use multibytes (Such as Chinese), so
enable this to fix any character bugs in the excerpts.
- ADDED: New option in Theme Option -> Design -> "Footer
Normal Text Color" - affects color of plain text in footer, such as
content outputted by text widget
- ADDED: New option for categories that use blog styles with a
sidebar: Sidebar position (Left / Right)
- ADDED: New tab in Theme Options -> "Blog Styles" 
- ADDED: Translation files for Polish language - Thanks to Agracjan
<img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Blog Styles -> "Show
Read More Text Link After Excerpt" 
- IMPROVED: Custom sidebar option for pages: If enabled, you can
now choose between using a "New or existing sidebar".
- IMPROVED: Custom sidebar option for posts: If enabled, you can
now choose between using a "New or existing sidebar".
- IMPROVED: Post editor (TinyMCE) general visuals to look more like
it does in the published post.
- IMPROVED: Some option descriptions for better clarity what they
- IMPROVED: If you set a color in Theme Options -> Design ->
Global Color, then the main navigation menu items with no set color
will use that on hover as default
- BUGFIX: No sidebar option for WooCommerce pages wasn't working
- BUGFIX: RTL Search modal location
- BUGFIX: Sticky section B sidebar
- BUGFIX: Dark body style missing elements
- BUGFIX: Site-width and Screen-width featured image styles on
pages layout issue
- BUGFIX: If views was set to not show, the views counter would
still appear in the 15Zine popular widget
- BUGFIX: Missing buttons CSS if button added in custom code module
on homepage
- BUGFIX: If infinite scroll was on category with breadcrumbs, it
would appear again
- BUGFIX: Popular widget spacing different to latest post one
- BUGFIX: Recent Post showing date even if date was set to be off
- BUGFIX: Child-theme stylesheet was loading before parent
stylesheet (fix is in child-theme's functions.php)
- BUGFIX: Minor CSS issues

27 April
2015 – 15Zine v 1.2.1

- ADDED: French translation files
- IMPROVED: Captions on smaller screens now appear below image,
captions on big screens appear on top of the image.
- UPDATED: Core framework and TGM for recently discovered XSS
- BUGFIX: Misaligned Stumble Upon social share button
- BUGFIX: Spanish translation typo
- BUGFIX: Text spill on WooCommerce cart buttons on 1020px screen

15 April 2015
– 15Zine v 1.2

- ADDED: Deep WooCommerce compatibility and styling
- ADDED: New WooCommerce tab in Theme Options
- ADDED: New variation of "no sidebar" option for pages/posts
(Choose between Left Sidebar / Right Sidebar / No Sidebar
Full-width / No Sidebar centered)
- ADDED: New exclusive sidebar area for bbPress in Appearance ->
Widgets (optional)
- ADDED: Image template files for background ad system, to easily
create perfectly-fitting background ads if required
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Menus to turn ajax
megamenu functionality on/off
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Posts to set a global
default setting for the sidebar style (Choose between Left Sidebar
/ Right Sidebar / No Sidebar Full-width / No Sidebar centered)
- ADDED: Class for placeholder images (appears when post has no
featured image) for easy control over whether to show them in post
or not
- ADDED: For developers: Filters for the byline individual parts:
cb_byline_avatar, cb_byline_date, cb_byline_views,
cb_byline_category, cb_byline_author, cb_byline_coauthors
- CHANGED: Cubell Themes Functionality plugin is no longer required
for 15Zine. The theme now requires a plugin called "15Zine -
Functionality", you can now delete "Cubell Themes Functionality".
This was done to avoid issues when users modified details of the
child theme.
- BUGFIX: Child-theme has changed the way the style.css file is
loaded inside it, please use this version of the child-theme from
now on if you intend on adding custom code to the child's style.css
- BUGFIX: Full-screen images on RTL language sites wasn't reversed
- BUGFIX: Logo in mobile menu wasn't perfectly centered
- BUGFIX: Removed empty featured image from attachment page (more
options for attachment pages will come in future updates)
- BUGFIX: Javascript check if variable has value before continuing
- BUGFIX: The "No more articles" box wasn't appearing when infinite
scroll reached the end
- BUGFIX: Button shortcode wasn't rendering in "page content area"
of a page with normal content + using the pagebuilder

02 April 2015
– 15Zine v 1.1

- IMPROVED: General CSS spring-cleaning <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />
- ADDED: Theme Options -> Design: New option "Columns Megamenu
Main Title Color" to control the color of the first menu item in
each column of the column megamenu
- ADDED: Theme Options -> Posts: New option "Show tags" 
- ADDED: Theme Options -> Posts: Social sharing block now has
individual options to turn on/off individual social network sharing
- ADDED: Theme Options -> Posts: StumbleUpon sharing button to
Social Sharing Block
- ADDED: Theme Options -> Posts: Facebook Share button to social
Sharing Block
- ADDED: Portuguese Translation, thanks to Ajfiel <img
src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />
- ADDED: Relevant post classes to post thumbnails, so with CSS you
can target special posts (for example: posts with "sponsored" tag,
you can now make them look special/different to the rest of the
- ADDED: Option to have Javascript files minified
- BUGFIX: Translation files missing two plural forms
- BUGFIX: 15Zine Homepage builder: If selecting Blog Style I (Grid
style full-width), the sidebar would still output next to it,
causing layout to look strange
- BUGFIX: Lightbox appeared under top menu (z-index css)
- BUGFIX: Pages "show header" option wasn't working
- BUGFIX: By Line - Comments on/off option
- BUGFIX: Top menu bar visible on desktop even if empty
- BUGFIX: Global background image
- BUGFIX: By Line on/off option if off still showed comments +
- BUGFIX: Grid of 3 in pagebuilder had post filter option hidden
- BUGFIX: Child-theme CSS not loading (Fix is in parent theme
files, so no need to re-install child theme)
- BUGFIX: Clicking on comments small button now scrolls to comments
- BUGFIX: Retina logos issue
- BUGFIX: Featured Image Style Global Override in Theme Options had
a quirk

20 March 2015
– 15Zine v 1.0

        - Initial Release

Price: 0.00 USD
Preview: Theme Preview
Download: 15zine-hd-magazine-newspaper-wordpress-theme.zip

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